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How much do you know about game weapons

By: maxmai posted at Apr 27, 2018 3:46 am

When you play a game ,you will need all kinds of game weapons ,how much do you know about game weapons ?My time with Swords of Ditto did suffer from frame rate issues as the number of enemies in the area increased, reaching a point of near-unresponsiveness when encountering over a dozen enemies at a time. This kind of situation didn’t pop up often, but when it did it was easier to just leave the area altogether and come back. Also due to the procedurally generated nature of the game, I encountered a few odd bugs that – while not game breaking – were disappointing as they adversely affected some of my attempts to take on Mormo. On two different adventures, when exploring a dungeon to destroy an artifact that holds some of Mormo’s power – an act that will weaken her in the end – switches were unresponsive in opening doors. On one such occasion ,I was trapped in a room until I rebooted the game and it warped me to the entrance, upon which I tried it again and it still would not open.


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