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Dragona OBT Release December 14th

By: Unfinishedx posted at Dec 11, 2011 10:15 pm


Source: Dragona Forum

Dragona's Close Beta Testing will be ending on Decemeber 12th at 5PM Pacific Time, and will be having it's Open Beta Testing 2 days later at the exact same time!(Decemeber 14th at 5PM Pacific)


I didn't want this to be an empty blog about just the release so I shall put up all 8 classes to make it look cooler >]



Because the Gunners wear a heavy armor made by fully utilizing Dwarven technology completely trust in its powerful defensive power, they can fearlessly charge into any battlefield. The only weakness of the ethereal blaster is its short range compared to normal magic and bow and arrow. But the powerful defensive power of the armor made by Dwarf craftsman covers the downside of this.

The ethereal blaster, called the most advanced mContinue Reading
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Dragona's CBT

By: Unfinishedx posted at Dec 10, 2011 10:18 am


December 10th I found out that Dragona has been in CBT since the 7th with 2 events that would give rewards for the open beta ._. One of them was to get to level 30 or 35, but playing all night I have only been able to get to lvl 21, either I am really bad at this game or this game takes awhile to level, either way it was fun. 12AM to 10AM, 21 levels, not that bad xD.

The thing I REALLY enjoyed about playing this game was this mode called "Battle of Celebration" I think it comes up hourly, a bit like World of Warcraft (I THINK! I've only remembered seeing something like this on my brother's computer screen)

I had no idea what I was doing, but something I ended up contributing the most, VERY FUN, especially when you hit level 20 and you get this transformation skill, SOOO ove

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Vixious said:Interesting

Win over P100,000 Cash in Dragona PH

By: ExcEsc posted at Sep 16, 2011 2:02 am


Reinforce. Outplay. Outshine.


All Dragona PHPlayers are entitled to join this event.

 First Player to successfully reinforce any Level 33 [AND UP] item to +10 Wins. (See Event Categories) There are 3 Categories for this Event, Magical, Rare & Unique. Take note that unique items must be crafted. Unique items from quests, pandoras, and other non-crafted items are not included. 1 Winner per category per Server.1st Player to Reinforce any Level 33 [AND UP] Magical Item to +101st Player to Reinforce any Level 33 [AND UP] Rare Item to +101st Player to Reinforce any Level 33 [AND UP] Unique Item to +10 Prizes may vary depending on the Event Category. Prize per Category:Magical: PHP 10,000Rare: PHP 20,000Unique: 50,000 Rules:1. Participants must posContinue Reading
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Dragona Online, The First Ever Aion Clone? The Review.

By: GeorgeWashington posted at Sep 03, 2011 2:48 am
 In this episode of Level Up, Zach finds a Aion clone in the MMORPG world called Dragona Online, but this game, unlike most clones, is actually quite decent.  Question Of The Video: What game do you think is the biggest clone of another... it can be a WoW clone, Aion Clone, what ever. Id like to hear your thoughts on that! 

Game Link:

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Zach Sharpes



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Dragona Online - Being Released in PH.

By: Kamikakushi posted at Jun 06, 2011 2:14 pm

Dragona Online - A new MMMORPG developed by Live Plex, Studio Timber and Published by Gamesclub.

Dragona online is a unique game with a system where the player can transform into a Dragon-Like creature and have many bonuses but it's not permanant, the player must collect cores from the monsters it kills.

It's currently, in Korea and being released in PH.


 Many are waiting for the CBT date of Dragona PH has not yet been released but rumours are sayin that it will be released soon.


 Currently 4 classes:



Currently many classes:



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Jay Hatsune said:unique! but same graphics

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