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Blade and Soul China : Dynamic Preview - Boss's Skill Warning

剑灵 Dynamic Boss Preview – Skills Warning

This is an improved visual presentation to let you recognise the boss's skills and its area of effect better. Formerly, it can be pretty difficult to determine what the boss is casting just by looking at its animation and the special effects. (You know how messy it can be with all the visuals spamming your screen at the same time) It can be too late by the time you realised that you are in range of a fatal strike by the boss. Players used to learn the boss's skills the hard way by dying over and over again.

Previously, a similar visual presentation was used on the Pohwan Boss and it has been very well received by the players. Riding on its success, this visual presentation will be used across all the bosses to make it a much more enjoyable experien

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Blade and Soul China : The New Hearts System for 6-man Instances

The Implementation of 2 Hearts System

As one of the highlights of Blade and Soul, a lot attention has been given to instances. From the early days of 4-man instances to 6-man instances, this new patch will now allow users to revive on the spot. The main purpose of this heart system is to prevent players from dying off too early in an instance and getting carried all the way. This new Heart System will make the instance more forgiving for less experienced or casual players.

So what is this Heart System?

The Heart System allows you to instantly revive from where you died, leaving you the hassle of returning to the entrance of the instance. On a 6-man instance, players can "charge" up to 2 hearts before entering the instance. This is not applicable for 4-man ins

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The 2.0 New User Interface (UI) for Blade And Soul China (UPDATED!)

Dear fans of BNS, as of 7th of August, Blade and Soul China has officially announced the NEW User Interface (UI) for Blade and Soul China. This is the exact new UI that just got patched into the Korean server several months ago.

A brand new, enhanced version of the UI aims to simplify the game processes, improve user-friendliness, thus giving the players a better overall gaming experience in Blade and Soul.

1. Simple Layout

The Equipment window and the Inventory window has now been merged. Players will no longer be required to open 2 windows to equip their gears. The combat statistics portion has been replaced by the inventory slots.

Combat information will be revamped to a much smaller window that shows all the statistics.

2. Beauty and Functionality

The NPC Buy/Sell/Exchange Window has been

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Introduction to Blade and Soul's Inventory and Equipment Window

This is an introduction to the Blade and Soul’s Inventory and Equipment System. Let’s take an initial look at how the inventory system works and the equipment that you will be using.

1. Bo Phae Plates
Bo Phae plates are part of what makes up your equipment. Each Bo Phae plate provides different statistics so you can customized your gears according to pve/pvp. All Bo Phae plates belong to a set and by having a 3, 5 and 8 Bo Phae plates from the same set, it will grant the user additional stats.

How to get your Bo Phae Plates and Equipment?
After doing more research on Bo Phae Plates and Equipment, I have decided to write a separate, more detail post in my upcoming posts so as to prevent reader's fatique. =)

2. Offensive Statistics
Increase this value to increase the attack

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Blade and Soul China - What is a Talisman, what it does and how it would concern you?

Blade and Soul China - What is a Talisman, what it does and how it would concern you?

While I was leveling, I encountered a problem that was the need to use an Exorcism Talisman to “cleanse” every piece of equipment that I picked up from an instance before I can use it. From there I went into a deeper research of this mechanic and realised that this could very well be a game breaking mechanic.

The reason for anyone to farm instances is to get better equipment, deal better damage so we can attempt harder quests and even attempt harder solo instances. However there is something that keeps holding me back, which is the need to use 驱魔符aka Exorcism Talisman (Google Translate, I never just came up with this =)). Some of the better equipment even requires an additional 解印符aka Unseal Talisman to be

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Is Tencent being too ambitious? Headset Gaming Experience?

Updated : Some images of ChinaJoy 2013!

Game Station

After reading the press release, below is my translated version:

In this year's ChinaJoy 2013, Tencent will be debuting a Headset Gaming Experience for Blade and Soul China. To create a breakthrough in gaming to give players the ultimate gaming experience. Finally taking a first step into Panoramic Projection coupled with seamless integration of the gameplay experience.

Reporter : Will there be many headsets available for attendees during the ChinaJoy 2013?
BNS : As the device is a heavy investment, we will only open ONE set to the lucky players who are selected. More details to be revealed at the end of the article.

Reporter : Can you briefly describe the experience that the player gets when they wear this headset?

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Blade and Soul China CBT - The NEW Energy Point System and ChinaJoy!

Level 45 Laselle

(活力值 Energy Point System)

I believe a lot of players who have been following the updates Blade and Soul would have realized that one of the key differences between the Chinese and Korean version is the Energy Point System. The objectives of the system has been highly debated and discussed, whether this system is here to stay or would be removed during OBT remains yet to be seen.
In summary
There is a limit to how much experience you can gain everyday. Once your Energy Point reaches 0, you will not be able to gain any more experience for that day. Everyday, the system refreshes your Energy Value at a stipulated time, buying a VIP pass will allow you to speed up this refresh process by a little.

How to replenish your Energy?

Your Energy will be restored everyday at 6am GMT +8. Unused E

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Announcement: Blade and Soul China, closing date for current CBT

Two months have passed since the start of 3rd Close Beta Testing of Blade and Soul China. The current Close Beta Test will officially come to a close at 22nd of July 12am GMT+8 . All characters within the account will be deleted, so for current CBT players please take some time to say farewell to your characters. Take some photos and cry a little

As we speak, the current team behind Blade and Soul China has begun working on the bugs fixes and other refinements in game. The content localization team of Blade and Soul China has made their way over to Korea for further discussions.

Let's keep our fingers crossed and look forward to the next update from Tencent!

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Incoming : Blade and Soul China, Large Scale CBT followed by OBT

Tencent has made an official announcement for an upcoming Large Scale CBT this coming August. Read on to find out more...

"It has been two months since the start of the 3rd Close Beta Testing for Blade and Soul China dated 7th of May. The game has received enormous amount of support and queries and till date there are plenty of players out there still looking for CBT Keys.

All current Close Beta Accounts will all be deleted by late July.

There has been rumors from various sources speculating that OBT is going to arrive in September 2013. Tencent has officially announced that when the 3rd CBT ends by late July, accounts of the current CBT players would be deleted. Following which, there will be a LARGE scale CBT , where more players will be invited to the beta testing. Blade

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From the Beginning...

Hi guys, I am new to MMOSITE and I have been a gamer all my life. I look forward to providing you (who is reading my blog) exciting content and updates for my favourite games. I am currently playing on CBT Blade and Soul and CN Dragon Nest. I will drop updates of both games + translations and hopefully more games in the future. Please take care of me~

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