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Forsaken World 2 CH New Demon Class Customization

By: Scion Storm posted at Jun 25, 2014 4:12 pm

The Demon Class is the entry for Forsaken World. Well excuse me it's now called Forsaken World 2. And sports slightly better graphics and the new class. I will do a in depth class review later in the week on Demon. I was hoping for something cool to talk about. I didn't quite expect a demon class. But hey we had Werewolves and Vampires. I should of expect this to be next.

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Guest said:this is just the same piece of crap as Forsaken World 1

Forsaken World 2 CH Trailer Coming 6/25

By: Scion Storm posted at Jun 24, 2014 10:15 am

Forsaken World 2 Beta= http://shenmo.wanmei.com/
Who knows maybe this one will make the franchise better. I'm willing to give every game a shot.
I'll review the game soon as it becomes available. Seems to be some new graphics and a demon class. That I will show case on the 25th first. The review will come a few days after I played it up to a good level. Should be interesting I hope it gives me plenty to talk about.

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slayervd said:I liked this game allot, but the cash shop made it impossible to compete with players that spent allot of money to get probably to most overpowered char\'s i\'ve seen in every game. End game gear last...

Storm's View - Forsaken World 1-26 Review

By: Scion Storm posted at Nov 26, 2013 7:19 am

Forsaken easily is the most streamlined game I ever played. It wasn't always like this slowly it morphed into that. Most will call it a wow clone. And lets be honest it is. But it does have it's own charm. That doesn't mean all will like that charm. This is a quick run down on the first 26 levels. Just giving you a glimpse into the game. So it be up to you to say yay or gtfo nay.

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EPIC games comming!

By: Metin2United posted at Oct 26, 2013 11:11 am



Download Launcher
OUR GAMES Forsaken World
Heroes of Three  Kingdoms
Jade Dynasty
Perfect World
War Rock
Black Gold

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Heroes of Three Kingdoms

Heroes of Three Kingdoms is an Asian MMORPG based on the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese History. With the Han Dynasty in steep decline, bandits and wild creatures freely roam the countryside. Brave heroes have risen to the challenge and must do battle across the provinces by wielding one of the eighteen available weapon types. Heroes of Three Kingdoms does not have a standard class system. Instead, players select which weapon they wish to wield during character creation. Each weapon

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Nanbo's Forsaken World Review

By: Nanbo posted at Jul 01, 2013 4:25 am

Perfect World Entertainment had recently launched it’s website to offer Perfect World International. They also tossed in a few games that were hit and miss (mostly miss). So to keep up and five people something that broke the mold. They put into Closed Beta Forsaken World. This was a promising title that seemed to carry with it the dreams of what Perfect World should have been. So many of us thought it was PWE way of saying, “We understand PWI has allot of problems and is a cash cow. But it is to cemented to be changed, so here, enjoy Forsaken World. Will promise it will be out PW title to adapt to the changed market”. We saw lot’s of screen shots and allot of media covering how the landscapes, mounts, and classes would fit in. The Open Beta came and it has been several years since release

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Guest said:BORING

Forsaken World: Why I have spent 1000+ hours on this game!

By: GG Eerie posted at Mar 24, 2013 7:44 pm

Forsaken World: Why I have spent 1000+ hours on this game!

Forsaken world is a big game made by a company that really knows how to make money, so of course it has a just-as-big cash shop that you can’t live without if you’re playing the game. I don’t really mind about the cash shop really, if anything I spend too much money on such things to complain about them.

But let’s look at the game, what does the game offer? There are 8 classes spread out over 6 races. Some classes are locked to a specific race, while others you can find across many different races. The classes you get to choose between are: Assassin, bard, mage, marksman, priest, protector, vampire, and warrior.

So there’s definitely a class that will suit you, I leveled up a priest first, then a mage, then a bard, and started on a vampire. Why? In this day and age there are so many better games out there then Forsaken world so why did I play so much Forsaken World? Repeatedly!? It’s not just me either, the game has multiple serv

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Forsaken World Lycan Race First Look!

By: GeorgeWashington posted at Dec 24, 2012 12:49 am

Forsaken World Lycan Race First Look!

Whats up gamers im Zach Sharpes here with my Lycan race First Look for Forsaken Worlds brand new expansion patch War of Shadows. War of Shadows not only includes the Lycan race, but it also includes some new dungeons and challenges for players to enjoy. Find out my thoughts on this new race and whether or not it is better than say the Worgen race in World of Warcraft. Did Perfect World execute the Lycan in the right way? Or fall flat like its competitors? Find out!

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Thanks for watching!

Zach Sharpes

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How to Spot the last boss from the Battle of Elements

By: Strarfeel posted at Dec 08, 2012 8:47 am

Hi , when we get the 7 pieces of the set from the Battle Of Elements boss's how do we spot the last boss wich drop the legendary weapon ? any1 got any ideia ?

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Forsaken World Nightfall Expansion Live on 28th March

By: octopusx posted at Mar 27, 2012 4:49 am

Forsaken World a game by Perfect World Entertainment will be receiving a new expansion on 28th March, named Nightfall.

To read more about what this expansion will bring to Forsaken World click HERE.

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Forsaken World Storms Of War Has Released!

By: GeorgeWashington posted at Oct 30, 2011 10:06 pm


Whats up everyone, im Zach Sharpes here to provide you guys the patch notes for Perfect World Entertainments Forsaken World which recently just released. Below lies whats new.

  New Features:
-New Shop: Shylia Market. This store has items for everyone. Press H and click the button labeled "Shylia Market" to access the rewards for leveling. This system is retroactive, so you won't miss out on anything. Spend some time going through the other tabs to see what kinds of rewards await you. 
-Dedication: Gain Dedication by taking part in Daily and Weekly Events, spend these points in the Shylia Market for great rewards.
-Devotion: Showing your Devotion to the gods is as easy as logging in every day. Hover your mouse over the Prayer Button at the top of your screen. ThContinue Reading
Guest said:Fail game Perfect world = noobs kids with money Fail game is fail l2p noob money never bring sKill Buch of Noobs

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