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Archlord 2 Open Beta

Webzen recently announced that Archlord 2 will enter the Open Beta phase today. All you need to do is register an account on the official website and download the game. The Open Beta launcher is now allowing players to choose what language (German, English or French) and what server (NA: Willowfire, EU: Chimera-FR, Locan-ENG, and Ishgar-GR) they prefer.

Below you will find a list of features that will be available during the OBT:

  • · Level cap raised to 41
  • · Skirmishes: Aquila Arena (level 30-41)
  • · Battlegrounds available from Monday to Saturday, accessible from level 40

Archlord 2 Battleground

  • · Four Contested Areas from level 5: Windy Canyon (5-10), Light Water Basin (15-20), Wounded Lands (25-30), and Circular Hills (35-41)

Webzen also released the premium Beta Packs that will contain various useful stuffs such as XP boosts, Instant Rebirth scrolls and a White or Back Battle Lion. If you want to learn more about these packs, visit the official forums.
Archlord 2   Open Beta  

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