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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Gets Chinese Release


Fellow gamers in China have something to be excited about, as they will finally be able to get caught up with everyone else in World of Warcraft with the Chinese release of Cataclysm. The release date is set at July 12.

This actually sets a new timeframe record for overseas releases with the franchise. The western version hit stores over seven months ago, edging out the eight month gap for Burning Crusade. Wrath of the Lich King was the toughest one to get through, as Blizzard has had to contend with a truckload of various procedures and issues to sort through. This includes archaic and bizarre practices from the Chinese government such as extreme censorship, and even their calling the collection of subscription fees "illegal behavior."

Cataclysm at least seems to be getting

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Square Enix To Merge PlayOnline Accounts With SE Accounts


Anyone who has played Final Fantasy XI knows how much of a pain in the ass it can be to use the PlayOnline service, essentially a glorified launcher for the game, for anything other than getting to the game itself. Messing with browser mail, figuring out how to manage your account settings, the constant loadtimes, etc etc. It's just a humongous hassle.

Thankfully, SE seems to have finally gotten the hint, and (in the midst of all the hacking kerfuffle) decided to do something about it. They've recently announced that they will be merging all PlayOnline accounts onto their Square Enix account account system, so that you can keep both your information for FFXI and FFXIV (if you're one of the few people that are still playing that mess at least) in one convenient spot. This service is

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Chapter IV of Runes of Magic Released Today


Citizens of Taborea, the gates have been opened, and your world requires your aid once more. Frogster, the people behind F2P MMO Runes of Magic, has unleashed Chapter IV onto the masses.

In Chapter IV, Lands of Despair, players will need to join forces with King Callaway in his quest to unite the old races to combat the sinister Sismond. The story is not the only thing that's available to players, however. Chapter IV also brings with it a boatload of new features. Chief among these is the introduction of four new zones, a raised level cap, and the ability to choose a third class for even more customization options.

Frogster has also released a trailer that sets the tone for the new patch, which you can check out below. You can also read up on all the new goodies being brought in on th

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E3 Hands-on: Faxion Online


If you’ve been following our posting activities, you probably know that some of us on the Quest! Team are pretty big fans of UTV Ignition’s sense of humor, and have shown a great interest in their rather humorous take on religious warfare in Faxion Online. I was able to get a good look at some of the core mechanics regarding the game, as well as what the studio has planned for the future now

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E3 Hands-on: World of Tanks

World of Tanks has been turning a lot of heads as of late for its unique premise, accessibility, and the fact that everyone likes tanks. I got a chance to sit down with the people at Russian-based wargaming.net and got a hands-on experience with the title that took GDC Russia, just to see what all the excitement is about.

The main thing I noticed is its pick-up-and-play aspect. With World of Tanks, you can easi

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LotRO Rise of Isengard E3 Preview


Turbine has had a fairly busy year regarding Lord of the Rings Online, including their change to a free-to-play model from a subscription based model, their acquisition by Warner Bros. Studios, and, most recently their merger of NA and European servers. The developers aren’t stopping for breaks yet though. They’re busy rolling out a brand new expansion to sweeten the experience in Middle Eart

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Steam Now Supporting F2P MMO Games


Valve always seems to be able to find a way to remind everyone that they do, in fact, love video games. This time they're doing so with an announcement that F2P MMO titles are now available for download on their Steam platform.

Currently, the offered titles that are downloadable are Champions Online, Forsaken World, Global Agenda, Spiral Knights, and Alliance of Valiant Arms. All of them are, of course, free to download and have no subscription fees. Cash shop functionality will be handled by the same Steam Wallet system that Valve currently implements with Team Fortress 2's optional shop items. Even better, Steam will be hosting a "F2P Game of the Day" event all week long. Each of the five new MMO titles will be getting special in-game content for their respective days to

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Dragon Nest: First Look

During E3, Nexon had two games up for display. Vindictus was getting promoted, focusing on the new class. They also were showing off one of their newer projects, Dragon Nest, which can be seen as more of a cutesy version of Vindictus. A lot of people may think differently about this kind of comparison, but that was really the best way I can think of to describe the game after messing around with it at their booth.

Dragon Nest provides the same dungeon crawling experience as Vindictus and Dungeon Fighter Online. The primary difference here is that the game world is presented in a psuedo chibi style. In contrast to the dark and realisitc nature of Vindictus' environments, Dragon Nest opts for a more colorful, light-hearted approach, using bright colors and characters of more cartoonish propo

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E3 Photo Dumpage: Part Three

And thus, another E3 draws to a close. Being my first, I can honestly say that it was worth being on my feet for 10 hours straight each day. The sightsm the sounds, the atmosphere, the games (and the swag). Everything about it exceeded all of my expectations.

With that said, I leave you with my last batch of pictures from the event. This time with slightly more booth babes.















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E3 Photo Dumpage: Part Two


Another day of E3, another batch of photos. this group isn't as big as the previous one, mostly because I was spending a lot of time maneuvering myself through humongous crowds from meeting to meeting. There should still be some worthwhile shots for you to peruse through. Enjoy, and check back once again tomorrow for the final batch! After which I will probably be spending the next few days sleeping.








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