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MapleStory 2 Chinese Open Beta Gameplay Review

MapleStory 2 CN went into open beta and has been available to play since September 21, 2017! All it takes is to download and sign in with a valid QQ account. I already had one from other Chinese games, so it was fairly easy to get on and check it out. Hope you enjoy my short review!

I'm not very fond of the un-skippable cutscenes, so I'm going at it slow, however if you like what you saw in the video and want to play a fun theme park, I do still recommend MapleStory 2. The Chinese servers are quite lively. It is free to play anyway, and not difficult to get on to. I highly recommend some kind of ping booster though if you are playing outside of China.

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First Look at Closers Online's Western Alpha!

En Masse Entertainment has begun Closers Online's alpha phase. The first alpha weekend took place on September 15-17 for a small server stress test. The second alpha weekend will be on September 22-24 which invite a greater nubmer of testers and focus more on getting player feedback.

Five characters are playable so far: Seha, Misteltein, Yuri, Sylvi and J.

The stamina system is still in the game and remains unchanged.

Here is more of what I noticed initially and a bit of Misteltein and Sylvi's early gameplay.

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The 6 Playable Characters of TERA M (Mobile)

Tera M (Mobile) was teased not long ago. Now NetMarble has released information on the playable races in this mobile version of the title. Pre-registrations for South Koreans will start on September 8 and more information will be released then as well.

Races: Human, Amani, High Elf, Popori and Elin

Playable characters:

The Amani Lancer is a durable, but slow character with high stamina and durability. It is capable of tanking for long periods of time, but lacks in killing speed.

The Popori Alchemist is a long-distance DPS tossing massive damage into battle with a more strategic play.

The High Elf Archer uses a bow to attack enemies from a distance.

The Human Brawler gets stronger as a fight progresses; with more attack power gained as she attacks.

The Elin Priest is decked with skills aimed for i

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Closers Online Western Alpha & Beta First 5 Playable Characters

Closers Online, the anime styled action combat MMORPG, has been officially announced for NA and EU by En Masse Entertainment. Alpha is set to start in September and beta later this fall of 2017. There are no confirmed dates yet, but you can sign up for closed beta testing now.

The Closers main web-page shows only five of the eleven total playable characters of the Closers universe. The 'Black Sheep' characters will be playable while the 'Wolf Dog' characters will be added at a later date.

Playable characters in NA/EU Alpha and Beta:
Seha the Hothead, Sylvi the Leader, Yuri the Heart, Misteltein the Genius, and J the Soul

Characters to be added in the future:
Nata the Hunter, Tina the Arms, Levia the Witch, Harpy the Rogue, Violet the Valkyrie, and Wolfgang Schneider the Librarian

En Masse di
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Closers & Black Desert Expand To New Regions | Tera, BDO, and Dragon Nest Expand To Mobile

Today I have news of four MMORPG expansions, not just in regions, but also in the platform they're playable on.

Firstly, an official Closers Online NA version may be coming to the west. Some leaks I've shown in my video below highly suggest its release.

Second, Korean MMORPG developers seem to have their eyes locked on mobile with so many top games extending their brand to the android market. Just recently we got mobile versions of Aion, ArcheAge, Lineage, and now we’re getting TERA, Black Desert Online, Blade and Soul and Dragon Nest. It will be a challenge for those games if they bring them to the west, but the number of popular MMORPGs extending to mobile is increasing pretty rapidly.

Lastly, Black Desert Online is expanding as well in both region and platform. A South East Asian version is expected to open soon, and a mobile version as well. A trailer for the mobile version will be released sometime in September.

What do you think of the mobile MMO craze going on in S. Korea?

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Astellia Online Overview! (TCG MMORPG)

Astellia Online is an upcoming Korean MMORPG where players are able to summon Astell cards as companions to aid them in battle in various ways. These Astell summons are essential to the game since one's combat changes depending on the companions that are summoned. Progressions comes in the form of leveling and gearing one's character AS WELL AS improving Astells' skills and combat experience.

There are five core classes to choose from and four advanced classes for each of them.

Rogue➜ Assassin, Shadow, Revenger or Venom Master
Mage➜ Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock or Druid
Warrior➜ Crusader, Dark Knight, Berserker and Gladiator
Scholar➜ Vesta, Shaman, Prophet or Sage
Archer➜ Hunter, Haweye, Ranger and Sniper

Astellia is currently in closed beta in South Korea. It is planned to have its North American release in late 2018 and will possibly be a "Pay to play" game in that region, like Black Desert Online.

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The Mythical Realm 2 Review (Xian Xia Themed MMORPG)

The Mythical Realm 2 is a new Chinese MMORPG with a big emphasis on Xian Xia theme (sub-genre of Wu Xia). That means flying eternal gods, legendary magical weapons, and martial arts! It has a lot in common with the recently released Revelation Online not just in theme, but features and appearance as well. Here is my review of its character creation, early gameplay, and the game's features.

The game is developed by Giant (巨人网络) and runs on the HAVOK engine.

The Mythical Realm 2 is in closed beta and does not require a VPN to play from countries outside of China. You can find download instructions on my discord, check the "other-games-chat".

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Twilight Spirits Gameplay & Overview!

Twilight Spirits is a new Chinese action combat MMORPG by Netease that was just made available on Steam. Here’s what I know about it. I’m new to the game, but played this genre for a long time from the old Dragon Nest to the recently released Kritika Online NA.

I just finished downloading the game and I’m jumping in now. I’ll give a full review after I get more into it and get more than just a few levels in.

Keep in mind that even though it is on Steam, the game is not intended for Western players yet and everything is still in Simplified Chinese. An English version is "under consideration".

If you want to play this game:

~ Register here: https://zc.reg.163.com/regInitialized

~ Main site’s download here: http://long.163.com/jihuo/download.html

~ STEAM page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/616090

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Tale of Toast - New Free To Play Indie MMORPG Created By Two People!

Tale of Toast is a new free to play Indie MMORPG inspired by old school MMORPGs. It's created by Toasty Leaf, a game developing studio of just two people. Check how much they've done in two years with Unity3D. It's now going through its alpha phase on Steam.

There will be a non-pay to win in-game shop that will be restricted to cosmetics only. No advantages. (weapons and armor skins, hair styles, vanity pets, etc.).

Some game features:

- Day/Night cycles
- Expansive spell system based around a spell tree.
- Open world with towns, cities, forests, fields, winter areas, desert areas, volcanoes, mines, and dungeons.
- In-game weathers
- Trade skills such as wood cutting, fishing, mining, blacksmithing, cooking, etc.
- Compatible with game controllers
- Wide range of weapons and armor.
- Dueling between players where you pick what is at stake for winning and losing.

Sign up to the newsletter for a chance to get alpha keys. https://taleoftoast.com

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Bless Online - What You Need To Know Before Playing

Bless Online's English Version will be published by Aeria Games. Its beta phase is rumored to start this fall.

The game's English version will have updated combat and more features than the RU release.

In the video, I talk about everything you ought to know about Bless to help you decide if it's worth playing. If you're a fan of open world faction PvP and large scale combat, give it a look. It might be the next game you'll play.

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