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Tera To Utilize Player-driven Politics


Mandifesto and myself were given a real treat when we stopped by En Masse's booth at E3 today: Being able to get a sneak peek at Tera, the new MMORPG that seeks to break the point-and-click mold that games in the same genre have fallen into, we were actually given some never-before-released info on one of the more intriguing player-driven systems set in place within the game: politics.

Yes, much like in the real world, players can actually run  to become the big cheese of their city. There are actually two ways of achieving this position. The first is a more traditional method: get yourself voted into office. This can be done through a majority of ways, but all of them involve promoting yourself as a public figure among the masses. Players are actually free to promote themselves

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E3 Photo Dumpage!


Holy cow, today's been a crazy one right from the get-go. E3 was the place to be for everyone that has a passion for video games, and with this being my first time coming to such a pretigious event, I knew I had to get some pictures in. And I'm sharing some of my haul with all of you fine people. The quality is a bit lacking for some of these (particularly the Nintendo conference photos, since flash photography wasn't allowed), but for those who weren't able to make the event in person, they should give you a good idea as to just how awesome it actually is to be there.

Check out all the shots after the break, and be sure to check back tomorrow, as I'm sure I'll have another batch ready to go. Those with slow connections, consider yourselves warned, as there's a lot of stuff her

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Atari Announces Witcher 2 For Xbox 360


When it was released in May, The Witcher 2 recieved tons of praise for its story and gameplay, as well as its share of criticisms for the challenging difficulty. Hell, the game even served as a special gift to President Obama during his trip to Poland. Now, Atari has announced today that the blockbuster title will be seeing a Xbox 360 port around Q4 of this year.

The 360 version will recieve numerous changes as it journeys from the PC realm to consoles. Details are said to trickle out in the coming months before release. John Mamais, Executive Producer for developer CDProjekt RED, assures gamers that the game will be "a full adaptation to the new platform, not just a straight port."

Check out the reveal trailer below, which was put together by Oscar nominee Tomasz Baginski (w

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EA Selling Ultima IV For Free


Remember all the way back in March when Electronic Arts decided to put a stop to numerous fan projects involving classic RPG title Ultima IV? Well, it seems that the company did in fact have plans for the game all along.

Coinciding with their launch of a new website heralding the legacy of the Ultima series (and additional Twitter account), EA has made the title a free download direct from the same website, and for the low, low price of free. The Ultima website itself will be growing in the future with more content pertaining to the history of the Ultima series. Along with this new development, GOG.com is celebrating having EA on as a new publisher by selling a bundle pack containing both Ultima Underworld 1 and 2

All this should give RPG fans something to do over the weekend while waiting for E3 next week.

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There's Way Too Much Stuff In The DFO Update To List Here


Nexon is making the upcoming update for Dungeon Fighter Online the biggest one yet, and they've already been off to a good start by announcing the Thief class and the removal of fatigue points. Now they're taking things further with today's announcement regarding Act X: Rebirth.

The main bombshell here is the raising of the level cap from 60 to 70, meaning more dungeon fighting to do. To coincide with this, the team is introducing a new town, called Bahn Hafen, as well as several new dungeons for players to hack their way through, all with unique bosses and new enemy types. These new dungeons will also be setting themselves apart from previous ones by having a new difficulty level, the Hero's Road. If you thought King's Road runs were getting to be child's play, then this new di

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Everquest II Children of War Update is Live

Everquest II saw a big update earlier today, as Update 60, known as The Children of War, is now available for players. This update delivers on all fronts to players hungry for new content.

Continuing the storyline from the Destiny of Velious expansion released earlier this year, the update brings with it a healthy amount of additions to both the PvE and PvP side of things. In the PvP corner, they've added a new lobby system where players can chill at in between matches and chat with other participants, or trash talk with possible opponents. There's also a new battleground map, as well as a new game type called "Vanquish!" There's also been changes to changes to the rules and the fame system, along with new PvP gear available.

For those with a preference for PvE, they get three n

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Create A Boss For Rift, Win Free Goodies



Ever had a great idea for an enemy concept for a video game, but didn't have the backing of an actual company to bring it to life? Then Trion's got a deal for you.

The good people behind Rift have put out a contest for aspiring artists in partnership with popular art website deviantArt, home of the largest collection of ludicrous and/or traumatizing Sonic the Hedgehog-related artworks. Trion is essentially asking you, the average Joe, to come up with their next boss idea for their successful MMO. The rules are fairly simple: the boss has to be of appropriate scale in relation to the game world (meaning really f-ing big), be aligned with one of the six planar themes (fire, water, earth, air, life, death), and, of course, be an original design (meaning not related to Sonic

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Square Enix To Announce (Another) New MMO Game


Despite all the troubles that Square Enix has been having with the MMO market, and especially with Final Fantasy XIV still on life support, one would think it ridiculous to have another MMO title in the works so soon. Well, SE apparently doesn't think in such a manner.

According to Andriasang, who translated the transcript from an earnings briefing held on May 13, CEO Yoichi Wada stated that they plan on revealing some information about a new MMO game that they've got in the works. Their long term plan is to apparently have multiple large-scale MMO titles running alongside each other at the same time, including FFXIV. The reasoning behind this tactic is to provide a reasonable income, most likely as a response to their current financial problems.

Wada didn't mention whether the titl

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Persona 2 To Finally See NA Release


Persona 2: Innocent Sin , part of Atlus' Megaten series of RPG games, has thus far been the only title of the Persona line to have not seen a release outside of Japan. That's all about to change.

Earlier today, Atlus announced that the game that established Persona as a successful series is finally traveling across international waters this fall for the PSP. This isn't going to be just a simple port of the original game, though. This version of Persona 2 will be a complete remastering. While the game will still contain it's core mechanics such as demon recruiting, the game will have improved visuals, an option to choose between the newly remixed soundtrack or stick with the classic, new quests to undertake, and an improved interface.

The story follows a group of high school student

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FFXIV Progress Report: Where's The Patch?!


Salutations citizens of Eorzea, or what’s left of you guys at least. Now, I know that FFXIV is technically not supposed to be getting the next patch until June, however, there are still some things worth discussing here, and I hope to get some more input from the readers in regards to what they hope to see.

For those that have been keeping track, the ever-so-talkative Naoki Yoshida posted another letter

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