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Download Mission Against Terror 2 China (MAT 2 CN) from anywhere

By: CindyKK posted at Jul 27, 2016 8:42 pm

Mission Against Terror 2, also known as M.A.T 2 (Chinese : 新反恐行动  New Mission Against Terror ), is a multiplayer, free-to-playFPS,developed by Kingsoft.

It quickly got the attention of many MMO players worldwide and has 6+ oversea edition(E,g.English,Japanese,Korean) when it published on August 17,2014.
Now,there are many players wanna play other contries' server of Mission Against Terror 2 outside China,though they don't know Chinese a lot.MAT 2 CN don't have IP block,everyone could get access to these great OL game.
Anyway,let's see how to Play Mission Against Terror 2 China server (Chinese : 新反恐行动 New Mission Against Terror) outside China.

If you are new to MAT 2,its official site will show more info about it:

MAT 2 China server (新反恐行动)official site:



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Another Pet Makes A Debut, This Time In Mission Against Terror

By: Ammunition posted at Jun 11, 2013 6:19 pm


    I know we all have heard of the Dog, Riley in call of duty ghost during the E3 event. Being able to control and use your pet to gain helpful knowledge and a tactical advantage sounds cool right? What if I told you that Mission Against Terror is releasing a tactical pet that not only increases your movement speed and silver honor value, but also attacks enemies. Although I am pretty sure that you wont be controlling your pet (AI) like Riley in call of duty ghost.

    MAT claims that this is the only FPS game that has a pet system. With the dozen of MMO shooters on the market today and on upcoming beta season, I have to agree that this is the only mmofps game with a pet system. There has been a lot of patc

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Tomb Of The Dragon

By: hitman4hire posted at Nov 15, 2012 8:13 pm

M.A.T. November Update (20/11/2012)


The Dragon King is back to ascend with fury!

Rebel and cease the Dragon's reign of terror!

For centuries, the Dragon King's spirit is trapped in its tomb. However, the King is resurrected and seems hell-bent to bring our world to its knees.

Assisted by its minions, our world will not be safe and rebellion seems to be the only way to rise up against this evil oppression. Summoning all MAT Soldiers to be arm yourself and fight!

★ New Map ★

New Map : Tomb of the Dragon

Thousands of years ago, the Dragon King was lawless and violent. The people started a rebel after having lived under his evil dominion, and sealed him under the tomb forever. Out of everyone's expectations, the Dragon King's spirit didn't die off, and after thousands of years sin

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Mission Against Terror (M.A.T) October Update (16/10/2012)

By: hitman4hire posted at Oct 11, 2012 8:14 pm

M.A.T. October Update (16/10/2012)


★ Getting Into the "Spirit" of HALLOWEEN ★

Have you planned your Halloween getaway? Well Halloween falls on Wednesday this year, but hey, that doesn't mean you can't have fun!! If you think it's too early to have plans, well we've already prepared something for you, just in case!

Scroll down to see if you like the plans we have prepared for you!

System Update Content

• Direct speaker function for speaker UI support and combined chatbox, speaker bug upgrade and related resources
• Added in functions and resources [Loud speaker/ honour value exchange voucher/ be on loudspeaker for love/ silver coins exchange voucher/ Super loud speaker/ variety of coloured eggs/ fireworks for the chapel support increased]
• Related functions (include upgrade)

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abip666 said:M.A.T March Update (12/3/2013)

lol hi all

By: ilater posted at Nov 26, 2011 8:59 am

 im ilater im new here mmo site lol

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