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DC Unchained: How to start strong and level up freely guide

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I wanted to do this guide to show everyone how to easily level up. And do it freely with in the systems of the game. What I suggest after this when you get to level 60 on your favorite characters. Go ahead and drop a little cash on Skins etc. It's a good game and deserves support for the long run. Also by the time you do all of this you should have an excellent idea. If you want to continue playing going forward.

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God Eater Resonant Ops: First Impressions

Set in the world four years after the home game " GOD EATER 2 RAGE BURST ", the heroes who are newcomers God Eater,
You can experience a magnificent story that will get caught up in a large-scale strategy involving all the branches departed from the Fenrir headquarters.
Not to mention new characters, successive series characters also appear one after another!

Gamelink With a command system battle, you can enjoy a powerful battle scene with simple operation unique to a smartphone.
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Soul Worker: Should You Play It?

Play Soul Worker

SoulWorker, free-2-play anime action MMO, combines pacy combos with a real anime feel. You’ll need excellent reactions and precise timing to take it to the merciless creatures in this post-apocalyptic world.


Anime feel and gaming its truly just fun

Akasha System gives replay value

Each of the 4 characters are very different and useful

Anime storyline is fun at times


Energy system right now ruins the game flow. It should just outright be taken out.

The game isn't very noob friendly bosses one shot.

Cash shop is too over the top in prices. You don't need the stuff but things shouldn't actually cost that much

More encouragement in grouping activities would greatly help the game


This is a very extreme case of hot and cold. This game should be epic but its own management is holding it back. The energy system just shouldn't even be a thing. And the prices in the shop are all out of wack. But of these things show one of two things. Whoever h

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DC Unchained: My First S Ranked Character

Flash is my first S Ranked Character soon to be followed be Superman and Batman. I'm thinking Wonder Woman 4th just because I see no one using her. Then I'll turn my attention to the Villains. Mainly Ares and Doomsday seem like good places to start there. However it seems these characters are on the nerf block soon. So we will see how all this goes, hopefully it won't happen.

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Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage: Sweet Spot Overload Coasting Until Content

Right now we are 100% maxed on everything. I hardly have any reason to log in beyond daily shinobites. And even that is a bit of a pain. In other to get the daily achievement you need to string it along. We are stuck in a weird place of we don't even need to log on. It's a bit disappointing but content should be coming to make us have fun again.

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SAO Integral Factor: Game progress guide and Fighting 5th Floor boss with rank 1 skills

Playing this game is super simple to understand. All you really need to do is know the rule of thumb in game. Whatever floor boss you face be in level plus zero gear. So level 1 boss equals full level 10 gear. You shouldn't ever struggle to kill anything in game no matter how badly your banners went. To further show that I fought the level 5 boss again with 1-star attack cards.

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One Piece Bounty Rush: So I rerolled...And where's the content?

So I rerolled to finally get Luffy 4 star and boy is he a monster. After rerolling I decided to come back and try the missions. To my shock or maybe I did something wrong. I couldn't get any more missions after the first chapter. That was a bit of a downer. So I am hoping they will give us more content in the future. For now they have a nice basis for content in the game. It seems a bit like 

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DC Unchained: Full Epic Squad and Unchained Gameplay

More squad progress and showing the power of Flash. Along with team synergy. By now you should have done most of the guide quest. You can use that to easily get into having 3 epic characters even a fourth if you ignore upgrading a main. The game does a good job of allowing you to get things freely.

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MMO Show: Episode 161 Week 6/8/2018 "Making your own place in MMO"

Well Bless went absolutely terrible. All bets now turn to Lost Ark. And the game seems to be holding up it's side of the hype. From here on out I'll be making my own home in MMO's. And trying to make them fun for communities. Let's see how far we can go with that mentality.
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Danmachi Memoria Freese: First Impressions

Main Site https://en.danmemo.com/
Android Review Playlist= https://goo.gl/LN1rAo

I love how anime this game is. I wish we had more anime games like this that just don't care. And will drown you in story and presentation.

Memoria Freese transports you to the world of Orario where you can build your own powerful team to battle through a sprawling dungeon! Play in a dynamic timeline that changes everything from environments to character dialogue depending on the time of day you play!

●Level up your favorite characters and unlock new skills!
●An unparalleled mobile game adaption!
●Exclusive stories written by series creator Fujino Ōmori!
●Brand new costumes and character designs!
●Original voice actors from the anime!
●PVP battles!
●Dress up your favorite characters in unlockable special costumes!
●Create your own tactical team with your favorite characters!
●Explosive super attacks!
●Test your might with Normal, Hard, and Very Hard difficulty ratings!
●Gauge your strength pr

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