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Orcs Must Die! Unchained - Game overhaul, massive update!

Orcs Must Die! Unchained is a game that's always been based on wave based survival gameplay, the fun in the game was the challenge of going through the levels with added difficulties by strategically placing down your traps and going rampant on the enemies that come with your own weapons and spells.

Unchained tried to do things differently by making both PvE and PvP elements, the game massively fell short with both new and old players like my self with the introduction of the PvP Siege mode as it just wasn't grabbing anyones attention, it ultimately just felt like the OMD name had been somewhat tarnished with this implementation of the game as old fans have been unhappy with the direction the developers tried to take the game, as opposed to sticking to the roots of what made OMD a

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Shadow Heroes: Vengeance in Flames - How not to RTS

Shadow Heroes: Vengeance in flames is a game that recently made its way out of early access, it originally opened up sometime around may but unfortunately never even hit over the 100 players mark by peaking at 86 players, now perhaps this is all due to lack of advertisement at the time, or people just didn't catch interest into what they saw from screenshots or gameplay, but if there's one thing I've generally learnt over time is that playing and watching a game will offer two very different experiences.

That mindset is what I usually like to employ as it opens me up to be more willing to check something out though, just unfortunately this wasn't one of those games...oh no, if anyone remembers a game like Battle Realms from well over 12 years ago, then this is when Shadow Heroes shou

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SMITE Tactics Announced from Hi-Rez!

Hi-Rez are on the ball once again with yet another new game called Smite Tactics, If you haven't guessed by the name yet, the game is based in the Smite universe and plays as a top-down, turn based strategy game.

There's not a great deal of information on the game as a whole yet, but I'm eager to give the game a play when it's finally available for testing, here's the announcement that Hi-Rez posted on Wednesday:

SMITE Tactics is a turn-based strategy game set in the same universe as the popular MOBA, so players can expect to see many familiar faces from the Battleground of the Gods.

“We’ve always wanted to expand the SMITE universe,” said Scott Lussier, Lead Designer on SMITE Tactics. “SMITE has millions of fans worldwide, and with SMITE Tactics, players will get to experience mytho

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Echo of Soul - Holy Paladin gameplay/UI update

Some gameplay of the Paladin has finally came out from rendermax over on youtube, it seems that info on on the patch contents for the KR re-release is fairly non-existant, not even Aeria games are giving any hints on the patch coming over.

I am liking what I'm seeing with some of the UI, such as the raid bars look like they're taking up less room along with a small appearance change, but most importantly is that they have put a scroll healing icon to the side of the bars as well to make it much easier and quicker to actually scroll heal an ally.

They also seem to have changed the soul buff box to now just display all 4 instead of having to choose which one is displayed, along with a small tidy on the UI at the bottom of the screen, and a new look to the HP and resource bars which is a fres

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Overwatch - Junkensteins Revenge!

Junkensteins Revenge is a fairly fun PvE mode that came out for the Halloween event, the goal is to survive the night and stop the Zomnics from breaking through the gate. There's 4 achievements all with their own sprays for you to use, they require you win on Medium, Hard, win with all 4 characters, and to win on medium with no damage done to the door.

This will be a guide on how to complete it on hard mode without much difficulty if everyone plays it right, the enemies all spawn at set intervals so it ends up mostly becoming a memory game and using your ultimates as Ana and McCree at the correct moments, whereas Hanzo and Soldier can use them to speed up clearing Zomnics, especially when the Heros spawn which requires McCree's attention and Ana to be on the ball with keeping allies ali

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Samutale: does it have a chance?

Samutale is a survival sandbox game that would ideally play as you would expect, it's been developed mostly by a single person which is very impressive, but considering it's 1 man team, the fact that it's a survival sandbox game, and that there's already some good ones out there, is there any reason to play this?

Generally, when you play these types of games, you would expect to see a good amount of what's possible within a few hours of play, but with much more to be extended upon when you start building up your house or base, and then start discovering more things that can be crafted through work benches, discovering blue prints, or learning things to craft as you level up.

What Samutale does is show you everything that can be crafted from the get go, by hitting the P key you will s

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Skyforge - Nows the time to play!

Skyforge has been out for a while now, it's had many updates with plenty of content for both the solo and party players, but personally for me? the current update is possibly the best thing to happen to the game, most especially for those that are new/early into the game, and I'll explain why.

This giant ascension atlas right here? gone. The ascension atlas was one of your primary ways of actually progressing in the game, as a new-comer to Skyforge it could feel quite overwhelming and very slow when actually trying to get anywhere, the problem I personally felt was that it made unlocking classes far too much of a chore and very time-consuming. The idea was alright on paper, it gave you a sense of accomplishment after grinding out enough of the "currencies" to actually progress a

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Echo of Soul - Paladin Character Creation

Not too long ago, we heard about Echo of Soul getting it's second new character finally after the warlock released first, I'm trying to keep an eye around for any information on the Paladin in respect to what its 2 classes are and how one of them will be a dps considering this potential tank character actually has a straight up shield for once.

Here's a character creation video from rendermax over on youtube, I wasn't expecting anything all too special given how fairly simplistic the character creation is as a whole for EoS, but you can see quite easily the audience that this class is being aimed at, especially with how they have actually included a breast slider with plenty of "animation" to boot!

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Breakaway - 4v4 Mythological Sport Brawler

Breakaway is a new 4v4 PvP game currently in its alpha stage that will be sending invites sometime soon for people to get into. It has quite an interesting take on the whole small scale moba gameplay with the fact that in order to actually win, you have to actually get a "ball" into the other teams goal. Outside of just having your character skills with who ever you pick, you also get "buildables", you currently have 2 per character to use that can be built once per round, but can also be destroyed by the enemy team.

From what I've seen, it looks like it will be a 3rd person view judging on the gameplay it self, I've not seen any footage showing gameplay directly from a character yet but I'd like to think it's a fairly safe assumption, check out the 10 minutes

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Paladins - Is it ripping off Overwatch?

There has been a ton of discussion (and I use the term lightly) about how Paladins is potentially ripping off Overwatch and how so many of the characters are too similar, but the question is: are people over-exaggerating or do some people have a strong point?

I'm just going to knock the ball right out of the water and start off with saying that Paladins has in no way ripped off Overwatch, both games were in development around the same time including their announcements being made, Fernando in paladins was one of the original characters in the game, he wields a flamethrower for close range encounters and has a shield that expands outwards to protect teammates, the way that his shield functions and Reinhardt from Overwatch work very differently.

The paladins steam section for the first 2

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