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Just wroting this article to express my happiness for DIABLO III being announced by  Blizzard, Diablo was one of the games that enjoyed the most when I was younger, it was different from everything that have played, it was really a unique and wonderful game. Let's hope that Diablo III brings even more excitment and joy than Diablo I and II did. All we can do for now, its await for its release...



Please visit http://eu.blizzard.com/diablo3 for more information about the game.

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New AION's Abyss Concept Art released!

Oh my!! Oh my!! AION Official website has just released their new Concept Arts for the Abyss. The Abyss is a place where reality becomes distorted, stange and creeeppy things happens, and senses of perception are alterated lol
Abyss is also the place where you can show your skills in the Aion's PvPvE environment.

You can chek the new Concept Arts below or download them on http://www.aiononline.com/us/media/concept_art/

I hope you enjoy it =D

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My Review of Sword of the New World: Granado Espada

Hello everybody!!! Here I am to talk

about another amazing game that I

have played, this time I'll be

introducing to you the well-know

game Sword of the New World:

Granado Espada brought to us by

K2 Network. I'll try to show the best

game features, as well as some

nice pictures (oh, there's one

picture of my characters in my

album,chek it out ;D), and cool on

the final of the review, so, enjoy

and have a good time (^__^)v





1 - Character Creation

One thing thal will catch your atention in the character screen is the fact that you'll have to choose the name of your family, in Granado Espada we'll have what its called MCC (Multi Character Control), that allows you to play with 3 characters at the same time like a party, and all of your characters will be indentified by the name of your family, and they'll also walk and fight together, when you talk in the chat, it is your family's name that will appear, so, your family's name is like your nickname in-game.

The picture above shows your Barracks, that's where you can switch your party's members and create characters.
In the character creation window, you'll choose your characters name and job, unfortun

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3 cheers to MMOsite!! Congratulations!

Well, although I'm a new member of this awesome game comunity, I want to congratulate MMOsite for its 3rd Annyversary, I wish everyone that's in the Staff all the happiness and success in the world, and thanks for making the most awesome and complete site about MMO that I have ever seem! I'm sure that the site will grow bigger and better from now on, and I wish to spend a lot of time sharing my gamelife and other things with everyone =D~

                               HAPPY B-DAY MMOsite!

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My Review of Perfect World

Heeeyyy everybody!!! Here I am to present to you my second review, now I'm gonna analyse the game that I'm currently playing, yes, it is the well-known MMORPG developed by Beijing Perfect World, Perfect World!! (Yup, the name of the game is almost the same of its developer lol)

1 - Game Background

Perfect world is set in the colossal world of Pangu, and it is based on chinese mythology. In PW you'll travel seeing beautiful meadows, mythical creatures, floating lands and beautiful rivers, as well as desertes, florests and misteryous dungeons.

2 - Races, Classes and Character Customization

Here's something that makes PW a lot different from many MMORPGs out there, its Character Customization Tool is really amazing, you can change the format and the color of your eyes, as well as your character's nose, ears, legs, you can even put some really big boobs on your female character (), which give us an infity of possibilities about character customization, but if don't have paience to set all the details of your Char, you can select its appearence from one of the game's pre-defined options.

Now let's talk about the different races and classes presented in PW. You can choose one of the

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Artwork Museum

hey guys, due the lack of ideas, I'm posting some of the NcSoft Games' Artwork, I hope you enjoy them, let's start with the Lineage II ones ^__^


AION Artwork



Guild Wars Artwork

Exteel Artwork

Well, this is it, I hope everyone like it =D~
All Artworks where found on the respective games' Official Sites
Good Weekend for everybody, and see ya! (^__^)V

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My Review of CABAL Online

Promo Image of Cabal forbidden

I hope everyone's doing fine since my last article about PW ^__^
And I wanna thank everyone for reading it, and I hope you ejoyed it =D

So, are you guys ready for a nice review of a great game? I hope so o/
My first review is about one of the most enjoyable game that I ever played, yup, its CABAL Online: THe Revolution of action \o/

1 - Story & Quests

First of all, I want to talk a little bit of the storyline and Quest system of the game. Cabal is a Quest system game, it means that if you want to level, you have to do quests to gain a lot of Exp, and you'll gain great amounts of money too. Almost every quest that you doin Cabal is about the game's storyline, you'll advance in history as well as you make more quests and visits different places, and at the end of each "Campaign" you'll see a brief of everything tha has passed since then.

2 - Character Customization & Classes

Classes of Cabal forbidden

Now, lets talk about character customization. The first thing that you will do after the Login screen is creating your character!!(Ohhhh Really?? XD) You can choose between the 6 different classes in the game: Wizard, Force Blader, Force Archer, Blader, Warrior and Force Shield

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One day in a Perfect World!

Hello hello everybody!!
Here I am to talk a little about Perfect World, the game that I'm playing lately XD~

First of all, I want to talk about the game's graphics. PW has a colossal World map, with a lot places to go, but since now, I've played around the human's cities (The quests are scattered in the 3 cities incluiding the main cityof humans, unfortunately... Well, but I'm sooo noob, I hope that the quests will take me to distante places in the future *O*).
In the game options you can customize a lot of graphic setting like the Trees, Terrain, Water, Texture, Vision Sight, Block List, Game screen and etc. You can also put some pre-configured graphic options depending on your PC's perfomance. Above there is a Pic showing my Mage regenerating her MP and HP with a concentration skill in a icy place (Isn't she beautiful? *O*)

The "Day and Night" feature give the game a unique atmosphere to the cities, the "Glow" effect on the moon is awesome, as well as the sun. Oh, in PW you can also jump to the houses' roof by pressing the space bar, characters jump a lot in this game... But I wish I could just fly in a magic sword T___T"

I got astonished when I saw th

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Getting started!

Hello everybody!! Here I am making my first article on MMOsite (finally!!), I've been busy yesterday, so that's why I'm making it today XD~

Well, I'd like to talk about a game that I started to play yesterday, and which one you guys have played already, yes, I'm talking about Perfect World!! The OB of PW started last week here in Brazil (brought by LEVEL UP! GAMES, whic is responsible by the games in the Philipines), and there is already a lloooottt of people playing it lol

Everyone talked so much about PW that I've decided to give it a try lol

I hope to bring some nice screenshots and thing that I've learned about the game, hehehe.
Here's a niiicceee picture of PW founded here at MMOsite, I hope you like it =D

See you soon!

Here's a niiice PW picture found here at MMOsite *O*

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