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Paladins finally entered Open Beta! What's changed?

Paladins has finally entered its open beta stage, their last closed beta stages finished on CB33 with a list of changes and improvements, one of the characters named Ying has been temporarily removed while they fix some issues with her and will be added back into the game at hopefully some point soon.

The game has had a large amount of changes since I last played it, modes have been created and removed, skills and characters have been gone through complete changes to their design, even the time to kill has been changed and made into a more faster paced game and match what you would expect out of a shooter, as opposed to more longer and drawn out battles between even 2 players which it how it used to be at one point.

I think the game is in a much better place now after all the work

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Otherland - Death before birth?

Otherland, a game that has been in development for years, possibly longer than most MMOs you will find these days, it seems to have been released in a state they want to call commercial release which usually means it's virtually complete, but it couldn't be further from the truth.

I found out about this game years ago, perhaps 6+, I even remember participating in a beta for the game perhaps 5-6 years ago, I was actually quite surprised when I heard about the games existence again recently as it was that long with no information that I just naturally assumed development on the game had came to a halt and they scrapped the project, something in which I just found out as technically true anyway.

I usually avoid putting anything out on a game I've barely played, especially

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Asta - shutting down too soon?

Asta has always been in a very strange place, the game it self I thought was actually fairly decent, especially when you compare it to some of the shovelware games that are out there, games that are genuinely bad and/or are just incredibly old but yet they're still alive, even if it's with a small playerbase, but yet Asta is closing down after just 5-6 months of entering OB, is it too early?

I don't think Asta was ever a bad game, it had some decent features within the game such as a public questing experience and plenty of dungeons to do as you progressed with them getting somewhat harder as you leveled. The classes I thought were fairly decent to play as well, there was plenty of PvP modes at all levels which isn't something you get in every game, I was also qui

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Line of Sight - A New highly customizable FPS, with superpowers!

Line of sight, a new FPS game being released on steam, I'm normally quite skeptical when it comes to any new FPS game that isn't a full priced retail release game of some sort, as usually you see that it's some fairly low budget game and/or generally tries too hard at copying another game far too similarly (cs-go clones anyone?), but upon entering into the "LoS" menu screen, I immediately found my self wasting 2 hours just playing about with the games customization with really impressive quality.

As you first enter the game, you will find your self entering into a fairly short tutorial with some nice voice acting from the tutorial guide, it's nothing out of the ordinary but it's something you can appreciate having in, especially as the game gives you a taste of its "Sup

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Overwatch bans "ggez"

Have you ever wondered why people feel the need to say "gg ez" at the end of a match regardless of what game you're playing? the general reason is that people simply enjoy getting a rise out of others after said person won against your team, even if it was a fairly close game you will still have some people that type "gg ez", I'd like to say more often than not you don't even need to have someone reply to know that you have possibly annoyed someone by typing something as simple as those 4 letters.

So here is what Blizzard has currently put into the PTR servers and it's something I honestly hope stays in, not because people typing "gg ez" bugs me (granted it's annoying, but I won't throw a fit at someone for typing it), but simply because it's actually hilarious that they put

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Master X Master - Playing your favourite MMO characters and bosses!

This is a game I had been only keeping an eye out for on a smaller scale due to me thinking I wouldn't have much of a great interest due to how I thought it would play, I also thought it was just going to be "another" Moba game that I could end up turning my nose away eventually from in where the main attraction was the games characters, but fortunately I can say my expectations were quite wrong.

Starting the game up, you are immediately brought into some story/tutorial of the game with 2 characters that you play and tag in, due to the characters only having 2 skills and an ultimate to use, being able to "tag" in another character on the fly means you have another 2 skills and an ultimate to play with, which opens up a lot of possibility's to choose how you want to play when it com

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Riders of Icarus - Good ideas, but lacking the execution

Riders of Icarus seems to be a game attempting to be something of its own to separate it self from the mass of cookie cutter MMOs of today, it seems to do a good job as you first start playing, it immediately introduces you to flying mounts in the tutorial and then taming your very own mount very early into the game, it gives you a fairly simplistic and easy for every player enchanting system, but upon entering end game, I feel nothing more than bland annoyance after experiencing most of what the game currently offers in this "early" state of the game.

The level cap is 25 which I'm sure most people playing know, and the next cap incoming not too long from now I think will be 35, it didn't take too long to get to level 25 but yet I'm left here thinking to my self "do I really w

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Evolve "Stage 2" - Now F2P with Many New Features

Evolve was a game that had very mixed feelings along with some backlash with how the games model went forward, it ended up being a full priced game (unless you bought it from 3rd party retailers like G2A for example) that had perhaps a little too much purchasable DLC given the content (or perhaps lack of) that it offered us, originally the game started up with 3 different sets of characters for the 4 classes totaling in 12 characters with more being released as DLC, some people found that hard to swallow what with everything else like skins also only being available via real money purchase.

Over time the game has had plenty of updates and a fairly big graphical overhaul to make the planet shear really stand out and feel more immersive, most importantly though is everything that has

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Teras Future - New female class, Old-class revamps, New content and more

Thanks to a person named "idi0ticgenius" over on the forums, they put up all the important information from the ktera Conference meeting onto a googledoc that tells us a lot of what we can expect in the future on Tera. What I will be doing with that is posting up some of the things that interested/caught my attention to what I thought could be information that could take interest to others in general.

On both the EU and NA forums, we have had a preview page showing us some things already, so hopefully I can use the spreadsheet to extend on what's already been said.

Sorcerer skill effect changes

The sorcerer class changes will involve a lot of new skill animations which I'm sure will help in bringing this class back to life in the PvE department especially along with the ac

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LawBreakers - Alpha impressions and class breakdown

LawBreakers is a game I have been looking forward to ever since I saw some small details of it before overwatch even came out. I've been craving team based shooters for a while and it seems like 2016 is the year of them, it has the general similarities of what you would expect when comparing to games like Overwatch or Paladins, such as having 2 skills default bound to shift and E and then an Ultimate bound to Q, this is where the similarities stop though as it has its own playstyle that differs completely.

Before I start, I want to say that I turned my graphics down to low and then medium a bit later due to some odd fps issues I had from the alpha client, though it did clear up and I just forgot to turn them back up again, just to explain the textures in the screenshots.

The gameplay

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