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Battle of the immortals

By: solarbt posted at Feb 05, 2012 5:10 am

Lvl 101 yes

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By: Vimzy posted at Feb 24, 2011 9:54 am

To Whomever is bored enough to read:


     Well Here goes what could possibly be my review of the game called Battle Of The Immortals.


Well balanced game. Mixing different mythologies into one solid story. If you are a fan of history and mythology, then you have to play this game. This Game keeps you interest by having lots to do. It has such an abundance of quests, that all link together to create the story of you, the hero, bringing Odin back to life!



Daily Events to gain lots of XP daily, and by time.

Leveling is quick and easy, plus monster variety is great so your gonna want to grind even if you normally dont like to.

Pets and moounts are given to you, so theres no direct need to put real money into the mix, pets are accesible and the possibilties to get different pets are endless, they have from fierce dragons and werewolves, to rabbit, and Kangaroos with sunglasses.

Double XP System is fantastic, helps every player lvl, making it easy to sta

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battle of immortals review.( written exclusively for mmosite)

By: samahir01 posted at Sep 05, 2010 9:59 am

This is my first article for mmosite .hope you guys like it .

Perfect world has been releasing games for international fans now and than . But the game that has hooked me up is their battle of the immortals game.the game is based on  2.5 D engine ,not 3D .but you can zoom in and out ,the only difference is that you cannot rotate clockwise or anticlockwise .

1. Classes :

There are five classes in game: in order to explain the classes with better understanding i will compare them with world of warcraft game .


Berzerkers believe in strength .And they do heavy physical damage. so if you have a berzerker do concentrate on assigning your attributepoints to your strength .They are more like death knights.


Champions are best at doing AOE damage(area of effect damage ).They

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Carolgarden said: Looks neat!  Could you please do a summary for this game?

Battle of the Immortals upcoming expansion video Released

By: Mandifesto posted at Sep 01, 2010 2:15 pm

Yesterday Perfect World released a video detailing upcoming dungeon content for their action-MMORPG, Battle of the Immortals.  What's interesting about this, other than the fact that they haven't yet come up with a name for the expansion, is how similar this content looks to Diablo III.  Heck, the expansion details shown off in this video even include destructible environments, environmental hazards, and an animation system. 

While many might complain about how similar this MMO is to Blizzard's upcoming action RPG, I welcome this sort of homage.  Honestly, Action RPG is my favorite genre, and I love the fact that MMO companies are trying to blend such a tried and true dungeon crawler experience into their online games. Social gameplay seems to be the only t

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saltorious said: Yea, it does look very similar. But hey mmo's get boring at times and you like the gameplay just want it to be in a different world kinda thing... so sometimes clones are a + =D

Preview: Shadow Manor

By: battleoftheimmortals posted at Jul 28, 2010 11:27 am

Quick facts about this new dungeon:

  • Built for 90+ players
  • Features traps and puzzles
  • Multiple styles of rewards, including items for the treasure system
  • Sprawling dungeon with numerous objectives

Dark corridors, crazed undead, and multiple styles of rewards awaits!  The Shadow Manor is a new instance slated to be released as just one of many new pieces of content with the as of yet unnamed expansion that Battle of the Immortals will be receiving in the future.  This instance is designed from the ground up with high level players in mind, with entry restricted to groups of players that are over level 90.


The Shadow Manor will feature the twisting corridors of an undead infested manor, with puzzles and traps to overcome along the way.  Entrance to this instance will be found i

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Developer Diary #5 – Events

By: battleoftheimmortals posted at Jul 28, 2010 11:25 am

Here we are again with another behind the scenes look at the development process of Battle of the Immortals!  This time we've got Product Manager Jon Belliss talking to us about events in BoI, including the newly released Zodiac Gauntlet!  Press play and enjoy!


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IReaperr said: Man I truly wish you guys had More PvP based stuff. BOI has excellent PvE events and the pet system is amazing, but the game almost punishes people who go PvPing. You guys should have battlegrounds ...

Video Spotlight – BoI Game Trailer

By: battleoftheimmortals posted at Jul 28, 2010 11:23 am

We here at PWE Headquarters often like to browse Youtube to find fan made videos of our games.  This article is the kickoff point of a new regular series of updates we plan on doing that will showcase the videos that fans of BoI have made and uploaded to Youtube!

To start things off, this week’s spotlight video is one made by our very own Hawk, which was made around the start of the closed beta for BoI.  The video features a quick look into the action available in BoI.  If you feel like you've got a video that would be good to have the spotlight cast on it, upload it to Youtube and send a link to BoI-Community@perfectworldinc.com.

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Zodiac Gauntlet Preview

By: battleoftheimmortals posted at Jul 16, 2010 5:13 pm

The Zodiac Gauntlet is going to be a new exclusive event that will be added to BoI in the near future.  We’ve been hard at work playtesting the event here at the office, so we decided to drop a few screenshots on the blog to give everyone an idea how it’s all going to look and feel.

The primary focus of the Zodiac Gauntlet is going to be on speeding up the leveling rate for players 60 and up.  Completing the Zodiac Gauntlet daily will provide very nice amounts of experience, as well as a few other surprises.  This new instance is designed for parties between 3 and 6 players strong, and  the rewards and difficulty scale depending on the average level of the party.


Remember that this event is being released in stages, so what you see here is only on

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Battle of Immortals OBT Review: The good and the WORSE.

By: Sasame posted at May 15, 2010 5:20 pm

 Well I started the game a few days after the OBT. I had played the game in CBT up to level 20. So I didn't really test the game fully, so I tried the game again hoping to see if the game was really all, up to the standards people were saying.

There are 5 classes in the game which are: Bezerker(str based), Champinon(vit based), Heretic(spr based), Magus(int based), and Slayer(dex based). I chose to play Slayer since I liked the whip like weapon it had when creating the character, and I am basically a kill everything fast type of guy. 

At the beginning of the game we start is Expedition Camp, there is a sort intro tutorial were it tells the player what each button does as players play the game. There are plenty of quests to do, and all which gives players gear for their character, gear is given through out the game as people near their equipment level, 15, 30, 45, 60, basically every 15 levels. Note that normal monsters do not drop gear, only bosses. Once the player r

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SinnerPT said: You sir, are an idiot. I've been playing this game since CB and there are so many wrong things with this article...

What makes Battle of the Immortals so successful?

By: jasonpwe posted at Apr 27, 2010 7:51 pm

Perfect World Entertainment just released the third Battle of the Immortals developer diary, which you can find on the official BOI website. Brought to you by Product Manager Jon Belliss, the video gives you a behind the scene look at the closed beta launch success and what players can look forward to in the open beta.

More exciting to players might be the fact that the highly requested features such as WASD movement, tab targeting, key binding, improved interface and improved access to Soul Gear will be making it into the game. 

With open beta just around the corner, find out why thousands of players have already flocked to Battle of the Immortals and how we are redefining the action MMO RPG space.

Become an official Battle of the Immortals Facebook Fan.

Follow the official Battle of the Immortals Twitter account.

Don't have a closed beta key yet? What are you waiting for? Grab your closed beta key from any of Perfect World's BOI Closed Beta Partners today!

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