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Blade and Soul China CBT - Activation Code Event Download Guanjia Guide

**Updated : The New Event is Live! Click here for event details!!**Event duration from 25th to 31st October 2013. Post up the required photos and don't forget to complete the Class Test. God speed guys!

Hi guys! Grab yourself a chance here at MMOsite to enter the upcoming Blade and Soul CBT !(29/10/13) This article is written with reference to an Activation Code event by MMOsite. The event will begin tomorrow on the 25th of October so guys, please remember to check this link out! I will post up the event link once it goes live.

How to download the 剑灵管家 Blade and Soul Housekeeper program

Go to http://bns.sgamer.com/guanjia/ and you will see the image below. Click on the left most option to download the program.

Next you will be brought to this download window.

Once you have star

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Blade and Soul China CBT : Create, download and top up Xunyou Game Booster

With the approaching of the last CBT, I guess its a good time to sum up how to Create, Download and Top up the Xunyou Game Booster. Xunyou Game Booster is the official game booster representing Blade and Soul China. Previously there were available downloads for the BNS official launcher as depicted above.


**To boost your game, click on more details and select your sub server**


1. To Create an account with Xunyou

Go to www.xunyou.com and click the icon below to register an account. Registration process is simple and you can use Google translate to understand the various fields required.

2. Download Xunyou Game Booster

Please click on t

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Black Desert Korean 1st CBT : A first impression review


Black Desert is a upcoming MMORPG by Pearl Abyss. In development for more than 2 years, Black Desert has released trailers that captured the hearts of mmo gamers with its stunning graphics and lighting. Pearl Abyss was established in September 2010 as a Korean stand-alone game developer targeting MMORPG players worldwide. The CEO of Pearl Abyss, Daeil Kim, has set high bars for Black Desert to be a global hit due to its creative and action-based stimulating gameplay.

Black Desert was released for its 1st Close Beta Testing on the 17th till 23rd of October 2013, from 1500 hours to 2400 hours daily (Korean time zone). I was lucky enough to obtain a CBT code and this impression is to share with you my experience. Players who has seen the trailers al

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Blade and Soul China : Ways to get your CBT Codes + CBT/OBT Content Updates Interview!

There are many news today! To top it off, Girls Generation will be the Spokesperson for Blade and Soul China.

P.S. I just realised my account has been activated for the upcoming CBT! For all foreigners who had the chance to play the last 3rd CBT and the Test Servers, your account is automatically unlocked for the upcoming CBT. You just need to visit the official site to apply for unlock.I will be playing on the 网通一区 server since some of my friends received their Close Beta Codes as well. 网通 is a service that provides better connection for players outside of China, so if you get the codes. please join me there.

There are a few ways to get your CBT codes if you can't wait for OBT. (There are a lot more but I decided to cover these 2 that is easy for foreigners)

If you have

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Blade and Soul China : Chance to win yourself a CBT account and more announcements on 15th October.

**Updated with Event Link here, you can check out how long the event will be!** 

This is a translated version of the official post from www.bns.qq.com. For players who are interested in the upcoming Non-Account-Deletion CBT, Tencent has just released an info on how to win yourself a CBT account. This activity is open to all players that can complete the challenge.

The highly anticipated game, 《节奏大师》Rhythm Master has received an update today that features one of Blade and Soul's iconic sound track named,《致命之剑》Sword of the Spirit!

This official sound track《致命之剑》Sword of the Spirit is now offered as a playable track in《节奏大师》Rhythm Master. Players may enter the 自由模式 Free Mode -- 4键Keys to practice the sound track. Once you have achieved a set number of points, higher d

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Blade and Soul China : Who will be the Spokesperson for BNS? Translated from official site

As the date for Non Account Deletion CBT draws near, the concept of this CBT is youth. 

The official website has released this image of a Hongkong Pop idol group during the 90s together with the image above. Along the idea of Youth, iconic pop bands like 小虎队 (the above HK pop) will be featured in the updates to come. There are a few more dates as stipulated above that taunts us that there will be more news about the Spokesperson selection.

One of the netizens has managed to find the rest of the pictures from god knows where, I sure hope its not a hacker or something. The images that will be released in the following dates are as follows:

10.11 黑豹

10.12 F4 (Taiwan)

10.14 Mayday (Taiwan)

10.15 Girls Generation (Korea)

So the last one on the line is Kpop group Girls

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Blade and Soul China : Walkthrough Series with Alvin, the Lyn Summoner Part 1

"A loud "clang" followed as my adversary fall to the ground. I shook the dust off my robe and stare at the monstrosity in front of me. The monster's limbs were pale and the body feels icy cold, with a yellow charm stuck to its forehead it looks like something that was once a human being. I grabbed my staff as my trusty companion crept up beside me. I look around to see if the ruckus has disturbed the silence of the midnight forest and continued my hike forward. The forest feels hot and humid while a stench of death fills the air. Suddenly, howls were heard from a distance. Damn, it was imminent that my distinct smell would be picked up by some hungry predators. I lifted my head and saw a warm light in the distance, on top of a hill. Thi

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Blade and Soul China : 29th October for Non-Account Deletion CBT + Spokeswomen for BNS!!

Alright, today I have some very exciting news for my readers! Tencent has just let the cat out of the bag this afternoon, finally we have the dates for the next Non-Account Deletion CBT. What another one?!!! Before we get all raged-up and break some furniture, this is actually a very close step we are taking towards OBT. As per the plan revealed to me, it was 3rd CBT->Play Test Server (inserted suddenly)->Non-Account Deletion CBT->OBT.

A page went up on Yixun web (易迅网)officially at about 2pm local time releasing the exact date and activity to apply for the Non-Account Deletion CBT. Yixun web is owned by Tencent and is very similar to our ever so popular consumer to consumer platform known as Ebay. The web page was destroyed by the overwhelming&

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Blade and Soul China : An Interview with a friend from the West + Latency Test

Hi, hi and how have you guys been? Early this week, I finally managed to meet my one and only friend in game. His name is Somus and he lives in Canada. He is not a Caucasian as you might expect but he is a Chinese national studying in Canada. Our timezone is 12 hours apart so we don't get to catch each other online often.

Anyway here is a video of me doing a Latency Test with him. The interview is done in Mandarin, but you can find our translated conversation below the video.

P.S. I had to re-record parts of my voice in the video as I realised I was too near to the microphone. :p

Translated Interview

1. Where are you located geographically?

I live in the east of Canada, and that is more than 10,000 kilometers from China.

2. How bad is the lag with and without the official Xun

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Blade and Soul China : VIP Membership, new costumes and member's exclusive content!

Straight after the patch, with my heart in my mouth i immediately pulled out the Cash Shop window and purchased a VIP Membership. Looking around the Cash Shop, I noticed that there are some new items! The first thing i wanted to check out was the Flying Animation. I looked around and looked for a higher platform and took off. meh... Is it me or is the difference in animation not that obvious? Video below:

The new costumes looks more exciting and I particularly like the black and green one. =D

A Member Exclusive Costume as seen below:

There are a few head dress that I did not took screenshots of as I thought they were pretty mediocre.
This costume reminds me of a particular costume in Guild Wars 2...

The Member Exclusive Page also includes cash healing pots that can instantly

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