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Major Update in Grand Fantasia Today!

By: JadedSorrow posted at Oct 18, 2010 10:31 am

 Hey everyone, so I don't know the consensus of people who are surfers of MMOsite that actually play Grand Fantasia (which I will also refer to as G.F) but I thought I'd post up a blog about the news in which I read today. 

There is going to be a major 12 hour maintenance starting today at 3:30pm PDT, or 6:30ish Eastern time. 

The maintenance includes the following: 

The servers of Alice and Siropas will be merging and they will be adding a new server which will have a new bot system put in place as well as open up a greater amount of space for new comers. On the new server there will be some new features. 

On Both servers there will be: 

Novice Cards: these cards give you gifts and information that will help you through the first 30 levels. 

Sprite Adventure:  players with sprites who are 2nd evolution or above can group together and use their sprites to fight special battles. 

There will be a new level map: 66-75 (an Island map!)

Bonus: 2 weeks

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Grand Fantasia Halloween Costume Contest.

By: JadedSorrow posted at Oct 14, 2010 1:55 pm

For anyone out there who is looking for a little Halloween spirit, or for anyone who just enjoys dressing up than this contest is for you! Grand Fantasia is holding a Halloween costume competition which can either be R.L. (Real Life) or in game! 

Thought I'd post some of the details. 

The end date is Friday, October 29th 2010.  

So the Rules of the competition (both for Real Life and In Game):
- Only up to three submissions per account
- Keep it clean. Nothing that is "Not Work Safe"
- No trolling or flaming other submissions
- No Photoshopping! 
- Submissions MUST contain a link to the picture otherwise they will not be counted.
- Submissions must be submitted by 10/29/10 at 11:49 AM PDT in the following format: 

Account name -gm_pariah
Image of your costume + account name alongside the costume

-Any submissions after the cut off time and date will be disqualified no matter how good they may be. 

Best: Dusk Vampire Set or Pumpkin Princ

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Introductory Entry

By: JadedSorrow posted at Oct 08, 2010 4:10 pm

 Well hello! 

First off, I'd like to tell everyone that I am new to this site and am looking to get creatively involved in discussing the latest games with everyone. 

I'll give you a little bit of knowledge about myself:

I am a casual gamer, enjoying games such as: Grand Fantasia, Soul Master, Aika, FLYFF, Earth Eternal, Runescape, and Kitsu Saga. 

I don't play all of those games anymore, currently I am involved in Grand Fantasia and Kitsu Saga. At the moment my gaming time is mostly put into KS as I am a Closed Beta Tester and am helping out the community that way.

I thoroughly enjoy all types of MMOs, although I mostly play Story Driven and mostly PvE with arena PvP (or dueling).

I am looking for people who have the same interests as myself, which includes: Gaming, Writing, Reading, General Chat, Politics, English/Philosophy and Theories.

I am currently attending Trent University in my Second yr of my Bachelor of Honours in English with a minor in Philosophy.

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Lvjing said: hi,new friend! Nice to meet you.

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