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Overwatch Competitive Mode: Review in Progress

Overwatch’s competitive mode season 1 has been going quite steadily now and there are a few patterns one can spot, and when managing to do so, you might even get your team to win more.

The first thing that you will commonly see is that somehow your opposition will usually have an awesome setup. But when you queue up for a competitive match, your team will often consist of multiples, no support and not many healers. The first thing you can do to help your team win is picking Lúcio.

Lúcio seems to be one of those heroes in Overwatch who can increase your chances of winning by a rather significant amount. Not only does he heal up the whole team, but also gets them to reach tactical points much faster using his AoE speed boost. The other evident pick that should be in any team that plans to w

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Riders of Icarus: Review In Progress Featuring Legendary Riders Pack

So it’s early July and everyone’s talking about that one particular MMORPG hit that just broke loose. As you’ve probably already guessed from the headline, this pure awesomeness is none other than the highly anticipated Riders of Icarus, published by the beloved Nexon.

Thanks to these guys, I’ve been pretty much playing Riders of Icarus non-stop since the launch of the headstart with a Legendary Riders pack (Boss, I hope you are not reading this). The servers of the game are packed with an adorable community that I had the chance to examine in the Riders of Icarus NA/EU Group on Facebook.

I must admit, Nexon has done a great job at bringing the game up to a level where it is worthy of being in an OBT phase. As I participated in all of the CBT events, and was lucky enough to be taken on a

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Battleborn: Review in Progress

Battleborn’s release was highly anticipated by perhaps millions, especially by fans of the Borderlands series. I decided it was time for me to dive into the game and see what everyone’s talking about, not necessarily in a good way.

The Gearbox-developed action multiplayer MOBA slash shooter, has things that seem quite familiar, especially after having played Overwatch pretty much all June. But the usual “which came first, chicken or the egg” situation will stop me from complaining about some rather huge similarities between the two titles.

A major difference between the two competing titles is that Battleborn also brings along a Story Mode which can be either done in a solo manner, or in co-op mode with your mates, love, lover, mother or friendly neighbor. But in all honesty, I was mostly

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Overwatch – Soldier: 76 Is Addictive

After a few more days of Overwatch awesomeness, it turns out,  Soldier: 76 is probably my favorite hero at the moment.

Many of you must have felt initially that Soldier: 76 is a sort of newbie hero, especially after being the tutorial character. But in reality, he is one of the best ones out there, in terms of mobility, damage output and even team support.  His basic LMB and RMB skills are what you will be using the most, and trust me, your RMB skill Helix Rockets, will be your main focus. Helix Rockets is almost a 1-shot skill, and in most cases, you will end up killing your foe with it since others are damaging them too.

Heavy Pulse Fire is basically your generic laser-rifle firing skill and it does a surprisingly high amount of damage. Sprint is another amazing feature of So

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Overwatch: Zenyatta, the Healer that Hurts

Zenyatta is a highly dynamic healer slash damage dealer and even a bit of a support class, so it is really a fusion of three roles. What I found with most Overwatch healer classes is that switching from damage dealing to healing mode will mostly likely result in getting killed by the time you switched and Zenyatta makes up for this.

Fundamentally, you have two damaging attacks, using the left and right mouse buttons. LMB is for Orb of Destruction which is your basic spam damage ability. RMB also uses Orb of Destruction but in a charge-up way, resulting in higher damage but delayed by the charging time.

All of your attacks should be used after you have applied Zenyatta’s awesome debuff, Orb of Discord, that basically results in extra 50% damage dealt to the target. As Zenyatta is a hea

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Tree of Savior - First Impressions

As so many of the guys here at MMOSite have been sharing their thoughts about Tree of Savior, it is time to express mine.
Last week, my better half managed to convince me to give this isometric view MMORPG a try and to my greatest surprise, it was the right decision to make. Tree of Savior, to me, seems like an epic way to game casually. The huge variety of classes and eye-pleasing environments really managed to grab my attention.

I decided to begin my adventures in Tree of Savior as a Cleric which turned out to be quite entertaining. Since the level cap is huge, the rapid leveling up gives plenty of positive vibes. Obtaining one of those EXP scroll rewards is really a great source of excitement and games that are constantly rewarding tend to be far more popular.
Tree of Savior really convey
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Black Desert – Round 2: The Valkyrie

Earlier, I posted my experiences with the Sorceress and since then, I had spent loads of hours leveling it up. Just a few days ago I decided to level a Valkyrie instead, and here is how it went.

Initially, the Sorcerer felt like an easy class to play, but later on, bigger mobs were easily damaging half of my HP down with a single hit. This was mainly why I came to the decision that it was time to try a tougher class.

The Valkyrie is such a great class to level, that I managed to reach level 20 in just 1-2 hours with grinding. I know, I know… BDO is not about leveling up fast and I did not intend to do so, but I really wanted to catch up with my Sorceress, and promised myself to do the necessary tasks later.

If you are struggling in BDO with survivability and want to play a class that is pro

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Asta: First Impressions and Thoughts After Launch

The last few days have been relatively entertaining in Asta, and here are my first thoughts about the Korean MMORPG.

As with most MMORPGs, your journey in Asta begins with designing your avatar and picking the right class. The character creation in Asta is not particularly outstanding but I have seen worse. There is a sufficient amount of races and classes to choose from, and luckily the classes are not gender locked at all. The only restriction applies to certain races. Some of the inhuman races have a limited amount of classes available, but it’s not irritating at all.

You have the traditional two-faction system which is functional and creates space for PvP elements. The character creation itself is quite complex, except editing the body itself which is extremely limited. What came as a sl

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Star Wars Battlefront: New Update is Awesome

Just a few days ago EA released yet another update for Star Wars Battlefront and we decided to check it out.

The recent update brought plenty of new stuff to the online and offline Star Wars-themed shooter, and one of the major changes was making the Battle of Jakku DLC a free feature of the game that does not need to be bought.

Through the patch, EA released a brand new map that received the name Twilight on Hoth and is now available for many game modes, including Turning Point, Heroes vs. Villains, Walker Assault and much more.

The update not only brought new content to enjoy but some vital fixes and adjustments as well. Weapon features and stats have been played around with to enhance gameplay experience, in the following ways according to official patch notes released by EA:

· &nbs

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Black Desert: The Sorceress

The next CBT event for Black Desert has brought us closer to the official release and also helped us gain a better understanding of the classes.

This time, we went for the Sorceress which is claimed to be one of the best PvP classes besides the Ranger. The Sorceress is a functioning combination of melee and ranged skills that really do well in conveying a sort of darker world that is behind the class. DoTs, AoEs and powerful melee bursts are all part of the Sorceress’ arsenal and we found it to be a dynamic class that has great mobility. Daum Games describes the class, “A dexterous master of the black arts. Sorceresses can cast many different dark spells on enemies, to prevail from any range.”

Generally in MMORPGs, high-damage classes tend to have weaker defenses, hence the glass cannon exp

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