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Wildstar F2P - What's new?

So I've been looking to really see what's new since I stopped playing after what I think was the 3 month mark, it's been a long time since then and I had only returned briefly during possibly the 5th month period where they released a new content drop with a big main story update, I didn't get through it my self as I personally wasn't all into it.

There seems to be plenty of things changed since then and for some reason the Wildstar team is failing to update their main website and really inform us what's new. They need be telling old players why they should come back while also telling any new players what they should expect when they come in and also what to look for when they hit end game.

I've been browsing the forum every now and then and came across a Topic that ha

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MMOs - Stale open worlds and carrot chasing.

It seems to be much more of a thing these days with MMOs in where developers seem to heavily neglect their game world and focus the majority of there content inside instances where only you and your party can get inside, it's became very standard for content/gear progression, normally I don't mind this providing there's still plenty of things to do in the open world to really feel like you're playing an MMO, and not an instance based game with a town that everyone stands in...but wait, they already exist, and they tend to have pretty solid combat and plenty of content on its own, if you haven't figured it out yet I'm talking about games such as Dragon Nest or Vindictus as 2 well known example games of an instanced based MMO.

So it just got me thinking, what's the real difference b

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Tera - Storm Season update!

Tera will be releasing their storm season update on the 20th that comes with 2 nice additions, both of which I'm quite looking forward to as one of those is a completely re-worked nexus that will actually reward the active players inside and it also gives objectives as opposed to just slaughtering fairly weak mobs that I don't think ever gained a proper buff as the gear item level increased, the other is an introduction of a "Mentor" like system that rewards both the mentor and mentee and encourages active play between the two.

The first will be the return of the nexus but it is now called the "Dreamstorm" and works quite differently to how the original nexus does, the main things are that it is no longer the first 100 players to accept the quest inside the nexus as it is now the f

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Tree of Saviour - The grind is real

So I decided to try something new for this one, one of the reasons being that I felt it would be easier to relay my thoughts about the game just because of how it is, it also gives me the opportunity to see if anyone likes this kind of thing along with a general write up of the game. Any feedback is welcome (please keep it constructive if you do) giving that this is my first of any video reviews/first looks that I've done.

So I tried to be as unbias as possible, the game really isn't for me though I can understand the potential it has and how many people can enjoy this title, though I can see how many people like my self also won't enjoy this at the same time.


- Combat is interesting, I can see how it would become more fun to grind as you unlock more classes giving you ac...
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Echo of Soul - Summer event is here!

I was wondering when or if Aeria was going to do the summer event this year due to how early the game still is, but they put it up and it's actually amazing for the items you can get from the event, the daily and repeatables there are a nice little bit of fun and the island it self is very nice on the eyes.

How to get inside

So there is 4 quests that you will pick up from any of the event NPCs that are located near any of the city/town teleportal NPCs, 2 of the quests are to kill 3 of the "World bosses" which will be shown on the world map for you, and the other is to kill 300 mobs at any location in the game, either in the open world or whilst just doing dungeons will count towards the quest, once you've done both of these then you will receive your quest reward which is a swims

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Tera - The endless progression reset

So this is kind of something that's been on my mind for a while, though with Teras most recent patch it has just got to me to a point where I just said to my self "Why bother?".

With every patch that Tera has had for end game it has pretty much reset your progression back to square one. I played Tera originally for the first 2 months on release or so until I basically stopped playing due to the lack of content and any kind of proper PvP activities outside of the pointless GvGs. I came back to Tera as soon as it went Free2Play and have been casually playing it and gearing up with every patch that came into the game, I was enjoying more than now I think mainly for the reason that it felt fresh and new to some degree, obviously because I hadn't played it since its early P2P stage

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Echo of soul - So you're now level 60, what next?

So you've hit level 60 and now you may be wondering the most efficient way to get started, hopefully for those playing the game that this may aid in some way. You will see that 4 new party dungeons with a item-level requirement of 590 will be opened up to you, 2 of these are the dungeons you may have done on your way to 60 (Hero mode versions) and the other 2 will be new. You will want to make sure you've farmed your last solo instance (level 57 hero mode) to get fully geared out in blue equipment to be most effective at starting out in party dungeons so you won't lack damage and take more damage than you would want.

You will also want to do the infinite Dungeons on the side with a group as there is a repeatable at the entrance that gives you 2 tokens for complet

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Echo of soul - The journey to 60

My level 1-60 experience to say the least has been pretty straight forward and very easy to get into, this game has a very minimal amount of time wasting in terms of no running back and forth between quest hubs, very minimal time wasting quests (depending if there's a ton of people around for something like a dig quest, which is rare anyway) that has you do something that is taking far too long for the time spent vs exp gained, no times where you're being required to go back to huge main cities to hand a quest in that you completed in a different zone and then run around re-collecting more only to go back to a previous zone, etc.

What I still enjoy about this game is its simplistic and yet enjoyable combat system, creating a proper rotation of skills on this game really is key to

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Experiencing Echo of Soul

Echo of soul is a pretty damn fun game to say the least, for a game that's stationary tab targeting I personally thought I wouldn't enjoy it as much as I currently have been, it's simply the way that your skills work and how you can create your own rotation of skills due to the class specific resource management, the skill interruptions, knockdowns/backs and the actual ability to dodge out of an attack with proper timing, all of it just creates for a fun combat system that isn't just limited to some generic MMO with a bunch of random un-inspired skills that simply just "do damage" with a cooldown. So with that said I want to jump into what I've basically found out about the game up towards level 17 which is my highest character so far, obviously not that high but I didn't wan

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Tera NA: Fate of Arun Expansion

The expansion for Tera has finally been announced today for a 12/16/14 released with a trailer and website update to show us what we can expect to see in the new update, I'm quite looking forward to it for both PvE and PvP gameplay as a lot of the changes/updates seem really nice, here's the trailer they released today:

With this update it looks like they will be making a lot of things more user/player friendly such as the quest log UI getting another change to make things much easier to figure out what you're doing, where to go and where to hand in what along with bonus rewards for logging in.

Enchanting to get to +12 (and the news of +15) may be a smoother experience in comparison to the current way of getting to +12 and obtaining masterwork alkahest; as from

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