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Dead by Daylight - 4v1 Survival horror

Dead by Daylight, this is a 4v1 multiplayer game where you play as either 1 of the 4 survivors in a desperate attempt to escape, or as the killer where your goal is to hunt them down and hang your victims as they get brutally sacrificed.

This is a very unique game that's very deserving on taking a peak at, you can compare this very lightly to a game like Evolve based on it's premise, though the major differences is that the 4 survivors do not communicate with each other, can not kill the killer, and you can easily lose track of the other survivors unless they have been grabbed by the killer, fell into a downed state or have been put on the hook.

What I'm really enjoying about this game over something like Evolve is that the game is always intense, surviving o

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Savage Resurection - Large scale team pvp at its finest

I found this game almost by accident and I'm quite happy that I did, this game is pretty much a follow up from the classic Savage 1 and 2 games which I found to be incredibly fun with a very high replay value, though over the years like most games that come of old age, the player-base will always start to dwindle off of their once big player-base, one of them I think is being due to lack of advertising as I never saw much of the game back when I did play it anyway.

Since I played savage 2 and not the first game, I will base my general knowledge of that game and hopefully remember enough be able to project it onto this, even if it ends up having some potential differences in game play. Savage is a straight up PvP lobby based game, very similar to something like Natural Selection in r

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The "journey" to end game, do you care for it anymore?

In the last few games I've played, I've saw my self finding it hard to really care all too much about the general "experience" on leveling up through games, sometimes depending on the MMO I'm playing I may actually read all the quests that I come across, or at the very least I will read the main story just to see what's supposed to be going off, but depending on how the game as a whole is presented to me, such as having plenty of side attractions to do whilst leveling to reduce the overall monotony of it...I just think to my self, do I care enough to read through everything and do the random little things that don't matter? or do I just want to focus on leveling up to experience the meat of what the game is supposed to offer? aka "end game"?

Playing some recent games like ELOA a

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Tera - Secrets and Shadows update incoming

Tera is finally getting the much awaited updated titled "Secrets and Shadows" which brings us flying mounts, new dungeon content, balance patching, and the 4th newest new class being the Ninja which is exclusive to the Elin race.

Ninjasare approaching!

Still having one of the best action combat in MMOs today, the ninja will prove to be an enjoyable and fast paced class for those that enjoy being a hit and run character. Since they wear cloth armour, playing this class will require you to play much more careful than you would with any other melee based class unless you want to be tasting the floor more often than not, any good player that is aware of what's going on should have fun utilizing the Ninjas skills with their multitude of dodges, i-frames and gap closing skills and

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Got your Paladins beta keys yet?

Paladins have opened up some more opportunitys to get some beta keys for you and any friends that may want to play the game, anyone that enjoys class based shooters kind of like Team Fortress should generally like this game for what is offers. Each class plays very differently so much like with any moba game you will see how each character has their own play style that you would need to figure out for optimal play.

If you havn't followed paladins on twitter or anything else yet to generally see what's going off then now is basically a good time to do it as that's how you will get your key as shown here: http://www.paladins.com/community/

I have been on and off of the game my self for a long while, the game is constantly changing which you will want to be aware of, so there's bee

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Can you trust NCsoft?

I've played many MMOs in my time starting from the Legend of Mir, I've seen what companies are good/decent/not bad/terrible and it seems like NCsoft is entering the "terrible" stage for me personally. Pretty much every big game will have its general issues which can be for the most part just dealing with bots, yet why is it that the combination of blade and soul and NCsoft coming up to be a major disaster? is it just an unfortunate coincidence that it's NCsoft and that the issue is mostly on blade and souls side? or is NCsoft really the bigger problem?

The amount of cheaters, bots and hackings I'm seeing just on the forums alone is staggering, I've never actually visited a forum and seen nearly every day a new thread on someone that's been hacked, then following that I see that t

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Tera introduces "Tera rewards" and confirms layoffs

Tera doesn't seem to be in the best of positions judging the fair drop off in population after BDO and BnS came out, the game has been facing many issues for quite a long time and they seem to be catching up to itself in terms of the state of the game and now EnMasse as a company. Even though EnMasse is a direct subsidiary of Bluehole, It seems that they only have so much impact on the game since the Bluehole has the last say and the Korean version seems to be the version that they focus on the most, even though the western version brings in the most cash.

Tera NA released their "Tera Rewards" on the 5th after their maintenance and that immediately came with a host of criticism and problems that has effected the games Corsairs Stronghold PvP BG, quite simply players at a certain Tier

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Blade and Soul - How not to end game

Progressing towards the end game content in Blade and Soul had me really interested and originally looking forward to what it would be like, I was hoping that it would be something I would enjoy quite a lot due to how I enjoyed the pre 45 dungeons along with the combat system, you find your self basically doing PvE related things for your PvE gear while being allowed to dabble in Arena PvP at my own leisure, then you discover among hitting level cap that this is one of the 2 ways to actually get your PvE gear...just let that sink in, you need to do PvP, for your PvE gear.

While slowly going through the general motions of dungeon farming and 24man instance dailys, I found my self getting slowly annoyed at how I was being required to advance my gear during the level 45 content, the only th

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Blade and soul - Bots, leeching and trap bids

The more you play any game, the more things you will start catching onto, it could either be an "I wish this game has this thing" or a "why is this even in the game?", usually my thoughts when it relates to those 2 comments with any game stay fairly minor, but with BnS I've found my self consistently questioning the thoughts of the developers and why they decided to do the things they have with this game.

Bots, they're a massive issue in all versions of blade and soul, I've found my self thinking 2 main things so far, which is:

- Why have the developers been so adamant on not implementing a proper vote kick feature into the game? so far all players can do is kick an offline player, but the main problem is the online players that you want to kick, mostly it's kicking leechers whic

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Blade and soul - Was it everything you expected?

Blade and soul has been a game that many of us have been waiting for years to get our hands on, after seeing all the trailers and gameplay footage, having first-hand experience at the game gives a completely different feeling of its own, but the real question is, have you enjoyed it or did you come to dislike it much quicker than you thought?


First off I just want to say that the visuals for a game that's already "old" enough considering it's release date on other countries is quite fantastic, I've done the "rush" to cap thing in many different games though I decided to more or less just start off very casual in order to just take my time and enjoy something that we've been denied over the years.

The game has many vista points where you can have a quick admire at just h

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