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ELOA - Bringing back the nuke grind

Try not take the title too seriously as there isn't actually any "grind" in terms of questless and endless mob slaughter for exp, not that it's a bad thing if the grinding is done right in which funny enough this game makes just pounding on mobs for no reason an enjoyable experience.

I've not played many top down view games like Devilian or ELOA at all, so experiencing games like this for me is still something of a fresh feeling to go through as I never really know what kind of content (specifically end game) these games are capable of pulling off, but using something like Devilian as an example for my self I can really see how these 2 games, though obviously very similar in contrast, manage to split them selves apart.

Gameplay and Combat:

I was expecting a bit more from ELOA e

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ASTA - Faction based PvP MMO

I wasn't expecting all too much upon coming into ASTA simply due to having never really heard of the game before, the game has only just finished its Initial beta test and it showed that it had plenty needing to be fixed up, the game gave me the "classic" mmo feeling which I think is something that is slowly becoming drowned out and I don't know whether that's a good or a bad thing.

The setting of ASTA has the plot of 2 factions currently at war, something happened during the war (either against each other, against the eight trigrams, or both) in which one side ended up on the dark and sunless part of what ever planet they're on (known as Ora) and the other is on the more sunny side (being the Asu), at this point you could end up thinking "Aion?", the game inste

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Devilian - Not so much Devilian

Devilian is a game I've enjoyed fairly casually so far, its simplicity in getting started and progressing is definitely a strong point for any game and fortunately this game pulls it off. You start the game in a little instanced area to get you started with the story and get straight into the games combat. As you would expect with any game like this you have full control over aiming your skills, you can move by either holding down left click which will have your character move in the direction of your arrow, or you can use the conventional "wasd" keys to move about.


The questing in the game is very conventional with how and what you generally do, so you pick up a quest either from an NPC or a quest notification will pop up above your quest log, the same goes for handing them

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Blade and Soul - Premium membership details

Blade and Soul have finally shown what their premium service will offer and it looks pretty good from what I'm seeing, it is filled with a ton of "quality of life" features in which things improve based on your premium rank.

For those that are unaware, the premium rank goes up based on how much NCoin and Hongmoon coin that you spend in the hongmoon shop (their cash shop basically), over time you will rank up and get the slightly improved benefits with each rank.

From what I've experienced in my small playtime in blade and soul, is that your inventory and bank space is very much in high usage, you get plenty of costumes in game from just completing quests and even odd drops from specific mobs (such as for PvP costumes), so this isn't even accounting for costumes that you may just buy fro

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Smite - Another look, no regrets

Smite is a very interesting game to say the least what with being a Moba and all that, I say this as I've never been interested in the whole moba genre, I managed to get to around level 30 or so when I played LoL though I never really felt connected to the game to make me really want to learn and play it more, the difference in my LoL and Smite experience was that I was also playing quite lot of AI Co-op games on LoL along side PvP because I felt that I had a lot to learn and there wasn't really any good way to casually practice and learn the game going from what and where items are in the shop, creating builds and situational item purchasing, and actually learning many of the heroes easier.

I decided to give smite a second proper try once the game hit Steam and I'm

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Wildstar - Your "Moment of Opportunity" (MoO)

Wildstar has a very important mechanic that for some reason or another, many people seem to not understand or even see just how important a "MoO" is. It was quite understandable to some degree that people woulden't of caught on straight away back before F2P came due to there being no tutorial into any potential "hidden" mechanics that might of existed, in this case the "MoO", though now we have a new small dungeon called the "Protostar Academy" that you can enter into at level 10 and it tutorials you fully into the basics of wildstars combat and what you can expect to deal with in dungeons.

Even though I didn't need to experience this my self due to having already played much of the game, I decided to take a look into this tutorial dungeon just to see what it offered and I was

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Wildstar F2P - Get protected, get a free mount to start!

So I actually made the very same thing back during its early days when this game up, but now with F2P here I feel as if a reminder is due what with many new players coming in and having took no notice before.

Wildstar made their 2-Step verification service give out free rewards last years july, the main thing being the mount you see in the screenshot above, you get a few other small bonus's such as:

- 2% XP, Renown, and Prestige bonus
- Cybernetic Eyepatch
- In-game title of Certifiably Certified

I personally highly recommend anyone that's planning to play the game to get this done asap as there is plenty of huge open areas with lots of running around to do, having the mount at the start will save large amounts of time for your game-play in wildstar as quest hubs as mo

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Wildstar - A visual upgrade is coming

The developers decided to go for some visual upgrade with the lighting, skyboxes and viewing distance, I'd say it's quite surprising that they decided to put some of their resources into such a thing that wasn't even really required all too much and doesn't really benefit them profit wise, but sometimes that's what can make for good game development when they decide to listen to players and improve the eye candy of the games visuals to make the game much enjoyable to explore and view any vistas.

There was one complaint that I made during the early days of the game which I'm hoping will be fixed with the updates to the visuals, this was that the shadow and lighting of the game itself would just die out with the further you scrolled your camera back, so if you was zoomed in then

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Echo of Soul - Oktoberfest comes early!

The next event not too long after the Summer event finished is already here. This caters much more to the below level 60 population due to the gear boxs that you can obtain every 5 levels starting from 10 for only 1 Oktoberfest coin, so far I've only opened up one level 25 box which gave all green rarity equipment and accessories which is easily good enough to get you through the levelling stages of the game and avoids having to really wait for quests to give you gear or keep repeating solo instances to get blue rarity since you get a fresh set of green every 5 levels anyway.

The main thing for the below level 60s in this event is an exp scroll that gives a huge 450k exp that you can start using when ever you get in, you can start the event even from level 10 so it would be a good

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Rodinia War - Mixing Strategy & MMO?

Rodinia War is an interesting game to say the least, it's attempted to mix the 2 ideas of a strategy type game and an MMO into one.  You can switch onto your castle, resource area, or the world map where you can see rebel bases and resource deposits owned by the AI or eventually go to attack player castles for resources and attempt to take over them if you will.

Then there's the MMO side of it where  you will see players as per usual and do the usual questing, levelling up, getting gear and generally improving your Knight, the major difference to other MMOs is that your initial Knight I think is chosen at random, then once every 24 hours (unless you decide to spend some money to reset the knight refresh timer instantly) you can get another knight to use if you have a spot for

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