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Unlocking the ability to fly is a little bit different this time

Unlocking the ability to fly is a little bit different this time. In previous expansions if you’ve reached a certain level you could just buy it from a certain vendor. In Warlords of Draenor you need to complete seven achievements which unlock a meta-achievement, flight ability included. They are pretty easy, and if you have a level 100 character you probably already have half of them unlocked. There’s one exception though: Tanaan Diplomat. For this one, you need to hit “revered” reputation with a bunch of newly introduced factions. That might take time if you haven’t played WoWin a while and only returned to have some fun with flying mounts. If you don’t want to grind, there’s an alternative, quicker way: Get Medallion of the Legion items from the Auction House. Each of these give 1000 reputation points to every Draenor faction, so eventually you’ll reach the needed number.

And with this update now live, it is time to say goodbye to one partifular life-saving item:

I’m totally inter

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I came back to world of warcraft after 3 years because of the ability to fly

After the initial plan of a WoW expansion without flying, the folks at Blizzard changed their minds—and now, the patch that adds the ability to fly is here and it completely changes our time on Draenor.

We’ve seen Draenor from above by using flight paths and certain items, but those only revealed parts of the world. There’s a lot more to explore:

Draenor not only looks beautiful from above, but flying also makes a bunch of things easier. Had trouble finding all those fishing pools for your level 3 Garrison Fishing Shack? Instead of getting lost with a ground mount now you can just fly around and check the minimap for pools. Same with archaeology (although no one cares about that). Collecting hidden treasures are now also super easy and since these spots contain a lot of gear, getting a fresh level 100 alt ready for endgame content is now only a matter of hours.

too funny... I came back to world of warcraft after 3 years because of the ability to fly. Now that I've bought the upgrade

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archeage cannons deal INSANE damage to any enemies that get close their base

archeage cannons deal INSANE damage to any enemies that get close their base

5 minutes into the War (As soon as the zone is on the 1:15m timer) a flag will spawn on the road just east of sun’s end. This flag acts a trade package.

The first faction to capture this flag and return it to their base will active their bases cannons. These cannons deal INSANE damage to any enemies that get close/into their base.

So basically the faction that captures this archeage flag pretty much ensures that the opposing faction will not be able to infiltrate their base and kill their crystal. This means the faction who can win Halcyona is essentially decided within the first 10 minutes.

So once a team has captured the flag they will then want to push onto the archeage gold enemies base. Before pushing onto the enemy base your faction will want to round up everyone they can. The enemies base has 4 guards and 1 guard captain that all hit insanely hard, even on tanks. The guards will come in two packs of two...
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8 different zones for archeage online open world PVP

8 different zones for archeage online open world PVP

You’ll want to keep your eye on 8 different zones for archeage online open world PVP

Rookborne Basin
Windscour Savannah
Perinoor Ruins
Karkasse Ridgelands

archeage online Each zone (With the exception of Halcyona) will cycle through a total of 7 different phases

1. Peace (2 hour duration) – During a peace period, players cannot attack each other
2. Tension – This phase lasts until 100 players have been killed
3. Danger – This phase lasts until 100 players have been killed
4. Dispute – This phase lasts until 100 players have been killed
5. Unrest – This phase lasts until 100 players have been killed
6. Crisis – This phase lasts until 100 players have been killed

So to put it simply from the end of the peace period it takes 500 player kills to push the zone into War

7. War (1 hour 20 minute duration) – During a war players can attack each other and earn additional honor. Players can also steal Honor thr...
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what is the best archeage online Starter Gear?

what is the best archeage online Starter Gear?

For your endgame adventures you are going to need some awesome equipment to get you started archeage online. A variety of seemingly oddly placed quests in Hasla and Karkasse Ridgelands award randomized gear which could be awesome or could suck. Pray to the RNG gods that it is awesome as you can only get this gear once. Here is where you can find it:

As a side-note: If you’ve quested in Hasla and/or Karkasse Ridgelands you may already have the majority of this gear.


Primary Weapon:

Sword (1-H)
Nodachi (2-H)
OR Staff (2-H)

Quest: In Line of Duty (Hasla) – To unlock this quest you will have to complete 3 prerequisite quests around the area of the quest giver these are: Restoring Their Senses + The Sick and The Plagued + Chasing Rumors

Secondary Weapon:

OR Lute

Quest: Fertilizer Formula (Hasla) – This quest involves killing 5 doe. Hard stuff for a seasoned archeage gold adventurer, right?



Quest: The Shaman of ...
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Recommended classes for archeage beginners

Recommended beginner classes

As all trees are useful on themselves and there is a situation for every combination, some trees however combine and blend together better than others. Also, some combination will increase your capabilities in terms of solo activities after hitting level 50. Because of this, we want to introduce two combination that work really well together and giving yourself some advantages after reaching the current level cap.

The first combination is “Battlerage + Defense”, while Defense is one of the strongest trees in general, fitting in every builds last tree, the combination of Battlerage and Defense allowing one of the easiest level experiences while playing solo as well as creating the ability to solo grinding the Librarys’ physical enemies and the archeage gold farming. As this combination is also allowing the highest error rate by yourself and we can recommend this combination to every beginner who wants to get in touch with ArcheAge without much frustration.


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Archeage Online Race Selection Tips

There are four (six in the future) races in ArcheAge you can choose from on your character creation. Two (or maybe three) races per starting faction. While the races differ not only in appearance but in special racial abilities, the most important factor is the starting faction. Everybody on the opposing starting faction is your enemy but there are two exclusions to this. The first exclusion is the possibility to join the pirate faction where characters of both races can play together while both are pirates. The second exclusion is not yet in the EU/NA version of ArcheAge, but later you will be able to fund your very own faction that every race can join. In both cases, you will have to learn the other race’s language that is not only time but also gold consuming. So if you want to play together with a friend, you may want to choose the same starting faction.
While all races does have different racial abilities, the impact of them is really low. Because of that, you can choose the factio...
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archeage online Class Selection tips

As we would be able to create a complete encyclopedia about the classes of ArcheAge, this part should just push you in the right direction. You may want to read this article for basic thoughts on class creation / choosing.
One important thing you should never forget about is that you can level all ten class trees and switch between them on your character. Because of this system, your starting class does not have to be your endgame class and a lot of builds are just focused on setting up your endgame.
Before we start with more in-depth information about the class building itself, we want to give you a overview of the 10 available trees in ArcheAge.
Tree Overview
As your class is only a set of your three chosen trees, there will be 120 classes available in ArcheAge. We are not able to cover every class in this, but we will cover basic information about each tree and the basic possibilities. Please note that we look at each tree for itself and only basic combination. It is likely that there w...
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Recommended Armor choices for archeage online beginners

Every Armor type will give a passive bonus on reaching four pieces and seven pieces of the same armor type. These passives will have a huge impact on your gameplay.
-Plate Armor
Plate armor has high Physical Defense and low Magical Defense base values.
Plate 4/7: Physical defense increased by by 3%.
Plate 7/7: Physical defense increased by by 3%. Maximum HP increased by 5%. Stun and Shackle duration -20%.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Weak against Blunt / Normal against Piercing / Strong against Slashing
-Cloth Armor
Cloth armor has low Physical Defense base values and high Magical Defense base values.
Cloth 4/7: Cast time reduced by 4%. Chance to interrupt casting when hit by an enemy is reduced by 50%.
Cloth 7/7: Cast time reduced by %. Chance to interrupt casting when hit by an enemy is reduced by 50%. Magical damage increased by 5%. The duration of the effects of control reduced by 30%.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Weak against Slashing / Normal against Blunt / Strong against Piercing
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Recommended weapons choices for archeage beginners

Like the choice of armor, the choice of your weapon will have a huge impact on your gameplay. As the weapons theorycrafting is not easy to understand, we want to give you a basic idea on that.
Every weapon is dealing a fixed damage type, e.g. swords will always deal slashing damage, depending on your targets, armor type your slashing attacks will deal more or less damage.

In addition to the type of damage from your weapons, every weapon has a passive ability, e.g. while using a sword, there is a chance that your next attack will be a 100% parry. In ArcheAge, your melee skills damage is based on the average damage of your weapon. And for melee characters, auto hits are a very important source of damage .Because of this, the weapons attack speed also impacts your gameplay. The slower a weapon hits, the higher is its average damage resulting in higher damage for skills and auto hits. On the other hand, it will reduce the amount of possible weapon proccs.
For a summary about all weapons click...
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