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Blade and Soul China : A New Game Booster, special packages, I achieve less than 40ms! <3

Hi guys, how's your weekend? I was pleasantly surprise to find a Game Booster that worked better than Xunyou. I was unhappy with the ping I received from Xunyou and decided to ask my friends for alternatives before I stumble upon Xunlei 迅雷. Xunlei is a neat little booster that is able to give me a stablise ping of 50ms or less even on a weekend. In short, it works better for me and cost only a fraction of what I am paying for Xunyou. (Payment is also much more convenient, read on to find out more)

1. Account Registration

Please click on the link to proceed to the Xunlei page. Once you are there, you will see this page.

Click on "Register" to create an account. Like Xunyou, Xunlei also provides a 4 day free membership trial for new registrants.

Click on the Green Button to download th

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Blade and Soul China : Xunyou CBT Key Event + Official Game Booster + New Sub Server!

Xunyou has just started a lucky draw event to release CBT codes. To enter the Lucky Draw, you need to use the Blade and Soul Xunyou Game Booster. It doesn't matter if you do not enter Blade and Soul, as long as the booster is activated you are entitled to the Lucky Draw. (You need to login to your Xunyou Account and click "启动加速") You need to use the Game Booster for at least 3 hours to receive one chance at the Lucky Draw. Every account is only entitled to one chance everyday.

Click here to know how to Register, Download and Top Up Xunyou Game Booster (please follow the link below in this post to download the BNS Official Game Booster)

Link to the Game Booster is here.

Event Duration : 5/11/12 to 12/11/13

Lucky Draw aside, I think this a very nice looking Game Bo

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4th CBT Blade and Soul China : 1 Week into CBT + Setting up of Guilds and Recruitment

(Took a SS with a German friend. =))

It has been close to one week since the launch of CBT. Are you keen to find out which servers are cramped beyond control? *Drums roll* Yes, thank god we were in Server 3 aka 网通一区. The servers in 1 and 2 aka 电信一区and 电信二区 are so full that people are receiving messages that they can't join the queue. T_T

Usually when a server is full, you will receive a queue number but if the queue is full then its GG guys.

This is a screenshot from a friend who belongs to 电信二区.

Normal Players : 513

VIP Players : 726

So if you do not have VIP membership, I guess you will wait a long time.

The large influx of players have created impossible long queues and long waiting time. I am fortunate to be in 网通一区server but it just a matter of time before we join their plight. T

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Blade and Soul China : Sub Professions, Crafting and Gathering Guilds

Here at 绿明村 you are exposed to the wonderful system of Blade and Soul's 副职 Sub Professions. There are altogether 14 Guilds that you can join, with 7 Gathering guilds and 7 Crafting guilds. Gathering and crafting go hand in hand to compliment your complex needs in Blade and Soul. Choosing a guild is an important segment of your career in BNS so please choose wisely. You may quit the guild at any time but once you leave, the guild's level and experience will reset to 0.

Choosing your Guilds
Every player can join up to 4 guilds, 2 Crafting and 2 Gathering. You can see the respective guilds by pressing "M" to bring up the mini map. To leave a guild, Press "P" to open up the Guild window and select quit.

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Blade and Soul China : How to Top UP Q Points?

For all CBT players, how are you?? I bet you must be enjoying the game, too bad I didn't have too much time on my hand as I was churning out important guides. =) Have you been seeing players with golden name tags? Ever wonder what is the difference between you and them? Players with golden name tags have subscribed to the VIP membership in game. So the next question will be so how do I top up?

Alright before you begin to top up, please please please back up, record down or fill in these information. What I need you to do is go to your QQ account and set three security questions and save them somewhere save or in your email. Record down all your particulars you have registered with QQ, birth date, passport number and such. (be it real or fake)

The reaso

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Blade and Soul China : Greetings from CBT Servers & 4 X CBT Launch Events!

Hi guys, its the first day of launch and the servers are really packed! I applaud Tencent for its system in place to cope with a large influx of players. When a Sub Server is full, players will automatically be distributed to the other sub servers. Even with this system, players experience long queues to enter the game during launch date. In response to that Tencent has opened 1-2 more servers for each Server today. Today when I came back from work during the peak timings, I could immediately joined the servers without queuing.

Great Job!

Below are the translated events of Blade and Soul China CBT!!

1.青春成长礼 Leveling Rewards (link here)

Duration : Ongoing

Event Details

For every 5 levels your character gained, you will be rewarded with a gift. (Level 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45)

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Blade and Soul China : Calling out to all Blade and Soul CBT Players!!

I am going to repost the Event Section, as it was accidentally removed. I am going to ask for your help!! According to the event, I think there is a chance for us to invite non CBT players into this game. According to a specific event (which I will fill you guys in later) a Level 36 character is able to invite 1 person to join in the CBT! Take note as long as you are level 36, you can invite a friend to play with you!

Image below:

You can see the event duration ends in 30/11/13, in short there is a very high possibility that OBT will come after that! For all CBT players please work hard in leveling and if you have achieved max level help some fellow members of this forum to get in game! I will post up the 4 Events page later. Cheers...

Guides Center

1) How to download and install your Bl

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Blade and Soul China : CBT Server to go LIVE tomorrow 2pm GMT +8

**SUB SERVER DECIDED! I will be playing on the 3rd sub server XX寺院 on the 网通一区server. I have yet to decide my IGN, will drop my Summoner IGN here later tonight**

**Account verification, please follow this link after you have keyed in the CBT code to verify you account. Without verification you will not be able to play. Link is here.**

Hi guys, just a quick one for all of you who has received a CBT code. The CBT Servers will go LIVE tomorrow at (GMT+8) 2pm. You can see there are a number of sub servers in the game tomorrow. Please find picture below :

I have yet to decide which sub servers I will be at. I will test the ping of each servers and see if there are any difference.

I will update this post on the Sub Server I will be playing. =)

If you have received a code but yet to download the

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(China) Blade and Soul Review : Is the long wait truly worthwhile or should it just bite the dust

Hi there, I am Jimmy or aka Aspenach and I was one of the fortunate players that managed to enjoy Blade and Soul China since the 3rd CBT (June 2013) till the Test Server (today). I have grind-ed and farmed over 350 hours in-game and witnessed the change from the old system to the updated 2.0 system. The reason you are reading this review is that you are most probably a raging fan (muwahaha, like me) or has just accidentally stumbled here after hearing some rumors about the release of this game. As our anticipation builds up nearing the game's release, what should we expect and is this game truly worth waiting for?

1) Introduction

Blade and soul is an action-oriented, fast paced, weapon slicing, blows dodging gaming experience. W

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Blade and Soul China : How to download and install your Blade and Soul CBT/OBT Launcher

**NOTE: For all my new readers, I welcome you and I would like to inform you that Blade and Soul China is not released yet. Therefore you will not be able to play the game now, even if you finished downloading and installing. The server will be released for a Non Account Deletion CBT (or aka OBT with limited access) on the 29/10/13. If you do not have the code, you can click here to participate in the CBT Activation Code Event. If not, you can wait for the actual OBT which will be about 1 month away. =)**

Today, I would teach you how to install the Blade and Soul CBT Launcher. Before you start, you will need a QQ account. Registration is free and you can click on the link here.

You can register your QQ account here, the instructions are in English so its pretty convenient for foreig

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