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1950 Breitling Unitime Worldtime Possibly the Coolest Fashionable Breitling Ever on Hodinkee

By: luckyiichrist posted at Dec 20, 2010 10:38 pm

Look, a fashionable Breitling Navitimer is really a totally magnificent, doubtlessly historic, and fantastic looking gucci watches. It really is simply our favorite family in the Breitling lineup, maybe to this time of day. Nevertheless, significantly of what we do at Hodinkee display you the very best stuff that you have not heard of before, the clandestine killers of the horological globe. These days, we display you 1 of the coolest Breitlings we've run into in a long, long time.

Coming from 1950 is really a Breitling Geneve Unitime having a special Worldtime dial. What makes this timepiece so special? Nicely first, it is a Worldtimer, the is just some thing that we think is especially awesome, specifically on replica lv watches this old. Truly, who was traveling the world in 1950, or maybe even producing international telephone calls at that point? Not us, that's for certain.

Earlier this week we revealed to you that a modern day Movado was the private option of a new soon-to-be Sup

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