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Thou Shalt Pwn By These Laws


Who says developers aren't allowed to have a bit of fun with their games?

The team behind Faxion Online recently unveiled their discorvery of a set of "ancient tablets" that outline the various laws surrounding PvP. The commandments follow the same tongue-in-cheek humor that UTV True Games has been making themselves known for in the past couple of weeks, including the Shark vs. Diver video that Mandifesto posted not too long ago (warning, may not be suitable for children and those without a sense of humor).

Fortunately, I always make sure to target those pesky healers. Unless it's WoW's Paladins. Damn bubbles ruin everything....

Faxion Online is currently in its open beta period, so sign up at the official website if you want to check the game out.

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Pirates Learn to Fish


A upcoming patch for Pirates of the Burning Sea is set to introduce a new profession to the game. For those who have been stuck finding themselves with nothing to do, Angling will be a means of keeping you occupied until your next high seas adventure.

Coming in patch 2.6, every in game port will be accessible for players to fish at, and each region will have varying breeds of fish to catch, including some extremely rare, area-specific trophy catches that you can brag about to your friends. Numerous NPCs will also be added, who will be selling the gear you'll need to get you started, and will also exchange your catches for various goodies.

If you want to amplify your fishing experience, make sure you have a large mug of ale on hand. Wenches are optional, though the occasional singing o

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Anonymous Persists in Sony Attacks


Earlier this week, Sony and hacker George Hotz were able to reach a settlement, with the main stipulation being that Hotz is not to finagle with a Sony product ever again, or else face severe fines. As far as the court, Sony, and Hotz are concerned, the case is finished.

As far as internet vigilante group Anonymous is concerned, however, things are just getting started.

A couple weeks back, Anonymous started their assault on Sony for what they deem to be an invasion of privacy. This was regarding Sony demanding the IP addresses of those who viewed Hotz's video. After a couple days, Anonymous halted the attacks, stating that they did not intend to damage the PS3 playerbase in the process, and were looking for alternative means to pester the large corporation.

It seems that the group has

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Capcom Unveils Dragon's Dogma


The website with the mysterious countdown clock has finally revealed itself to be Capcom’s latest title in development, Dragon’s Dogma. The game was officially revealed at the Captivate event, held by Capcom themselves.

Dragon’s Dogma definitely calls to mind the likes of medieval fantasy titles such as Dragon Age. However, Capcom seems to be gearing towards a more action oriented approa

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Beefy Reviews: Divine Souls


As MMOs move toward a more action oriented setup, people are finding turn-based and cooldown oriented gameplay scenarios are a tired format. Some may say they make the game sluggish, inactive, that they make gamers bored and browse the Facebooks while their character auto attacks something to oblivion.

Recent games such as Dungeon Fighter Online and Vindictus have worked to ov

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Dofus Adds New Classes


It’s very rare to see a MMO title have more than a small handful of class options available, largely because it can be hard to find an appropriate niche for them all. There are exceptions to this, however, such as Final Fantasy XI, which has a total of 20 different class options for you to ponder over.

F2P title Dofus, however, seems keen to challenge that established rule as well. The six year old

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Virtual Goods May Help Poor Nations, But At What Price?


No matter what MMO you play, money is always a constant issue, primarily how to obtain it. There are several avenues to go through when doing this, including selling off unwanted items, finishing quests, or even just straight up farming for rare (and profitable) item drops.

One method that’s always seen the ire of gamers has been shops that sell in-game currency to players, a blatant breach of the Terms

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Ragnarok and Global Agenda Go F2P


The Free-To-Play business model has been picking up steam lately in the MMO world (and if you’re poor like me, free is always a good thing). Two popular titles have just recently changed their own payment plans to be free of charge, instead opting for a special one-time payment for special packages.

First up, Gravity Interactive announced yesterday that they have axed the subscription plan for Ragna

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Everquest Safe From Layoffs, Promises More Content


Ever since Sony confirmed the rumors of numerous layoffs in the past week, including the cancellation of The Agency, fans have been anxious to find out which of their favorite franchises have also been affected. Everquest fans can at least breathe easy, as the Sony Online Entertainment game is still fully intact. In fact, producer Thom Terrazas has even made a post on the official forums confirming so, and e

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Anonymous Attacks Sony *UPDATE*


Internet vigilante group, known collectively as Anonymous, has just recently (as in right as I was originally writing this up) attacked their newest target, that being Sony Entertainment.

In a press release posted on their website, the group deliberately threatens the large corporation for their recent legal actions targeting two hackers, George 'Geohot' Hotz and Alexander “Graf_Chokolo”  E

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