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Blade and Soul China : VIP Membership Details Revealed! Milking the players hard!

Woot! Finally an extensive explanation of the Blade and Soul VIP Membership. Previously this VIP system was sloppily introduced during the 3rd CBT with no clear indication or benefits what the Membership would do for the players other than bleeding our hard earned money. Below are the translations from the official website.

1) Membership Level

After the scheduled maintenance today, Membership level will be implemented. Membership level comes with benefits, the higher the level the more benefits you reap. The Membership Level increases in a similar fashion just like how we level our in-game character. You need to gain Membership experience to level up to the next level, so on and so forth. (Smells fishy, but lets hope there will not be any distinct advantages)

2) H

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Blade and Soul China : New updates for Test Server (29/09/13) and important news for OBT

Play Test Server Updates

As weekend approaches, there are some wonderful news from Tencent! After one month since the launch of the Play Test Server, Tencent is finally ready to enter the second Play Test Phase and the new content will be updated by 29/09/2013. Updates are the following :

- Level Cap release to 45

- Addition of content from Su Wol Plains and all related destinations including instances

- Weapons are able to achieve a much higher level compared to the current levels

- Weapons Enhancement

-> When your weapon progresses above a certain level, there will be changes to the outlook of your weapon

-> Simplifying of weapon enhancement path

-> Reduce the amount of materials needed for Weapons during the "Breakthroug

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Blade and Soul China : Lag Test : Asia Connection using Xunyou Game Booster + no codes required for OBT2013

This is my first lag test video with Xunyou (迅游) Game Booster. I am located in Asia, which is 2,387 miles away from China. With the help of Xunyou, I am able to achieve a ping of less than 100, usually loitering between 78 to 97 ping. I have decided to record a full run of me in a dungeon for close to 30 mins for a good assessment. There are a few lag spikes here and there but overall it is still consider quite smooth sailing.

The Xunyou Game Booster is an inexpensive software, as you can see the monthly subscription is priced at around USD $3.00. Xunyou has an official collaboration with Tencent for Blade and Soul so you can see the wonderful artwork all over the launcher. Xunyou is also compatible with most games in China.

Official Xunyou Game Booster:

Lastly, I got to meet an e

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Blade and Soul China : Test Server Play Through - Vote for the character you want to see.

Hi guys, I received some PMs regarding the various new implementation of the 2.0 system and I have decided to do a Play Through to show you how I am affected as I level up. The purpose of this video is to showcase how all the Major 2.0 updates have affected the current game including the new economy system that is totally different from Korea. I have put up a page to let you guys vote which character you wish to see for this Play Test series and I will create a character and class based on the most popular vote. A lot of people are getting eager to play this game and this series will aim to provide a little guidance and direction of what to do in those difficult circumstances. For e.g. why am I always so poor is it me or is everyone experiencing the same thing?

You can

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Blade and Soul China : Getting your wallets ready, Ka Ching! - Crafting and Gathering System

Blade and Soul China : Getting your wallets ready, Ka Ching! - Crafting and Gathering

This is a mini series where I discussed about in game systems that require your hard earned cash or in game copper/silver/gold.

As everyone is well aware, other than leveling your character, there is a crafting and gathering system known as 副职(Sub Professions)that requires your attention. So how do we level up and what is the cost of leveling up?

*I will not be covering in detail which Gathering or Crafting Sub Profession to specialize in this post. I am still researching and will provide more insights (hopefully) once I am more familiar. *

Let me begin by saying this system has changed since the 2.0 patch and raw materials have been streamlined to make gathering an easier task for players. Pla
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Blade and Soul China : No more ugly costumes and give me the real stuff already!

Alright, just going to drop this real quick. I am quite wary of patches that might corrupt my Blade and Soul launcher so I was extremely careful while looking for patches. Finally, my hard works had paid off! I found a way to mod (something like that) that removes the China locatlisation content. See images for the comparison between the Original Version (CN version) and the After Patched Version (Kr version)

This in an in game picture of what my character is wearing at the moment:

As you can see most of the costumes were "nerfed"; any exposed body parts will be covered up with some cloth-like material.The designer didn't do a good job as the models really look painted and flat. Some of the finishing are pretty rough, the least to say those cover up portions of th

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Blade and Soul China - First Look from Play Test Server!

Greetings from the 南天国 Test Server! I am Murasame, nice to meet you! I have just started yesterday and due to work commitments I didn't had too much time to level my character. As you can see, I am still leveling so I guess I will make this post short and sweet. I have done a video commentary (above) so if you have the time please check it out. For people who are not used to my accent, I have provided a written version below. (P.S. I don't usually do commentary, so don't expect too much from me. I recorded everything in one take)

I picked up this game again after two months of withdrawal symptons (just kidding) and was reminded why I had fallen so deep in love with this game. The graphics, in-game audio, combat system still remains awesome-looking as

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Differences between Blade and Soul China and Korea

***UPDATES! China has a mod to remove localisation. It is available for the 3rd CBT, but had some minor bugs. Currently the community is working on a revised one. ***

What are the differences between Korea and China version?

The game as we know it has undergone some adaptations and content localisation to suit the Chinese audience. So today I am going to spill the beans and share with you what are the core differences that may or may not affect your experience in Blade and Soul.

1. Costumes

This first topic causes sparks to fly during the 3rd Close Beta Test. Many Chinese players were distraught and in rage to find out that Blade and Soul's signature fish net stockings, skin tight bosom revealing costumes were absent in this version of the game. Well the

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Blade and Soul China : Equipment Growth System Part2/2 (Updated with Poll!)

Part 2: How to obtain the Re-birth Hong Mun Weapon (觉醒洪门武器)

Note : I have put the respective Hanyu Pinyin Translations within the article, this is to aid you in searching for the item in the Trading House in the future. The translated name sometimes sound a little weird, so I have taken the initiative to find a similar meaning to replace the word.

For e.g. 千魂武器(Qian Hun Weapon, Genius Weapon), the first part are the Chinese words, Qian Hun is the exact pinyin words you need to type to form the Chinese words and Genius Weapon is a translated name that I came up with. Original translation is Thousand Souls, thanks to thesaurus. Hope this will help you guys recognise and remember the names better! =)

So what is this Hong Mun Weapon about? This is to date one of the strongest end game we

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Blade and Soul China : Equipment Growth System Part1/2

Equipment Growth System (Enhancing Your Equipment) Part 1/2

Blade and Soul China will be adopting the same Equipment Enhancement 2.0 system from BNS Korea. Weapons and accessories can “consume” other equipment to increase in level. The higher the level, the more powerful the item is. In the past, lower level-tier items are either npc or destroyed but now you can “feed” these items to your equipment to gain Experience Points for your “growing” equipment.


As part of the Equipment Growth System, players will use a primary equipment to consume other equipment. In this process, your primary equipment receives experience and increases in level. The higher the level the more powerful it gets.

So which equipment can grow in level? Any Blue-colour (rarity) equipment and above will be able

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