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GOG.com Gets Sneaky With The Witcher 2 Pre-orders


GOG.com, seller of classic PC games devoid of DRM shenanigans, has made some pretty interesting announcements regarding The Witcher games, both the original and the upcoming sequel.

They've started taking advanced orders for the upcoming The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Digital Premium Edition (everyone seems to be trying to do their best Capcom impression in regards to names these days). Those who pre-order the game on GOG.com can pre-download up to 95% of the game itself through their launcher. Once the game is released, those who pre-downloaded will be able to obtain the remaining 5% and can play the game almost immediately. Oh, and there's also no DRM funny stuff.

Now here's where things get interesting: GOG has also stated that they've made some changes to their privacy polic

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Diablo 3 "External" Beta is Coming


I'll give you a few moments to catch your breath after reading that title.

Yep, Mike Morhaime himself said that the highly anticipated Diablo III will be seeing an external beta coming around Q3 of this year, though an exact date hasn't been hammered out yet. This comes after they mentioned that they were "in the home stretch" just last week when they started internal beta testing.

The actual release date of Diablo III is still up in the air, though a holiday release isn't out of the realm of possibility. However, Blizzard has a strong reputation of holding off on announcing release dates for their products until they're sure they can get the product in the shape they want it to be by that time frame. Because of this trend, don't be surprised if we hear of the date getti

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UTV True Game Announces Faxion Release Date

Judgement Day is upon us! Earlier this morning, UTV True Games officially announced a release date for their upcoming F2P MMORPG title, Faxion Online. The combat-driven game will be available for mortals to play on May 26.

Faxion Online pits the forces of Heaven and Hell against each other, as they fight for control of the lands of Limbo. Each area in the game is based on the Seven Deadly Sins, evident in the environment details and enemies that inhabit these territories. The developers have lauded the game's PvP as its prime focal point, as well as the same tongue-in-cheek humor that has been seen in trailers released over the past several weeks. The game also sports a mutli-classing system, which allows players to learn skills from other classes in order to adhere to their own personal p

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City of Heroes Praetorian Surge Event Coming Soon

Invasion events seem to be the big thing nowadays in MMO games, and NCSoft isn't afraid of jumping on the bandwagon. City of Heroes will be hosting a month long event that will requires players, both heroes and villains, to take part in pushing back assaults by the invading Praetorian forces.

This invasion event will play out a bit differently than others of the same vein. Instead of the invasion taking part a

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DFO Act IX Preview: Across The Otherverse

Coming off of their latest chapter in Dungeon Fighter Online, Nexon is keeping the train going by jumping straight into the next installment, set to go live on May 11.

This patch will introduce a new area containing three dungeons designed specifically for level 60 players. There are some catches to this, however to provide an extra challenge. For example, players can only enter the area 3 times on a daily basis. This means that you can either go through one dungeon three times and not be allowed in the other, or take an attempt at each of the three individually. To add another layer of difficulty, players are only allowed a maximum of eight life token uses for the whole party.

The new dungeons are also being lauded as the game's first Raid Dungeons, requiring cooperation, coordination, an

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NCSoft Hypes Up Aion 2.5 Patch

Aion players will be glad to know that NCSoft is planning on making patch 2.5 one of the biggest patches yet, implementing a truckload of new and welcome features to improve the game experience.

Of particular mention is the graphics upgrade. NCSoft will be implmenting a "High Quality Graphics Option" which allows players to play the game the way it was meant to be played. This option makes a HUGE difference in the visuals department, as it makes colors more vibrant, textures smoother, and makes the environment in general more lively than before. The option gives the already graphics heavy game an even bigger appetite, so make sure you have a high-end graphics card installed if you don't want to suffocate your system. The difference is that significant.

Also worthy of mention is th

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DC Universe Players to get Free Mask For Downtime


Coming off of the recent announcements that over 20 million SOE accounts have been compromised, on top of the already 70 million plus accounts over PSN, Sony has been somewhat trying to patch things up with their playerbase. A recent post on their facebook page for DC Universe Online says that, as part of their Make Good plan, players will be recieving free gametime  for as long as the services are down, as well as an ingame mask based on Batman's iconic headgear.

Whether this small gesture makes up for a person's identity and possibly credit card information being stolen or not, that's an opinion that may differ from individual to individual.

In related news, Sony is saying that hacker group Anonymous may very well be responsible for the attack, despite the group previously sa

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Wakfu Trailer Showcases Environment System

While those in other regions of the world have already gotten into the open beta for highly anticipated MMO Wakfu, NA gamers are unfortunately out of the loop for the time being. You can still get a glimpse of the lauded envrionemt system that's being highlighted as one of the game's selling points in the newly released trailer.

As advertised in the video, the environment of Wakfu changes depending on the actions of the playerbase. Players can help an environment to prosper, or wipe out an entire ecosystem for personal gain. Your actions will have permanent effects on the different areas of the game, a unique take on visuals compared to the usual static environments that have become the norm not just in MMO's, but in video games in general. It's definitely got my interest in the game, t

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SOE Also Hacked


Sony just can't seem to catch a break these days. After all of the recent issues regarding the hacking of thePSN network and the leaking of more than 75 million accounts, of which 10 million credit cards may have been compromised, along with the coming legal ramifications as a result of their not bothering to tell anyone about the issue, Sony earlier this morning posted a message saying that they had to tak

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SE Announces (Another) FFXI Ultimate Collection


If there's one thing Square Enix can do right with their MMO products, it's providing some damn good deals. Today, to commemorate the game's nine year anniversary, they have announced a Final Fantasy XI bundle pack that includes all of the game's content, all for a paltry $19.99.

The special bundle, titled the Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition, not only makes SE a competitor with Capcom for repeatedly rereleasing their products and attaching ridiculously long and redundant names, but includes all of the major expansions, as well as all of the add-on scenarios. That's four whole expansions, covering Rise of the Zilart to Wings of the Goddess, plus all three of the side stories, and even the three Abyssea battle zones. That's nine years worth of content, all in

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