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Guild Wars 2 Guardian Combos Extended Edition

I went through most of the combo's with the Guardian's Weapons. A thing you need to understand about this game. You have combo fields and combo starters which are usually just skill attacks. And you have combo finishers which usually cancel skill attacks. This system is very similar to Street Fighter in how strong attacks cancel weaker ones. What I'm going to do through the course of this video is show you how to link things together.

First thing I'll put out there is this game has attacks called linkers. Most traditional linkers in this game cancel attacks. Guardian only has one of those attacks and it's called Judges Intervention. No matter what you're doing in Guardian JI can cancel it or combo it. And cause 3 second burning dot damage as well as the original attack. The dot damage duration is your time to pull out another move. The way the counter in this game works is you have a second to do continued attacks. Auto attacks usually don't keep a combo going on a slow weapon.&n

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