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Blade and Soul China OBT : Our First Christmas together, 6 Great Gifts to celebrate this Christmas!

Dashing through the snow

In a one horse open sleigh
Over the fields we go
Laughing all the way.
making spirits bright
What fun it is to laugh and sing

A sleighing song tonight~

So guys, are you ready for Christmas? Have you bought your gifts for the annual gift exchange? (Oops, I haven't XD)

Tencent has announced the 6 Gifts for Christmas this coming 18th of Dec.

1. A Golden New Year and a Romantic Christmas

During this Christmas season, all mobs will drop this item 【雪花】Snow Flakes. Players can gather these Snow Flakes and exchange for items at stipulated locations or NPCs. There is a small chance that the mobs will drop this item 【雪花朵朵】 a Blossomed Snow Flake and players can use it to exchange for the season costumes at 飞龙工商 (An exchange option currently available on your in

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Blade and Soul : Sgamer's Anti Harmonization Tool! Say no to ugly costumes!

Hi guys, how is your weekend? Is everyone experiencing DC issues from the 3 CBT servers? Well I guess we need to wait till the next maintenance to fix that. Anyway the big news today is Sgamer has finally launched their 反和谐 Anti-Harmonization Tool! For people who are unfamiliar with what this does, it basically reverts the costumes in-game to its vanilla version before the censorship is applied. (Please see image above)

This decensor patch affects not only the costumes in the cash shop but also the NPCs in your story. If you have not been using any decensor patch till now, you should give it a try and you will start to enjoy the story from an entire different perspective. ahem.

Step 1 : Downloading the Program

You can download this program via this mediafire site or through my Drop

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Blade and Soul : Video Guide + Skill Build for Hero Difficulty Fisherman's Instance

(Exclusive Blade and Soul China Costume =))

One of the hardest solo instance till date, the final boss of the Fisherman's Hero Difficulty Solo Mode Instance is Mr. LuXun the beggar. In ancient China where fighting with flying swords is an everyday thing, some elite Beggar (yes, elite you heard it right) are known to posses powerful kungfu that can save the world. Their signature skill is either using bamboo poles or devastating palm strikes, with the famous Subdue the Dragon in 18 strikes (降龙十八掌). XD These characters have appeared in many stories and movies leaving no exception to Blade and Soul.

For players that are still trying to clear this instance, I have included my skill build below for your reference.

This skill build is designed primarily for thi

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Blade and Soul OBT : Wonder how does China QiPao goes with Paper Cutting Art?

Just yesterday, there was a buzz going around the servers regarding the new costumes that some players were spotted wearing. Are those costumes farmed from PVP? PVE? How can I get them? But first, let me share with you how this costume came about. 

The original Chinese Exclusive costume first debuted at TGC 2013. The concept of the costume was inspired by Qipao (Manchurian Dress) and Jianzhi (Chinese Paper Cutting art). The costume looks gorgeous on the ladies and many players are seen wanting to get a piece of the costume. You can check out MMOsite’s news covered by the editor here during the TGC Event. 

Hold you horses guys and hear comes the Juicy Event Details!

一. 剑灵先行者(当前已经开放领取)The early players of Blade and Soul (Event open now!)
To thank the long-time fans who participated in

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Blade and Soul China OBT : Confused about what gems are good for you? Check out the gem stats below

Whether you are a thick hide tanker or a fire spitting dps, gems are a crucial part of everyone's equipment. The sole purpose of gems is to compliment your equipment to give you additional stats on top of your equipment. So how many gems can our weapon wear?

As you can see from the above image, some weapons come ready with slots for you to embed those gems. However in most cases, more gems can be added by using an item known as :

(Depending on the hole you wish to make, the shape might be different. Picture for reference purposes)

In order to obtained the 六角凹糟 you need to gather its fragments first. You can receive these items from some of the higher level daily quests as per below image.

Lastly exchanged the item from a town's NPC with the required resource. There is a green o

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Blade and Soul OBT : VIP Memberships, Should I get them? Which one is best for me?

VIP Package? This is a topic we both love and hate. Some people are not very pleased with this while some people think its just a small sum to spend to enjoy the game. Well, like it or not this VIP is here to stay, so what does it do and what can we go from here?

Since the OBT last thursday we have been trying to settle in to our new home, making new friends and spending some money at the cash shop. Today, I have handpicked a few items from the Cash Shop that I think is worth a good look.

1. VIP Membership

Blade and Soul VIP Membership is a premium membership that has become a must have for most people. Primary reason? Shorter Queue time. In my opinion I think this is the core product that Tencent is milking the players from. There are various benefits you can see (as per the above image

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Blade and Soul OBT : Feeding low level Rings cost effectively

Phew~ Well finally the OBT weekend is over. It sure has been a tiring and busy weekend for me. =) Firstly, let me apologise to players that I didn't manage to reply your PMs, be it on mmosite, facebook, QQ chat group or in-game. I am really excited to meet all of you but as I am just an individual so I was limited by what I could do or help you in your problems. Nonetheless I would like to thank all the helpful players around that have been replying to all the PMs on my blogs ,facebooks and QQ Chat group. Really appreciate that. =D

Another important news is that, new players will no longer be able to join the 3 CBT servers with effect from 1st Dec 1700 onwards until further notice (电信一区, 电信二区 and 网通一区)

Alright once that is out of the way, let me share with you an introductory guide t

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Blade and Soul China OBT Event: Newbie Packs up for Grabs!

Blade and Soul OBT Gift Package Giveaway

Today we have another event from Sgamer BNS Vault, they were the same guys who proudly sponsored the CBT codes event just 1 month before. These newbie packs are a very good addition to players who have just started out playing Blade and Soul.

Here is the event link.

Newbie Gift Package details:

Free costume only for 3 days (Wearable for any faction)

Exp Booster X2. Increase 20% Combat experience for 30 minutes.

Emergency Repair tool X3. Able to repair your level 3-20 weapons without the need for a fire pit

Health Potions X2. Recovers 800 health, able to use in both pvp and pve; Level 10 required.

Purple Weapon X1

Return to Town Talisman X3. Return to 绿明 village without the need to pay traveling costs.

Event Duration:

Nov. 30 to all the co...
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Blade and Soul China OBT : Launch issues and NEW QQ Group

**Firstly so sorry for my winners I haven't got chance to transfer the 10Q Points to you. I will add you as friends by tonight, so please accept my friend request and I will top it up over the weekend. Images will be provided as proof"

Guys, for those who were in the game you would have realise something happened yesterday night. There was a big quarrel between Foreign players and native Chinese players. People were hurling racist insults at each other spamming the world chat. Some people actually took time to use Google translate to scold people. I understand that everyone is agitated and overly excited but please refrain from posting abusive and racist remarks on world chat. Anyway we are all in this game for the fun of it and if you have any queries, please join our 24/7 Q

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Blade and Soul China : Preparations for OBT + Some updates + Aspenach Mini Event

**For anyone that wants to invite me to your QQ Group, just send me an invite at AspenachGaming@gmail.com** 

1. Pre OBT Preparation:

*For Anyone that hasn't got a Launcher, grab yours here.*

Alright guys, I require everyone's help on this. Tomorrow is going to be rather chaotic moment for everyone as we logged in at different time zones. Please let me know which guilds are at which servers so I can put it up on my website and here. I am still consolidating the guilds on the respective servers and currently I only have this:

2. Summoner's Skill Translations

Next I have done up a detail Summoner's Skills Translation on my website. I will be working on the other classes soon!

Please follow the link here

3. Weapon Feeding Map

A crucial part of Blade and Soul, I have

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