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Blade and Soul China : Getting your wallets ready, Ka Ching! - Inventory and Warehouse System

Alright, I will be starting a mini series on this : BNS Getting your wallets ready, Ka Ching!. Nope, I didn't get to join as a Researcher on the test server but I have gathered some info that would be relevant for you guys who are as crazy about Blade and Soul as I am. Today we are going to have a look at the inventory system. There are 80 slots of Inventory Space in total (10 rows by 8 columns)  and I am going to share with you how to unlock them. UPDATED with price for warehouse slots.

Warehouse Price is updated! (Boy, they are expensive!)

As you can see from the image, the first two rows can be unlocked using copper and silver. From the third row to the fifth row, you are required to use 神龙工商袋 (Shen-Long Business Bag) to unlock. At the 6th row, a required amount of 神龙

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Blade and Soul China : Launch of Play Test Server 29/08/2013

*2nd batch of researchers announced (30/08/13)! Click on the link here to find out. I believe between 1000-2000 accounts have been activated this way. Unlike the WeChat, these QQ numbers are selected randomly so you can run through the list to see if you are the lucky ones. You just need to take note of the first 3 and last 3 numbers of your qq account.*

Today is the launch date of the Play Test Server, so what is in store for the Play Tester? By now, we have all known that Blade and Soul China has updated a lot of the 2.0 content from Korea. With such a huge update to the server, Tencent has decided to create a Play Test Server to let a small number of players experience the new content and gather some feedback. There will be more events in the following weeks to recruit more research

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Blade and Soul China : Test Server Application OUT! China Only (29th August)

Here we go guys! Blade and Soul China has finally entered Test Server stage! Tencent is currently asking for Chinese speaking players to apply for the test server. With a QQ account number, you will need to answer 5 questions to stand a chance to be an official play tester. Don't have a QQ number? Click here to register one!

The link the questions can be found here

Answers are here :

There are many privileges as a Play Tester and you would need to be online constantly to maintain this privilege. As a Play Tester, it is important that you understand Chinese so you could provide valuable feedback to the team working on BNS. In game cash points and other gifts will be given to the play tester to reward their efforts during different intervals. With the test server underway, the auspicious

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Blade and Soul China : A New Coupon Option for Players

Tencent will be introducing the brand new 丰汇行 (aka the Point Coupon Bank?) to the China Server. (This item is entirely new as it is not available on the BNS Korean Server) This Point Coupon is sold in the Trading House in exchange for Gold. I believe the Point Coupon Bank will either be a stand alone page or will be a sub page within the Trading House.

The objective of the Point Coupon is to allow cash to gold transactions among players. The Point Coupon will ensure that each transaction can be safe, convenient and secure through the Trading House. Using the Trading House, the non-cash players will be able to use their gold to buy Point Coupons, which in turn can be used in the Cash Shop to enjoy the premium goods.


Point Coupon Buyer : You ch

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[Update]Blade and Soul CN Play Test Server : First 50 Lucky Winners for WeChat

First 50 winners announced! Are you the Lucky one?? All winners, please reply to the official Wechat account with your QQ number (not email) before 15:00, Aug. 30th GMT+8!

Hello guys, more great news! WeChat is releasing an event for Application to participate in the Play Test Server. The event date will be on 2nd of September 2013 (GMT + 8). In order to participate, you will need to install WeChat on your mobile device and a QQ number. To learn how to install WeChat, please click here. To register for your QQ Number, click here.

To improve your gaming experience during OBT, Tencent has set up a play test server to let a small number of privilege players test out the game

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Blade and Soul China : 2.0 Skill Tree System

Welcome to the new revamp 2.0 Skill Tree System in Blade and Soul China. With this new revamp, skills become more in-depth and customised compared to the 1.0 version. Say goodbye to what was known as “Must add skills” or Pr-requisite skills to add in a class. As you can see from most skill builds or guides, there are usually some useless skills that are compulsory to add if you want to unlock the more powerful ones. In this update, the system will remove this restriction and give players the freedom to add whichever skills they prefer.

Skill Specialization Tree

Unlike the 1.0 version, this new system creates an independent skill tree for each skill. The skill will branch out into different enhanced versions of the same skill. The more points you commit to a specific branch the more pow

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Registration of Blade and Soul Account (China)

Note : Blade and Soul China servers are currently down, so you will not be able to boot the game even though you installed everything correctly. I will keep my blog updated for more Blade and Soul China related news here.

I have received a number of messages asking me how to register a Blade and Soul Account in China. Therefore, I have decided to revive this post from my earlier post in the forum. Do not worry, there is no ip block or is it difficult to register as most of the information and forms are in English or can be translated via Google Translate. Below are the steps...

Below is a video that show you how to register for your Tencent Blade and Soul Account.

1. Go to the official QQ registration page (English) - http://zc.qq.com/en/index.html

You can register your QQ account he...
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Blade and Soul China : Changes to Instance Loots and Removal of Exorcism Talisman

The Exorcism Talisman System was first introduced to players during the 3rd CBT (that has just ended in July) and since then it has garnered an overwhelming negative response from the community. After the patch notes of the Boss Decapitation Mission was released, Tencent announced through Weibo (one of BNS marketing channels) that the ExorcismTailsman System will be completely removed from the actual game.

With the Boss Decapitation Mission, players will now receive a Treasure Chest that requires a key to open.

Treasure Chest:

Keys to open the Treasure Chest

Dragon Forest Key (example)

Shiny Dragon Forest Key (example)

There are in total 3 type of keys that belong to Dragon Forest (御龙林), Desert (大漠)and Su-wol Plains (水月平原).

Players can use the respectiv

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Blade and Soul China : New Instance Mission - Boss Decapitation (Updated!)

This update covers a new Instance Mission. What this Instance mission does is that it ensures every player that participated in the instance is entitled to a piece of equipment.

Let me just touch briefly on the former instance loot system. Whenever a mob is killed, there is a chance that they will drop loots like Bo Pae plates, Talisman and Equipment. The loot system is such that everyone within the party will bid for the items and the highest bidder will walk away with the items while the gold is split among the players. With the new 2.0 system, there is huge shortage of raw materials required for enhancing your end game equipment. To enhance the equipment, you will need specific raw materials that are obtained when you break down equipment you received&nbs

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Blade and Soul China Updates - Item Conversion System

Item Conversion System

New updates from Blade and Soul China again! Today we have the new Item Conversion System. Formerly, any item that is useless to us we will usually just sell it to the NPC or if its valuable sell it in the Trading House. However, with this new system you are able to transform what you no longer need into something else. Read on to find out more...

As you know, this is part of the 2.0 System that was patched into the Blade and Soul Korea server a while ago. 9 New costumes were introduced together with this Item Conversion system. The way to obtain these new costumes is very interesting. Instead of buying off the cash shop or obtaining from NPCs, players are required to disassemble their current cash costumes (Costumes that you buy off the Cash Shop). After disassem

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