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Heroes of the Storm: Alarak Guide

Alarak is out for a week and it's time to look at the Hero in a more detailed spotlight. This guide serves as an information source for Alarak gameplay. It contains gameplay tips, talent builds, raw data (win chance / popularity) and more useful information.

An Introduction to Alarak

Alarak is a melee assassin from the Starcraft universe. His role is to control the fields of battle by manipulating player positioning to his advantage. While he excels at picking up Heroes, he is a rather weak and unreliable wave/mercenary camp clearer.


According to HotsLogs after one week of Alarak in the Nexus, the Hero's win chance reached only 36.7% and his popularity is at 8%. A total of over 6,300 games was played. Numbers clearly tell use Alarak is a really niche-specific Hero, not designed

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WoW Legion: How Blizzard is About to Ruin the Economy

Blizzard just posted Patch Notes for the forthcoming Patch 7.1 that add Karazhan as a 5-player dungeon. The patch is currently live on Public Test Realm. Release is unknown yet, but it's anticipated for December or early next year. The patch adds a Blood of Sargeras vendor that will single-handedly destroy the game's economy and here's why.

Blood of Sargeras

Drops from bosses in dungeons in all difficulties. You may even get some from professions for example by disenchanting items of rare quality or higher. Such items have a chance to drop Blood of Sargeras along with a blue shard. Currently, Blood of Sargeras is used to craft end-game gear, enchants and so on. People will be sitting on large amounts of Blood and they will flood the auction house with materials they got by trading

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WoW Legion: Restoration Shaman Guide

Restoration Shamans are one of the most potent raid healers in Legion and they will be a part of every raid composition. They truly shine at healing when groups are clumped up. They also have a lot of damage mitigation spells in their arsenal which trivialize high amounts of incoming damage.

Purpose of This Guide

The main purpose is to explain the usage of abilities, talent picks, gem choice, stat priority and more in a competitive raiding environment. Currently I'm running Mythic dungeons with my shaman and thanks to the experience I've grasped throughout the expansion thus far I'm writing this guide.


Restoration Shamans provide great non-healing utility and are great for healing stacked up players. They have a sustained HPS (Healing Per Second), great damage utilizers,

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WoW Legion: Make Thousands of Gold With Enchanting!

I'm too lazy to level my 90 Goblin Mage to 110 to max up my Enchanting. That's why I've come up with a gold making method that can yield you ten thousands of gold overnight without farming. I'm really comfortable, the only walking (or flying) that you'll make is from the Auctioneer to the mailbox and back.

Wait you've already written an Enchanting gold making guide!

While this is true and you can find the former guide here, this method differs substantially from the other one. The major difference is speed at which you acquire your gold. Most of the auctions are bought straight away as you post them and it's highly likely that you won't be able to cover the big demand yet the more time and gold you invest, the more you're going to find in your mailbox the next day.


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Heroes of the Storm Season 2 Changes & Rewards

The second Season in Heroes of the Storm will start soon and Blizzard has unveiled upcoming rewards that include various portraits, mounts and based on players' feedback there are changes coming to promotion and demotion matches as well.

Season 2 Roll

When to expect Season 2 to hit live servers? Season 2 starts during the Week of September 12, 2016. The Season will come to a close during the Week of December 12, 2016, so roughly speaking it will last 3 months.

Grand Master League Changes

Blizzard wants to make the Grand Master rank feel more prestigious and something very hard to achieve that's why the maximum number of Grand Masters allowed in Hero League will be reduced to 200 (down from 500).

Promotion / Demotion Match Changes

Matches will award / remove the same amount of points as

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WoW Legion: How to Obtain the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph Mount

Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph is a new mount that was added with Legion. How to obtain this mount was shrouded with mystery until now. To get the mount we will have to delve deeper into Azsuna, one of the zones on Broken Isles.

Mount Images

How to Obtain the Mount

To obtain the mount, you will have to click the five Ephemeral Crystals located in Azsuna within 8 hours in no specific order. The first person to click the crystals will see the mount added to their inventory. After a person obtains the mount, the crystals will disappear for an unknown time (reports estimate anywhere between 3 to 8 hours). Note that all of the crystals are located in Azsuna.

Locating the Crystals

Here's a map of all the crystal locations. Upon clicking a crystal you will be given a buff called Crystal D

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WoW: Gold Making Guide With Auctioneer

There are two types of players in World of Warcraft. Farmers (aka those who farm for mats to get gold) and those, whose longest way for profit is from the Auction House to the Mailbox and back. Let's be the second type! Not only is it more convenient, but it's far more fun!

The method that we'll be exploring in this guide is AH flipping with Enchanting. The only requirements are the Enchanting Profession on one or more characters and the Auctioneer Add-on. I will be explaining in detail how to use this add-on to its full potential.


So as mentioned above, the only requirements for the AH flipping gold making method are as follows:

1.) Enchanting Profession on one of your characters.

2.) Auctioneer Addon. Download it from here. Alternatively you can download it from Curse

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WoW Legion: Gearing Up Guide

Raids open on September 20. Once you reach Level 110 what becomes to matter is gear! To ensure a step-by-step gearing up to be prepared for raiding and earning your raid spot, I've crafted this guide based on my own gearing up experience in Legion.

The Spec You Play!

The specialization you play matters! Currently, when you're a DPS trying to obtain gear from Normal difficulty dungeons, you're going to wait a lot. Queue times are anywhere between 45 - 60 minutes. So that's roughly an item every hour. Once you reach item level 810 queues are going to get a lot better; for DPS they drop to 8 - 10 minutes for Heroic dungeons. If you happen to play a Healer or a Tank, you're going to gear up insanely fast via dungeons, because you get instant queues. You just queue up for a dungeon pickin

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WoW Legion: A Guide to Leveling

Having leveled several Heroes to 110 now let's talk leveling! As you may know, the level cap has been raised from 100 to 110 and each level takes approximately 2 hours to achieve, bringing the total time spent to hit max cap to 20 hours. Of course the time may differ as somebody may be faster and/or slower than the other but this is the average.


Quests remain the only efficient means of leveling in Legion. It doesn't really matter which zone you enter first, the amount of XP gained, quest reward item level or mob health will be flexibly adjusted to your current level.

1.) Zone leveling:

Simply visit your Order Hall and choose a strike point (one of the four leveling zones on Broken Isles) - Highmountain, Valsharah, Azsuna or Stormheim. Once you unlock Order Hall, make sure

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WoW Legion: An Honest Review: When WoW Meets Diablo

After having leveled several characters to Level 110, it's time for a Legion review! I'll be going over multiple aspects of the game.

Leveling/ Scaling

You may level wherever you wish, regardless of your level. This is an awesome aspect which hasn't been yet introduced to the game. It is all up to you, which zone you'd like to quest in. Everything scales with your current level meaning if you're Level 102, all mobs in your area will be Level 101 and have their Health and damage output and quest rewards including quest experience adjusted to your current level. That's why you'll see random levels scattered across all Broken Isles.

Mob Tagging

There has been a recent change implemented that makes mob tagging far more prominent than ever before. Up to 5 players can now tag you mob. Th

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