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Blade and Soul China : 7 Great Chinese New Year Events are here!

7 Great Chinese New Year Events!

Today I will be covering the news for the upcoming 7 events for the Chinese Lunar New Year! How have you guys been lately? Is Pohwan kicking your ass real hard? Are you having trouble finding or feeding equipment? Let's see what Tencent has in store for us this Festive Season.

Event 1 - Chase the Nian and this year will be a Fiery Year! (link)

Step 1 : Chase Nian

Nian is a mythical creature dated back into the ancient chinese times. Chasing the monster Nian away is believe by the Chinese to drive bad luck away for the year so since the olden days this has become a tradition we still celebrate till today in the form of a modern lion dance.

i) A New Environment

You will receive this in the form of a quest by a white hair old man who goes by the na

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Blade and Soul China : Struggling with the Bosses of Pohwan? Check out the Boss Guides here!

Today I have painstakingly salvage information through the net and Chinese forums to put together some guides on how to tackle the various bosses in the Pohwan instance. The amount of information is too much for the blog so I have put up the guides on my webby. This might not be the best guide out there but this was something I could put together. I will most likely take some time to concentrate on clearing this instance so might be inactive in blogging for the next few days.

Website layout example:

For more details on the Pohwan Instance Guide, please click on the link here.

Please feel free to drop me some of your own tips for any of the bosses should you have. =)

As always, follow me on Facebook to get the most up to date news on Blade and Soul China! =)

Guild :&nb

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Blade and Soul China : Pohwan Instance Patch today, with patch notes and events

Pohwan Instance is finally here! **EDITED, scroll down to see the added FAQ**

Patch Date and Time : 15/1/2014  0700 hrs to 1400hrs

Patch Notes : (I will only translate details relevant to foreigners)

1) Addition of 4/6 men Sea Snake Base (Pohwan Instance) to Su Wul Plains

2) Addition of 24 men Sea Snake Base (Pohwan Instance) to Su Wul Plains

3) Su Wul Sash will now be available for exchange by the Su Wul Exchange NPC located in Autumn Village (To be confirmed)

4) There is a chance that you will receive a special Blacksmith/WanJin receipe after killing 铁石 in the Wolf's Village

5) The Warehouse NPC will have a new Coins option in their menu

6) 飞龙工商 (accessed through inventory),神龙工商(accessed through warehouse npc),南天国铸币兑换商店 (a new npc) will allow pla

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Blade and Soul China : Intro to Pohwan + Suggested paths for completing Daily Quests

Few more days before Pohwan is released! How are you guys today? I was busy over the weekend getting myself into Test Server and recording some videos of my Pohwan 24 men experience. Now, let me share with you what I find over there.

How to receive the Pohwan Quests?

Once you enter the Su Wul Plains after patch, you should receive an invitation quest for the Pohwan Instance. The Quest will prompt you to complete your 4 Big Instance, namely the Pig, Spider, YongLing and Monkey. Once you have completed the 4 instances, open up your map and head on over to hand in your quest. From here you will receive an invitation letter to enter Pohwan Instance and you are good to go! (Please refer to map below)

The amount of gold the quest gives

The quests at the 24 men Pohwan Instance is a go

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Blade and Soul China: Events + Details of Pohwan Instance! Just how big is this patch?

We have a lot to cover today, so lets get straight to the topic that everyone is discussing about, which is the Pohwan Instance.Today we got some juicy details about the instance and what to look forward to in the next 7-10 days to come. I have broken down my blog into 2 parts, Events leading up to Pohwan and the Pohwan instance. Hope you guys like it. =)

Events leading up to Pohwan Instance

1. Pohwan Instance Welcome Gift!

Duration : 6th Jan - 22nd Jan 2014

Conditions : You need to have at least a level 45 character to redeem these gifts. Each account entitled to one redemption. You will only receive 3 out of 4 items you see here.

2. Pohwan Daily Package

Duration : 15th Jan - 17th Jan 2014

Conditions : You need to have at least a level 45 character to redeem these gifts. Each ac

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Blade and Soul China : Preparing for Pohwan Instance, how should you gear up?

What an exciting start for 2014! Pohwan Instance will be hitting the shores this January (I believe just before the Chinese Lunar New Year) So how should you prepare yourself for the fight! Below are my recommended gears:

What To Wear?

Weapon : 极限万魂 Limit Souls Weapon

Attack Power : 265

Hit : 154

Block : 66

Pohwan Instance is an instance with a lot of mini bosses with very high HP. If you do not have this weapon yet, I highly recommend you to get it. The triggered effect allows you to increase your critical damage output for 12s which is sweet. As for the gems slots, I am using the 6 sided purple gem that draws HP from enemies and 5 sided gem for added attack. Depending on your budget, you can splurge more on the gems to get some higher tier ones. The 3rd slot I would recommend a

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Blade and Soul China : Upcoming Sub Profession Event for the New Year!

How have you guys been? I hope everyone enjoyed yourself last week. Well, in my country we don't get to see any snow so its just the good old monsoon rain. Anyway today I am here to share with you a new event in 2014!

Seeing that everyone is busy with Weapon and Accessories Enhancements, Tencent has decided to release an event to direct our attention to the game's Sub Profession. 风味门 aka Cooking Guild or whatever you called it will be the first feature Guild for this event. Starting from 1st of Jan to 21st of Jan 2014, players will be rewarded when you pick 风味门. The event is broken down into 3 simple steps.

Step 1 - Collect the Special Cooking Material and Guild's pendant

Collect special cooking materials and the Guild's Pendant

The special cooking material of what looks like a

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Blade and Soul China : What are Holy Ores and Soul Stones and how to get them?

So why are these two items in such high demand and high prices? Are you farming these items actively?

Holy Ore 圣物
What is a Holy Ore? I believe everyone is very familar with the image below. Now I want you to take a look at the stones icon on the map (as per the highlighted). These are exact locations of the Holy Ore nodes. Nodes are classified into two types, a big node and a small node. A small node generates between 1-3 Holy Ores and a large node generates between 5-9 Holy Ores. In order to harvest these ores, you need an Ore Pick.

There are 3 types of Holy Ores, namely Dragon Forest, Desert and Su Wul ones. Each is used to make different higher tier items belonging to the respective areas. These nodes are known to spawn between 3 to 5 hours everyday so do check out those nodes whenever

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Blade and Soul China : Check out the 6 Events for the New Servers + 6 Events for Christmas!

UPDATED with video for further explanation! =D

6 X Christmas Events!

Event Duration : 18th of Dec to 14th Jan 2014

Event 1 : A Golden New Year And A Romantic Christmas (link here)

Get enough "雪花朵朵" Blossomed Snow Flakes to exchange the following item. To get a Blossomed Snow Flake, you need to combine Snow Flakes you received from killing mobs using the "变换" option on your inventory tab. This is the same option where you use to combine cloths, jewels...etc to form a higher tier item. Once have the Blossomed Snow Flakes, click on the "飞龙工商" tab to redeem the respective items.

Event 2: Sign In Everyday and get 灵值 Soul Points (link here)

Everyday when you signed in at this page, you will receive 1 Soul Points. Sign-in by clicking on the specific dates. (Don't forget to do it daily

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Blade and Soul China : 8 Change/Bugs Resolved before Christmas! Estimated Patch Date 18th December 2013

With my afternoon coffee in my hand I read through the list of changes listed on the official website. I have heard about these changes on the official website a while ago and well its finally here!

1. Improvement of Trading House

Are you like me spamming left clicks whenever you try to buy an item from the trading house just to have someone beat you to it? Anyone changing mouse because of this reason?

I always thought it was needless to scroll through tons of bid pages just to find an item which i wanna buy instantly. My personal best is 80 pages for Horns, what about you? LOL! Anyway jokes aside, now we can categories how we want to see the items listed in the Trading House. Soon, you will be able to view them by either bid or buy now.

2. Enhanced Auto Party

Enhanced auto party sy

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