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Magic Duels: Origins Gameplay First Look

By: LUGO Gaming posted at Aug 03, 2015 2:14 am

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In this first look, Zach Sharpes checks out Magic Duels: Origins, the new digital card game by Wizards of the Coast! Developed by Stainless Games, Magic Duels is a free to play digital card game set to compete with Hearthstone.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ZachSharpes
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LUGOGaming

Thanks for watching,
Zach Sharpes

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AresPL said:Hi Zack, nice to see Your video again, any way to DL without steam?

Yugioh Online 3 - DUEL ACCELERATOR

By: Chisane posted at Feb 21, 2011 5:38 pm

why hello there, soldiers? i saved my screenshots and have been playing something else for weeks.

i came to catch up with ya'll if you don't mind xD recently i have fallen in love with yugioh online but hated the fact cards needed to be bought. i still played it anyway and got so annoyed from losing to a single npc about 15 times in a row.. lmao! okay here goes!

i was chatting with people in channel ENG01 and said " *sigh* i can never beat these npcs with this starter deck and i can't charge BP ;-;

then this random nice kind handsome extreme superman hero guy tells me to trade.. O_o im shocked he actually gave me some cards!

were those all the cards? NO IT WAS NOT LOL MORE CARDS!? i was entertaining him so he doesn't change his mind, NO YOU 

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Dusan said: i played for like 1day and i played against real people, and i was lvl 1 starter deck and i played against lvl 5 guy with a light deck i beat him cuz he wasnt using his deck as he should, and then i...

Yugioh Online 3 is free to play

By: Chisane posted at Feb 09, 2011 9:03 am

hi guys i have recently heard yu-gi-oh! online going free so i gave it a try ^-^



i was really impressed on the little customization they had, i could choose the hair color and eye color, i loved it ^^

not only that but it offered you options to set one of the three animation types A/B/C

though when i saw 0 cards on my screen, i screamed and uninstalled it instantly! xD


i was wrong though, a friend told me that new people can't find it, so i reinstalled the game and tried searching for it, oh here it was!

85 cards in your trunk! that is totally licious but the problem is none of those cards are good enough to lead you to victory.. even lv.8 npcs

are impossible to defeat and i'll show you

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MapleTire said: Impossible quests?... I may want to give this a try.

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