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Hockey Dash Review

By: Martinjr posted at Aug 26, 2010 6:39 pm

Hockey Dash Review 


Hockey Dash is a unique sports mmo published by OGPlanet. This game should still be in beta due to the easy missions and the hard tutorial. This game has an massive lack of players due to me only seeing 3 people online at the most. This game must really be bad for only 3 people to be online and the fact that this is an OGP game. How could any game from a popular publisher be dead, it must be horrible.



It wont matter which character you pick so just pick the one you think looks best  i have done amazing things with a Defense character that a forward should only be able to do, so pick whatever character you want since the stats don't do much.




The Tutorial starts out showing you what to do, this is great but it does a bad job of explaining what is going on. They make it hard for a beginner to shoot a goal , because you have to make a perfect shot that is usually impossible to make during a real match due to opposing pla

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