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New members Added to Mount Family

In recent updating, the mount family in saga of hero has welcomed some new members. In Mall, a special section is also opened for mount. Now players can get some rare mounts directly from the Mall.

First, have a look of these new members.

1. Angel Wings and Demon Wings

Angel Wings: Mythical single battle mount with devil's power

Demon Wings:Mythical single battle mount,has the devil's power

2.  Lotus Throne

Lotus Throne is 5-rider mount which can carry a whole team to the destination.

3. Baby Dragon and Black Dragon, 

Baby Dragon (1-rider mount), mater will get the title "Dragon Rider". 

The appearance of this boss is rather familiar to saga of hero players. Yes, it is the world boss "Glen Dragon". It will be so cool to ride a world boss and travel around. XD

Black Dra

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Saga of Hero Event:Cheers

Cheers  in Saga of Hero

A Bar has opened its business in the Realm of Roch to welcome all realmers. There you can have a Cup of Martini, Bubble Tea, Cappuccino or Ice Cream. After a day's grinding, the bar is a great place to resume energy. 

The ticket is required to enter bar, which can be acquired from Golden Seed event or VIP log in gift.

       Bubble tea:   Attack+10% lasts 8 hours
Cappuccino:  Defence+10% lasts 8 hours
Martini:   Health+10% lasts 8 hours
Ice cream:  Character gain extra 10%EXP from killing mobs lasts 8 hours

This time, two new titles are added: Ice Cream the King and Ice Cream the Queen


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International Water Event

International Water Event

Statistics say that each of us drinks from 2 to 4 litres of water every day, however most of the water we ‘drink’ is embedded in the food we eat: 

Duration:  10:00 am  22th Mar after routine maintenance – 23:59 28th Mar 2012(Server time)

Range: All servers


During the event, any players lvl 40+ can obtain one Golden Seed from event maneger-Starpolis.Plant and havest it at Event Zone at Scarlet Haze Valle to receive Wheat,collect 100 wheat and double click to use to produce Toast*1 (need Natural water*10+5gold to produce,Nature Water drops from elite mobs lv 35+) 

Double click Toast to use to receive :
Red Dragon Coin*10
Character EXP 300000
Bar Ticket *1

Bar Ticket :Characters with it in backpack can participate the' Cheers' event at npc-Bar(beside the Event Manager-Starpolis)
VIP characters can collect Bar Ticket *1 per day at Event Manager-Starpolis during the event
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Saga of Hero: Biggest sale in 2012

Consumer Day in Saga of Hero

March 15th is the day for all consumers. To give players more benefit and ensure them better gaming experience, Yipee Game will hold its biggest sale in this coming event week:Two for One offer, buy one and get one free.  Now come and have a check of the details:

First Recharge Giftpack
Duration:  10:00 am  15th Mar after routine maintenance – 23:59 20th Mar 2012(Server time)
Range: All servers
Any character recharge first time any amount of crystal  during the event time will receive First Recharge Giftpack *1
open to obtain:
Lucky Crystal Card(open to receive 199 crystals)
2xDrop Rate Runes(bind)*3
Ponished Magic Crystal of Refinement*12
Red Dragon Coin*8
Energy Flask(full)(bind)*3

Daily Recharge Giftpack
Duration:  10:00 a

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Saga of Hero Event: Seven Sins

Saga of Hero Event: Seven Sins

Life in the Realm of Roch  used to be peaceful and calm : humans and other creatures lived in harmoniously. But the objectionable vices among humans had totally broken that life, which caused endless war and finally gave rise to the undead troop. To restore peace to the realm, our heroes must defeat the seven sins of fallen humanity : Wrath, Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust,Envy, and Gluttony.

Duration: 10:00 15th March (After Maintenance) to 20th March (Server Time)

Range: All Servers

Details: Every day, characters of level 30 or above have a chance to enter the event dungeon  from Arena Keeper in Starpolis, where they

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White Valentine Day for New Couples

Romantic White Day in Saga of Hero

White Day is a day that is marked in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China on March 14, one month after Valentine's day. On this day , lovers will pay back gifts received in valentines Day as an expression of love, courtesy or social obligation.

Since the release of its Marriage System in Saga of Hero, it has witnesses wedding of several lovers. To show best wishes to those new couples, on White Day, special gifts are prepared.

Duration: 14th March - 20th March
Range: All Servers
Details: During the event time, players who reply this event post with their marriage pictures will receive :
Valentine Giftbox*1
White Tiger (7-day)
Polished Magic Crystal of Refinement * 50
1. All uploaded pictures should be able to prove marriage relationship with the title ...
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China Arbor Day

China Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a holiday to encourage individuals or group to plant and care for trees. The word Arbor is from Latin which means tree.  Now many countries have set this similar holiday but the date differs due to climate, suitable planting season or memorial reasons. In China, Arbor Day is set on March 12 to commemorate the passing of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, China's democratic revolution forerunner, who died on March 12, 1925.

In Saga of Hero, to show respect to heroes that sacrifice to peace and freedom in the realm of roch, realmers will also take part in this Arbor Day event.

Duration: 00:00 am  10th Mar – 23:59 12th Mar 2012(Server time) 
Range: All servers
Details: During the event time,any characters equal or above lv 40 login can collect Sapling *1 at Event Ma

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Get Married to the Hero

Get married tot a hero is the dream of many girls. Now this dream can be realized in Saga of hero. 

On 9th March, Yipee Game will launch its new server for Saga of Hero at 11 o’clock GMT 0, which is named as Heroes Ambition. For this new server, the most important updating is the release of its Marriage System.

1. Engagement

1) If a male and a female character are level 30 or above and their closeness point is higher than 100, they can party to the NPC Wedding Planner in Starpolis to get engaged.

If Diamond Engagement Ring is used to propose, there will be no requirement of the closeness point, but the two engaged must be friends.
Closeness: it stands for the relationship between two friends and when its value reaches certain amount, the two can get married.
To increase closeness points, players can gift items via Friend Window such as letter, snack food, flower and chocolate, which can be obtained from dungeons.

2) Click Wedding Planner- Starpolis to accept P

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Enjoy a Happy Week in Saga of Hero

During this event-week in Saga of Hero, players will have the chance to celebrate both the international Women?s Day and China Arbor Day in game. Apart from these two festivals, featured activities are opened to give players more fun.

1.Login Surprise for the Women's Day

On the women's day, all female characters of level 30 or above will receive a Goddess Bless Gift box from the event manager after the maintenance, which contains super megaphones, return runes, auto cards, 2X Character Exp Runes, 2X Pet Exp runes and Suit Pack (7 days).

2.China Arbor Day

China celebrates Arbor Day on March 12 to commemorate the passing of the hero Dr. Sun Yat-sen, China's democratic revolution forerunner, who died on March 12, 1925. In order to show respect to Heroes who have sacrificed to peace and freedom of this land, people in the Realm are welcomed to attend this tree planting activity. During 00:00 March 8th to 23:59:00 March 12th, all characters of level 40 or above will receive a s

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Saga of Hero: Apparition of Floating City

The beautiful Sky Garden is the habitat of Daemons where they used to live happily and leisurely. To protect their peaceful and calm life, they have set incantation to make their city inaccessible so as to prevent any coming visitors. One day, a group of valiant heroes conquered level 30 of the sky ladder with their strategy and team work. There they successfully removed the incantation and opened up the path to this mysterious land. But they find everything has changed now: the whole city is controlled by monsters and those virtuous daemons have turned against humans. What has happened to them? Where is Lacus? Many secrets are buried in this mysterious land.

After maintenance on 1st March, Saga of Hero will release more content to its players. The level limit will be raised from 80 to 100

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