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Soul Master Closed Beta Test Review

By: RazoeSama posted at Aug 09, 2010 11:33 am


What Is Soul Master?

As Said By GamesCampus.com:

 "Soul Master is an addictive new genre-bending MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy) game that takes the innovation behind customizable "Hero" units in the RTS genre farther than ever before and allows players to have complete MMORPG-style control over their characters."

With This Said, we can understand the beauty of the game. Soul Masters' RTS makes the game more fun as you think on your toes, as events quickly unfold and u, have to think about which strategy to go with and what move to make to stay alive and complete your missions. Take too long, and it can affect the outcome of your mission which gives the game its' fun and beauty, making it into one of the Better RTS games out there.


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Soul Master Close Beta Test Review

By: Rei_san posted at Aug 08, 2010 1:29 am

Soul Master CBT Review - Probably the Best and Finest MMORTS

Publisher : GamesCampus
Website : http://soulmaster.gamescampus.com/

At the very first time of mentioning Soul Master online game, people will start to think it was just another kind of MMO-RPG game, but they were wrong ! Soul Master is not just a MMO-RPG, it's MMO-RTS. Additionally, this is not the type RTS games where everyone familiar of by controling units from top view, Soul Master is a 'Hero' base controlable character, where player could level, equip and learn new skill along with constructing buildings, summoning their army and war againts others player. The game is hosted by GameCampus, is a MMO-RTS developed by Npluto, Korea. Having to finish the recent Close-Beta Test, i would say Soul Master is one of the moContinue Reading
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Soul Master CBT Review

By: IchigoHollow posted at Aug 07, 2010 11:53 pm

   Soul Master features a very unique combat system, it is a mixture of MMORPG and Real Time Strategy.

 Character Creation

During CBT, players have several options to create their characters. The three total races that is available are Valiant, Holy, Harmony. Within these races, there are occupations. Currently available is Knight for Valiant, Bearcat for Harmoney, and Priest for Holy. 

There will be more occupation through out the OBT, classes such as Slayer, Maharite and Chrisian. After choosing a race and an occupation, you have the options to change looks. Sadly all the occupations in Soul Master are gender locked so it is impossible to change between male and female.


Customization in Soul Master is very limited, during the CBT p

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zenithik said: This is an awesome, comprehensive review! thanks so much! ~Zenithik

graphicsSoul Master Review

By: iIshSinnie posted at Aug 07, 2010 7:36 pm

Alright, all of you game lovers, the game that you’ve been fantasizing about is here. Soul Master is by GameCampus and licensed by Gamigo. Now some of you might be wondering what exactly is this game?

Simple, this is a very well made combination of a traditional mmo, arcade game, and rts game. Some of you readers might find that impossible as it just sounds too perfect. Well as you read further on, you will truly realize the potential and magic that this game has to offer.

I myself, am a CBT(Closed Beta Testing) player, and was in search of a good game to play after  migrating through the current popular games such as, Wow, Guild Wars, Starcraft2, Perfect World, Grand Chase, etc. Through this game, I really felt that I found what I had been looking around so much for.

The Soul Mas

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Soul Master CBT Review

By: iShinichi posted at Aug 06, 2010 9:56 pm

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IchigoHollow said: This review is really nice! love it!

Soul Master

By: ivyX13 posted at Aug 06, 2010 1:01 am

So, on an easier note...

Soul Master is amazing. It has very fluid gameplay, and wonderful graphics. I love my graphics.

My expectations for the game are that they get more classes. Also that the classes aren't gender bias. A few more about the classes, which is where my biggest issues lay. They need more variations of clothing. But I understand that this is just a beta, so I won't be too picky.

So about the game in general is that its pretty good. I give it a 4/5.

Gameplay: 4/5
Here I was a bit confused when I passed behind walls. I was kinda freaking myself out and wondering if there were any monster and it would attack me. Yeah, didn't happen. But...
The intricate buttonplay was pretty challenging and not just click and die. I liked it, even if I forgot some... ^^;

Graphics: 5/5
Oh my, fantastic! Very bright and cute, but not like Luna Online. Thank goodness... So, while it was cute, the monsters were still intimidating. I found that very refreshing after going so long with monst

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First look at Soul Master CB

By: Pearz posted at Aug 05, 2010 5:02 pm
SoulMaster is a game hosted by Gamecampus. It ha a unique blend of RTS and DOTA that is different from your usual genres of games.  So First in Soul Master it walks you through the tutorials. The Tutorials are reasonably paced to slowly teach you everything you need to know about the game. The basics of the game seem to be pretty intuitive and can be grasped fairly quickly. Obviously, like any other game, their is more then just the basic stuff XD So PVE wise it starts off REALLY promising. The way this game works is you get a "lobby" area. It's a map with shops and such and you talk to NPC to start an instance dungeon to do your missions.
Channel 1 lobby, beside the Mission giver, it actually isn't laggy despite number of people. Now the interesting thing isContinue Reading
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Soul Master CBT Review by Oreo94

By: Oreo94 posted at Aug 05, 2010 4:59 pm

(Soul Master Login Screen)

Soul Master is a game published by NPluto and hosted by GamesCampus for the North American version and hosted by Gamigo for the European version.

Soul Master is a RTS MMO (Real Time Strategy) game with it's superb cutesy graphics, and unique gameplay that shows other games out there that they should be afraid. Soul Master is a good blend of MMORPG action with a mix of good 'ol RTS action, appealing to a lot of players.


In this magical world, you're someone known as a "Soul Linker", you'll have to represent your empire depending on which class you choose from the start, and you'll have to fight with your allies to stop the evil forces.

At the start of the game which is the tutorial, you'll be traveling with your mentor, while they teach you how to be a S

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xion111 said: Game was really nice, i liked the whole concept of it, but it did get kinda boring after an hour or 2 just doing dungeons. Even though i did try pvp in it to me there still wasn't enough in the ...

Soul Master CBT Review

By: OdaSan posted at Aug 05, 2010 12:53 pm

Soul Master Online is a MMORTS ( Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy game)

The storyline is very interesting, you need to see!


Finish the tutorial and start your journey in the fight against evil, allying himself with souls and completing their missions with your friends, to be become a real ... Soul Master

Among other things cool, has several portals in the world where the monsters come out and you, like a soul linker, have to beat them.

That game has cool characters and classes, and the graphics are very good

Characters n Classes

In CBT, I could see the occupations : Valiant empire, Harmony tribe and Holy empire.

with classes Knight, Bearcat, and Priest

The Class and gender were fixed in CBT ~~ but the experience was very good.

And New Classeswill come

in Vali

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MisaMisaChan said: I can't wait !!

Soul Master Review

By: TrialxError posted at Aug 05, 2010 10:15 am

(log-in screen)


    Soul Master is a Real Time Strategy MMO game with many unique elements setting it apart from the competition.  Whether you’re looking for some hot arcade/rpg action, or some creative strategy with structures and units, Soul Master is the game for you!


You’re a Soul Linker with the responsibility of representing your kingdom by purifying the forces of evil.  It’s possible even, with due time and experience, that you could become a Soul Master!

The storyline is fine.  It’s not something I personally look into that much when I play an mmo.  Besides, with most of the quests in the game consisting of “Go get me such and such an item,” I forgot that there even is a storyline at times.


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