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Savage Resurection - Large scale team pvp at its finest

By: Tony259 posted at May 22, 2016 1:28 pm

I found this game almost by accident and I'm quite happy that I did, this game is pretty much a follow up from the classic Savage 1 and 2 games which I found to be incredibly fun with a very high replay value, though over the years like most games that come of old age, the player-base will always start to dwindle off of their once big player-base, one of them I think is being due to lack of advertising as I never saw much of the game back when I did play it anyway.

Since I played savage 2 and not the first game, I will base my general knowledge of that game and hopefully remember enough be able to project it onto this, even if it ends up having some potential differences in game play. Savage is a straight up PvP lobby based game, very similar to something like Natural Selection in r

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