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The best place to buy cheap game credits

By: maxmai posted at Apr 25, 2018 5:45 am

A lot of game players will spend money to buy the game gold. If the old users of the game need to buy the game for a long time, it will be so much money .Do you know where I can get a cheap game credits ?Let me tell you.

GAME CREDITS Ultimate Team has more than 15,000 players. Which player do you want ? Probably the most expensive one, Ronaldo. Let’s see what the odds are of getting him in a pack. First we must know how many players cards have the pack you are opening. Let’s say that you are opening a pack with 4 players. It means that your chances of getting Ronaldo are something like 1 to 3,750, right ? Wrong! There are players with more cards in Game credits than others.


Cardweight is a metric used to estimate how often a particular card is traded on the GAME CREDITS Ultimate Team transfer market. The higher the cardweight number, the higher likely this card is traded on the marketplace. It gives an indication of how rare cards are. The cardweight of Ronaldo is 2, the lowest in

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