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Blade&Souls cash shop going down a slippery path?

Blade and soul is a game with a very obvious catering to the male audience, especially when it comes to the costumes that get released within the games hongmoon store, but why is it that companys feel the need to over-charge players for cosmetics that are especially character bound in their current state? NCsoft have said that they are planning to make the costumes tradable across account characters, but to what end? will this be a free thing? or are they going to charge us for the ability to use an item on the costume in order to trade it to an account character?

The latest costumes to come in is for the valentines day event in which for the females, the costume simply involves a half unbuttoned shirt and a possible "accessory" to the costume to differentiate each "race", but since

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Tera's current state and development blundering

Tera is one of those games that has so much potential to be something truly great, its combat system still offers a fun and engaging experience with boss fights and especially PvP, yet over time it has been squandered and left in the dust due to some fairly poor decisions in its development process.

The thing I loved about Tera starting off with was its boss fights, though more importantly it was the hard modes that actually had a real meaning to what "hard" was in a game, as opposed to now where there isn't anything really difficult to do at all for any experienced player. A more recent example is the games "Sky Cruiser" dungeon in where there's a massive difference in the difficulty of normal and hard mode, as even now with its hard mode having some nerfs to it, pe

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K-Teras Ninja release, flying mount gameplay and "Transform" skill

I decided to take a look about for some of the recent update gameplay of the ninja and the flying mount along side it, so far I'm impressed and surprised with what I'm seeing in regards to the new class not looking incredibly broken with its dps when comparing the ninja with both the gunner and the brawler at their initial release, With some of the dungeon gameplay I've seen so far with the ninja, it looks fairly balanced with its damage output for a new dps class which is something that bluehole has kind of failed with 3 times in a row.

So to start with, here's an idea of how the ninja plays in dungeons from m0pyTV which shows off its solo potential (or in this case duo, though I've seen some solo dungeon play), just take into account that he is over-leveled from the dungeon w

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EnMasse producer letter causing major upset for Tera players

Anyone that has been keeping up to date with Tera (atleast on the NA version) and checks their forums at all would of seen their "What's new in 2016!" producer letter, while it has some things that may be nice to see in there, such as some updates and fixes to some on-going issues within the game, some events to keep players busy in the mean time such as kyras pop-up potion shack and what ever else they have in store, there's one major issue that has a lot of the community in an uproar in that only after 4-5 hours of the post going live, it's already gained 700 down-votes and threads popping up all over general discussion.

We've had the brawler introduced and the new content to come along side of it, but it's easily clear that the brawler in PvP is currently the most bro

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Tera: Healers to get a massive PvE DPS boost

Anyone that has followed the ktera patch notes over on espeitr.wordpress.com should be aware of generally all of the upcoming patches, I only have quick looks here and there to get an idea of what's coming and if it's worth preparing for what ever the next gear patch would be, but what really caught my eye a bit back was the multitude of QoL improvements for the mystic, some for the priest, and some general improvements such as an "Improved Lock-on detection system", my only thoughts on that is hopefully it will involve client side lock-on instead of server side, so for those of us playing overseas or just experiencing any general lag at all won't have as much trouble anymore.

So here's some of the notes I want to point out:



- Greatly increased skill damage agains

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Tera KR Unveils Trailer for New Class Elin "Ninja"

The 4th new class to be arriving in Tera is being briefly shown off in a trailer showcasing some skills, it looks like it will be another leather wearing melee class which makes it the 5th class using leather armours in the game. Comparing to the older classes again though, much like the newer classes that have been released, the way that these classes play make the older classes feel less relevant and potentially not as fun, then there's the inevitable over-powered dps as with the 3 classes prior, hopefully this won't be the case for the 4th time running until a future balance patch comes to change that problem.

Here's the trailer from Blueholes official youtube channel:

If there's one thing that Tera gets right, it's making classes (at least with the new ones so far) fun

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K-Tera Flying mount trailer and speculation

It's nice to see some sort of free flying finally being implemented into this game, Tera is one of those games that has beautiful scenery in many varied locations and I've even had to stop around in some areas my self just to try and catch a nice screenshot, now with the ability to fly around on a pegasus without it being an on-rails system, we will be able to really take in the scenery that Tera has to offer all while actually having fun flying around locations.

Here we have the trailer showcasing the new pegasus flight that leaves it all in the hands of the players them selves:

From watching that I was thinking that the flying could of been free mounting like you can do with any regular ground mount, but in the trailer they show nothing of how you actually mount it. Now there can be

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Black Desert - Can too much of a good thing be a bad thing?

I gave Black Desert a play through on the KR servers a while back, albeit with a different goal entirely in mind, but for what ever reason now that I'm playing it in English something kind of caught me off-guard, something that I personally never thought I would ever have an issue with as usually this kind of thing is a "more is good" and/or a "you can never have enough" kind of thing.

When I played Perfect World years ago, that was the first game that introduced me to such an in-depth character creator that took me a darn good while to get used to and was consistently editing my character(s) and making new ones, what made it so fun to customize was the fact that it had "2 layers" of customization so to speak, the first being it had the "basic" sliders to edit things l

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Tera: Smashing your way through never felt so good

The brawler finally arrived last week on Tera NA and I was so incredibly eager to get my hands on this character, even more so than when I was waiting for the gunners release to come up. The attraction in this character to me was the fact that it could tank, something that Tera has been so desperately needing a new wave of to come up even after the zerk tank patch came about, then of course there was its incredibly flashy skills and combat system that sets it so heavily apart from the other classes that you almost feel like you're playing another game.

For those not entirely clued in on how the brawler works for if they have yet to play it yet (if you haven't played it yet, why not? are you mad?), the Brawler plays off of a juggling system that works from combos to keep them

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Tera - Buddy-up system disabled for Brawlers

Many Tera players like my self decided to take a break in anticipation for the Brawler update. Ideally, a lot of us wanted to take our break and stay offline for a month in order to be able to log back in and use the Buddy-Up system to take advantage of the double exp boost that you get from it, this is also while being able to use the elite status double exp which in total gives us a x3 exp boost, not only that but we also get the +12 enchantment scroll upon reaching max level which would make those of us that have been offline for the entire month a bit silly to waste.

EnMasse hasn't made any official thread or general announcement from what I've seen and many people don't even do so much as visit the forum like with any game, fortunately for my self I stumbled a

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