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Perfect World International's: "The Trials" update

So PWE finally managed to update their game with some "content", question is, can we really consider this to be worthy of the name "content"?, decide for your self.

-The Trials: For guilds that have the guild base can attempt the 9 trials, each with their own title, those being:


Trial of Balance


Trial of Defense


Trial of Towers


Trial of Duty


Trial of Elements


Trial of Eternity


Trial of Sacrifice


Trial of Exodus

Trial of Salvation

The rewards seem to be pretty basic and nothing you can generally use in some way, unless you have the Rank 8 gears, if the guild manages to complete all the trials, the reward is simply materials needed to upgrade into what they call "Awakened" gear.

-New Zone: Elysium Village: They created a

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Tera: "Evolution" sneak peek update

The Korean Tera's next big update info was released recently over on hangame, shamefully it's all in korean, but thanks to google translate, I've done my best to get the most out of the info that I can to make sence out of, so, lets get started!

They will be doing their update in 2 parts, the first part will start on the 27th of october, then the next will happen on the 24th of november, both of which are a thursday.

So here's what the update is expected to bring:

- A new Instance, which by the looks of it, it's called "Training Grounds", apparantly there seems to be different ways to finish the instance, in which doing so will give you different kinds of rewards, don't hold me for that info as the translations arn't to great, but that's what it looks like.

- They're finally

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Dragon Nest: The lag plague

I'm sure as a lot of DN player's have experienced when they're trying to PvP, there is a lot of crazy lag, sometimes it's actually so un-playable that it's not even funny, I do wish I figured out there was a in-game record function before writing this, but that's just life I'm afraid, I recently played against a Paladin, where all my skills/attacks were passing straight through him, thus he would appear infront of my face starting a combo on me, if I managed to actually land a hit, or pull him towards me, he would be attacking straight through it, even though he recieved the damage and got dragged, he would just start his combo on me again anyway instead of simply flintching, here's an example video of some mental lag.

 Excluding the lag, the PvP is actually fun if you learn ho
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Ferentus, that old game we all used to love

I'm sure that many others like my self remember ferentus, a game that we once loved to play years ago, until that one fateful day when the ferentus servers just randomly went down, never to return online, then slowly herrcot and xiones followed that path. I can't remember the exact reason to why they all went down, the bit I do remember reading was some sort of legal issues which never got resolved so all the servers just died off un-expectingly, there was no notice, no forum/website notification on what happened or anything, just totaly vanished.

Ferentus was one of those games that pretty much prove you don't need epic graphics for a game to be good and I'd possibly still be playing it now if it wasn't down, or at least, playing it on and off gathering the years that have pas

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Dragon Nest, could this be the best action mmo so far?

From what I've done so far on this game, it's very enjoyable, Now I usualy start MMO's on my own and usualy just go from there, hopefully meet people, guilds etc and hopefully get some squads for things, I may sometimes be able to get a friend or a cousin of mine to actually join in on some games, they're usually MMO's that I get them to play and they don't usually get that interested in them so they quit, Dragon nest though is completely different for them both.

When I say different, I mean a game that they have enjoyed to a totally different level and we even discussed on why we like it, when i tried it with my cousin and then we started playing it for several days straight, enjoying every bit of it, we started saying simply how the fast paced action style game, destroying huge b

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