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Echo Of Soul Closed Beta Preview

Echo Of Soul Closed Beta is out.You can gain access by buying a founders pack or if you are lucky like me by applying for closed beta on the official site and get invited.

Echo Of Soul has five classes.Warrior,Archer,Rogue,Guardian and Sorceress.Each class has two specializationswith two different skill trees so you can customize your class in a way that fits your playstyle.Skill tree unlocks at level 10 and you gain 1 skill point every two levels so you have to choose carefully with which spell you will go

                                                   Echo Of Soul First Dungeon Gameplay EU CBT

Echo Of Soul has solo dungeons,party dungeons and also 10 and 20-man raids.At level 10 the dungeon tab also unlocks and you can enter the first dungeon of the game named Hidden Cavern,a dark cave field with nagas and two boss encounters.The fisrt party dunge

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Upcoming MMOs In May 2015

I remind you that this is a humorous approach of the upcoming MMO games in May

Hello and welcome to MMO game coming out this month.Heroes Of The Storm,The blizzard's MOBA Open Beta is coming out on may 20 and that's because people stop buying closed beta keys from blizzard. feautering some of the most bad ass heroes of blizzard games,like Diablo,Tyrael,Arthas A smoakin hot blonde named nova appearing for 10 second on starcraft 2,Lili the bloodthirsty panda and even the lost vikings,oh god I was just a kid when this game came out.Be ready to join forces with 4 other random noobs cursing on you with words you are ashamed to even think of and conquer the Nexus.

Coming up next,This is How Diablo iii Should Be The Awakening Closed beta is out,The this is how diablo iii should be expands with a brand new act,introducing 13 new skill gems,expanding the what the heck is this skill tree and adding more than 70 new Unique Items to discover.Be ready to grind your way for the 37th time if you

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First Look At Warhammer 40K Dark Nexus Arena

Warhammer 40K Dark Nexus Arena has entered Closed Alpha.What is different in this game compared to other moba games is that Warhammer Dark Nexus is more action oriented,you attack the enemy with left and right click so even normal attacks are skillshots.In order to win the game you have to gather 100 points,you can gather points by killing enemy towers,killing your opponents and execute them.Curently there are not many heroes to choose from but the game is still on a very early stage.

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Skyforge - Preview Of All New Classes (Part 1)

Skyforge CBT3 is out and there are 13 classes for you to choose but how could you know witch class fits you better.There is a Training Room in the game where you can check out all the available classes of the game.Let's take a quick look and see how each class performs in the Training Room.

Knight Role: Tank
The mighty Knights are always in the thick of battle, aided by a falcon, summoned to attack enemies at their command. The Knight is capable of withstanding the onslaught of numerous enemies, diverting their attention from less protected allies. Armed with shield and spear, they are able to not only block incoming attacks, but to also deliver crushing blows in return.

Alchemist Role: Support
The line between genius and insanity a thin one – many wonder which side the Alchemists falls on. These half-mad scientists have devoted their lives to alchemy, resulting in an arsenal which includes both corrosive chemical compounds and invigorating elixirs. On their backs they carry a port

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