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Cataclysm BETA Gameplay Preview

Ever wondered how it was playing Cataclysm Beta, but you do not have an invitation around yet?


I present you the CATACLYSM Gameplay Preview @ bit.ly/aBA3P5




The album will be updated regularly.

 CREDITS GO TO CHRIS -- author of the screenshots --  MANY THANKS !

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CATACLYSM: Upcoming talent tweaks / Level 10 Abilities/Passives


In the upcoming expansion of World of Warcraft, Blizzard wants players to pick a dedicated specialization for leveling.

Once set, you will be incapable of inserting your talent points into another talent tree, until you spend your very last, thirty-first talent point in your chosen tree, what should occur at level 70, therefore picking your very first talent point should make you feel somewhat special.

NOW: Each level you gain a talent point, from level 10 until 80.

Cataclysm: Each roughly two levels you are granted a single talent point.

At level 70 you will have 31 points.

At level 85 you will have 41 points.

To set up a meaningful example,. let us pick an enhancement shaman.

We all know that until mid-forties, the leveling is a bit dull and boring with no signs of enhancement at all --

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