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Watch 40 Minutes Gameplay of Lineage II: Blood Alliance

By: Hàn Thiên Hải posted at Mar 21, 2017 4:12 am

Lineage II: Blood Alliance (Chinese name: 天堂2:血盟) is mobile version of MMORPG Lineage II developed by Chinese company Snail Games using Flexi Engine. The Final Beta Test of Lineage II: Blood Alliance has started on March 16th, 2017 on Android and iOS devices.

Below are 40 minutes gameplay of Lineage II: Blood Alliance that I have played today. Hope you like this.

Learn more about Lineage II: Blood Alliance on the official site: tt2.woniu.com.

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Finally A Lineage 2 Classic Server | No P2W | No Bots

By: ElpyMania posted at Nov 22, 2014 5:34 am

L2Citadel Lineage 2 Classic Server The Way The Players Want

I  stopped playing Lineage 2 years ago due to the game changing updates post HellBound and also out of sheer annoyance with the plague of bots and NCSoft not caring. I have kept in touch with many of my old friends from those days and was excited to hear that there were going to be some Lineage 2 Classic servers opening up. But after a little research and as more information I was severely disappointed with what I was seeing.

- Again the players would be ignored and the game would be mixed P2W and P2P which has proven to be a bad model in the past. (depending on where you play)

- No defence at all against bots

- Some mangled mixture of chronicle features

Lineage 2 Private Server Scene

I have also been

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HellBound Returns To Lineage 2

By: CritHit posted at Sep 20, 2014 7:03 am

L2Citadel Bringing Back Lineage 2 Hellbound

Hellbound is considered by may players to be the last of the Lineage 2 hardcore chronicles. After Hellbound the game started to become to easy and for many the newer Chronicles wrecked the game. There has been renewed interest in the game since the announcement of Legacy servers being opened but that renewed interest is muted by a few different factors.

1. There is no Legacy servers yet planned for Europe or North America.

2. The legacy servers suffer from botting and I have no doubt ebay will again be rocking with items so you can essentially P2W.

But there is hope for a Lineage 2 legacy server that comes in the form of L2Citadel.

L2Citadel HellBound Lineage 2 Legacy Server

First let me say that L2Citadel is a private server. For some that ma

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lineage 2 Ertheia Skills+Stats Preview by "Rokwood"

By: Rokwood posted at Dec 03, 2013 11:26 am

lineage 2 Ertheia Skills+Stats Preview  by "Rokwood"

The world's premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), is pleased to reveal the initial tease of Ertheia, a new race coming to the acclaimed Lineage II franchise. While a lot is still unknown about Ertheia and the impact they will have on the world, it can be rightly assumed that they will be quickly drawn into the ongoing conflict in Aden.

Another interesting addition will be Alchemy, the new ability that Ertheia race will have (not 100% sure yet). Alchemy will allow you to convert a variety of items to enhance your survival throughout your adventure.

There are two classes, only female Ertheias at the moment.

Base stats :
STR 89 INT 40
DEX 52 WIT 37
CON 84 MEN 39
LUC 31 CHA 41


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Raven Saunders said:wow this new race is sexy its too bad its don\'t have a male character gender alwell

Current state of Lineage EU

By: wolfheart posted at Mar 25, 2012 6:31 am

Hello everyone,

My first blog post will be about the current state of the Lineage 2 European servers. Since the game has gone free2play, a lot of players from the private servers have joined the official ones. This has both good and bad sides.


A lot of players
Healthier economy (as much as possible in this game)


The level of maturity is low.
High percentage of noobs.

Many people say that private server players are good and i do agree with that, but there are many players that just have no idea of how the game currently works, because they only played x1000 private servers. After they hit the so called "grind" after 85, they became discouraged and after facing enemies that are wiping the floors with them in pvp, most of those people quit. This leads to an expected drop in the server population, but i personally do not see it as a negative. More free spots to exp, easier to find quality players.

All in all the future of the game seems bright ( aside from the recurring b

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Is Lineage II A Novelty? Or Will It Last As A F2P?

By: GeorgeWashington posted at Dec 05, 2011 11:51 pm


 Whats up MMOSite.com, im Zach Sharpes as always here to ask one simple thing in my First Impressions video, Is Lineage II a novelty? Or will it last as a F2P game? Now I state about why I dont like the game through out the title, and state that normally I play older games just to see how it was back in the day... that way I can give you historicle references and a better understanding of the industry... aka my job, but when I see articles for all these P2P games going F2P, it makes me wonder, especially with a game like Lineage II that went FULLY F2P when its former title Lineage is still P2P, will the population boom stay? Or go? 

And with that... heres the question for you, the viewers, and my favorite people who run the industry I love.

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Guest said:This guy will always last as long as NCsoft wont destroy it, no other fantasy mmo has this amount of politcal involvement in the PvP it has. Clan warfare in this game is just so dynamical and advanced...

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