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Lost Saga's new Legendary Gear Servant Outfit will be available to purchase from the shop from July 15 - 22.

With a Servant Outfit, a powerful vacuum cleaner will drag any heroes towards you. An awesome skill to clean up multiple heroes on the floor and bring it back on their feet in front of you to do more damage.  The Vacuum has enough power to daze the enemies long enough to do a lot of quick skills on the enemies.

Servant Outfit
Item: Armor
Skill: Vacuum
Bring your foe closer with a powerful vacuum cleaner

Exclusive Servant Outfit Chests are available in shop for the limited time

Permanent Servant Outfit
Price: 197 Astro
Duration: Permanent
Stat: Random +stat of 1~10
Requirement: No Rank requirement
Each purchase comes with 3 bonus Treasure Capsules

Timed Servant Outfit
Price: 33 Astro / 19,800 Peso
Duration: random duration of 10 days / 30 days
Stat: Random +stat of 1~10
Requirement: Peso purchase requires SFC1 / No Rank requirement for Astro purchase
Astro purchase comes with 1 bonus Treasure Capsule

Servant Outfit Combos

Shadow Assassin

[Assassinate] - [Throw] - [Throw] - [Vacuum] - [Throw] - [Hat-A-Rang] - [Toxic Breath]
Difficulty: Easy
9-hit Combo

Use assassinate, launch the hero into the air by holding D twice consecutively.  Use Vacuum to drag the hero back to its feet, and relaunch them back into the air holding D, and use Hat a Rang. Finish the combo by using Toxic Breath while they are on the ground, and this sets you up in a good position to do more damage.

 Dark Shaman

[Skeletal Strike] - [Attack] - [Vacuum] - [Vacuum] - [Headbutt] - [Minigun] - [Seduction] - [Skeletal Strike] - [Attack]
Difficulty: Medium
19-hit Combo

Launch the enemy into the air by doing a dash attack follow up by 3 normal hits before they land on the ground. Use Vacuum to bring the enemy back on their feet and use Headbutt skill right away. Set Minigun behind you and seduce the enemy. Immediately do a dash attack twice back to back and finish the combo by doing 3 normal attacks in the air.

Note: This combo is relatively easy to pull off. However, you need to learn when to time your normal hits after the launching attack. I personally time the normal attack when the hero falls right before it reaches my head.

More combo videos of Servant Outfit on our
YouTube Channel

Legendary Gear

The ultimate must-have gears in Lost Saga

What is a Legendary Gear?

Legendary Gears are the most powerful and rare gears in Lost Saga. Unlike regular gears or Epic Gears where each piece of gear belongs to a certain Hero, the Legendary Gears are excluded from this boundary and any Hero can freely equip a Legendary Gear as long as the Hero meets the level requirement

What is the level requirement on a Legendary Gear?
Just like Epic Gears, the Legendary Gears also come with random +stat points. Higher the stat point, higher your Hero's level must be in order to equip that gear. (A Hero's individual level is separate from the Hero Squad's rank - such as SFC1)

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