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World of Dragons Open Beta

By: ExcEsc posted at Dec 05, 2012 6:43 pm
NIKITA ONLINE, one of the leading companies on Russian online-games market, keeps on constantly expanding and diversifying its portfolio thus making it possible for users to journey into new marvelous worlds. Now the virtual universe of World of Dragons (http://wod.gamexp.ru) is available for Russian-speaking gamers as well as for Koreans and Americans.
World of Dragons is now represented on the GameXP entertainment web-portal, where millions of users can delve into the game by both reading detailed descriptions and downloading beta-version distributive (http://www.gamexp.ru/project.php?id=62).        World of Dragons is a new MMORPG offering a unique opportunity to raise your own dragon. By placing the right skills and abilities in the right way a player can turn a baby dragon into a full-grown animal capable of surviving through the deadliest fights both against AI and human opponents (PvE and PvP). Castle sieges, battles for territorial domination and lightninContinue Reading
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