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Fallout 76 Guide: How to Complete 'Tentative Plans'

By: Emilycy17 posted at Jan 14, 2019 2:25 am

Tentative Plans is a side quest in Fallout 76. You can start this quest by interacting with the terminal at Morgantown Airport. You will visit this place while doing the main quest Final Departure.

Listen to the Volunteer training: Camping 101 holotape
Investigate Responder Miguel's camp site
Search camp site
Investigate the Protectron
Search Miguel's terminal for C.A.M.P. plans
Find the "Camp Guide Program" for the Protectron
Give the holotape to Miguel's protectron
Deploy your C.A.M.P.
Build a basic cooking fire
Build a simple stash box
Build a generator at your C.A.M.P.

The 'Tentative Plans' quest starts until the main quests "Thirst Things First" and "Second Helpings" have been completed, both quests which you do in Flatwoods for the Responders. Head to Morgantown

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Fallout 76 Guide: How to Complete 'Miner Miracles'

By: Emilycy17 posted at Jan 12, 2019 2:10 am

'Miner Miracles' is one of Side Quests. Completing this quest will grant you a 'Power Armor Stations' plan which helps you learn how to make Excavator Armour.


Discover Garrahan Mining's Innovation
Investigate Garrahan Mining's Headquarters
Consult the Project Manager's Terminal
Build Excavator Power Armor
Register Excavator Power Armor Full Suit

To try this quest, you need to reach level 25. Start this quest by travelling to The Garrahan Mining Headquarters, which can be found in the southeastern section of the Ash Heap region. Once you arrive, you will receive a task "Discover Garrahan Mining's Innovation" which will leads you to the site. When you arrive, watch out for traps and explosive mines scattered around the Mining Headquarters. Then go inside the building and Continue Reading
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Fallout 76 Guide: How to Complete the Quest 'Back to Basic'

By: Emilycy17 posted at Jan 11, 2019 2:09 am
Back to Basic is a main quest in Fallout 76. It's optional. The quest helps you join the Brotherhood of Steel at Camp McClintock.

Talk to Master Sergeant Gutsy.
Equip a set of fatigues.
Equip an army helmet.
Read Uniform disbursement log.
Get Pvt. Archibald's uniform voucher.
Talk to Master Sergeant Gutsy.
Complete the quests Marksmanship Course, Agility Course, and Patriotism Training.
Complete the quest Live Fire Training Exercise.
Talk to Master Sergeant Gutsy.

Make your way to Camp McClintock first. There, you'll get a task,"Start Your Training at Camp McClintock." After completing the training, you'll be given access to this quest. Then talk to the robotic Master Sergeant Gutsy and collect a set of military fatigues and an Army helmet, or find "Uniform Voucher." To find the uContinue Reading
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Two Patches For Fallout 76 Will Update in January

By: Emilycy17 posted at Jan 10, 2019 2:01 am

In response to Fallout 76's negtive reviews, Bethesda is dedicating to addressing issues with this game for giving a better experience for its players in 2019. Bethesda announces in its latest "Inside the Vault" post that two patches will be put out in January. 

The first patch is ready to be released next week on Monday, January 14. "Like the December 11 update," this one will resolved "many issues raised by the community as well as continue focus on improving performance and stability.”

Issues with several challenges and quests will be addressed, and the patch applies various fixes to Perks, weapons and noted exploits. Full patch notes will be given next week. This patch reportedly including more than 150 fixes will  first land on PC, then on consoles. 

In additon, BethContinue Reading
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Fallout 76 Guide-How to Complete Overseer's Mission

By: Emilycy17 posted at Jan 09, 2019 2:02 am

Overseer's Mission is one of Side Quests. Players need to collect all the holotape logs left behind by the Overseer of Vault 76 in her primary quest to secure Appalachia's three nuclear missile silos.


Follow the Overseer's journey

There are 16 holotapes which can be found in an Overseer's Cache. They don't necessarily need to be picked up in order, but they will make more sense if they are. Whenever a player character comes within the vicinity of a holotape, an objective marker will appear. 

The Holotapes Locations:

C.A.M.P. - The Overseer's camp is found in southeast of Vault 76.

Flatwoods - At the church that is the Responders command and trading post in Flatwoods, to the right of the church's entrance.

Morgantown Airport - Near the Responders HQ terminal on the secoContinue Reading
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Fallout 76 Guide: Cold Case Walkthrough

By: Emilycy17 posted at Jan 08, 2019 2:30 am

Cold Case is a side quest in Fallout 76. The quest is given by a robotic nanny, Miss Annie, who is concerned about a child, Freddy, who disappeared while the robot took him to this amusement park. She asks you to check the security holotapes.

Find and talk to a robot called Miss Annie.
Access the Security System
Play Holotape Clues 
Search for Freddy's ID
Search the Mailbox
Go to Clarksburg Post Office
Research the key
Search Otis Pike's house
Find a way into the Grafton Dam
Search for Clues
Search the Woods Estate
Return to Miss Annie
The quest starts when you encounter Miss Annie. Head to Wavy Willard's Water Park on the northern edge of the Toxic Valley. Speak with Miss Annie who can be found below the mouth of the crocodile. Then "Access the Security System" which iContinue Reading
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Fallout 76 Guide: How to Complete the Flavors of Mayhem Quest

By: Emilycy17 posted at Jan 07, 2019 2:11 am
Flavors of Mayhem is a quest of the Raider faction, which is given by Rose. The quest aims at looting a missile launcher for Rose who will give you he Black Diamond Ski Sword.Walkthrough 
1 Add a Karma Syringe Barrel Mod to Rose's Syringer
2 Shoot a Yao Guai with a Karma Syringe
3 Find Materials to Craft Explosive Bait at Any Tinker's Workbench
4 Use Explosive Bait on a Creature
5 Approach a Deathclaw and "Make Friends"
6 Steal From a Super Mutant Camp
7 Kill a Feral Ghoul
8 Go back to Rose

Before you start this quest, you need to complete the first part of the Raider faction quest line. Head to the Top of the World building, which is directly east of the town of Flathills. When you get there, interact with a customized robot called Rose and complete the 'Signal Strength' mission. Then yContinue Reading
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Fallout 76 Stash Boxes Guide: Locations, And Weight Management

By: Emilycy17 posted at Jan 04, 2019 2:12 am

In Fallout 76, players need to carry many items around. Controlling the Carry Weight is a big issue. My Stash Box can help solve this issue by storing anything players loot in-game. With it, players only carry something needed around, which reduce the chance of becoming over-encumbered and draining the player's AP. They can leave and collect their items at any of the "My Stash Box" locations.

Stash boxes are found in various locations around the map, and can even be crafted in your C.A.M.P.. Anything stashed in any of these boxes automatically becomes available at any other box, and is only accessible by the stash-er; all players can access any of the Stash Boxes around the map but they will only be able to find what they put in, regardless of anyone else within the sever.

The Stash Box CContinue Reading
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Fallout 76 Guide: How to Complete the Quest 'Key To The Past'

By: Emilycy17 posted at Jan 03, 2019 2:10 am

Key to the Past is a Main Quest in Fallout 76. This Quest is aiming to find several Key Fragments and bring them to Rose.

Head south of the Top of the World to get to the Blackwater Mine. and access the terminal inside it. Go deeper into the mine and you will encounter an irradiated woman called Freddie Lang that you'll need to kill to acquire the mine's Key Fragment.  kill her, take the Key Fragment from her corpse and leave the mine.

Head east of where you're currently located to look for a Trapper's Camp on the Devil's Backbone. There is a Super Mutant Group hitting the camp and taking the person carrying the Key Fragment you need. Then go to Huntersville, in the center of the town, you'll find the Trapper's Key Fragment on Walter Griswold's corpse.

Head towards nContinue Reading
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Fallout 76 Nuke Codes Resolved For This Week

By: Emilycy17 posted at Jan 02, 2019 2:20 am

If you want to launch nuclear weapons in Fallout 76 online world, you will need to find nuke codes.  The nuke codes change every week.  It's not quite easy to decrypt them.

In order to decrypt the nuke codes, you can team up with other players or reslove it by yourself. But it is cumbersome and time-consuming in the decrypting process. This thing begins at a new system which is brought about by Bethesda during the release of new updates, in which it allows players to decrypt codes in games to launch nukes in the game which other players can witness. Now the nuke codes for this week have been resolved by other players.

Nuke Codes For This Week (January 1-7)
Silo Alpha 28775839
Silo Bravo 60489181
Silo Charlie 08719947

What Would Nukes Do?
These nuke codes are useful to hunt for rare resContinue Reading
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