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MMOCraze.com Needs Game Reviewers and Article Writers

MMOCraze.com, a newly launched MMO Portal, is looking for some talent!

We are in need of skilled and committed MMO Gamers who can write game reviews for the site.

Game Reviewers and Correspondents will be responsible for sending in articles and reviews on their favorite MMO games.  Articles and Reviews will need to be comprehensive, detailed, and 3-4 paragraphs long (images would be good but not required).  No limitation on word count.

Visit MMOCraze.com and check out the site now.

Send an email to twatson@mmocraze.com if interested.  This is volunteer-based with future potential of paid compensation.


MMOCraze.com is a committed MMO Community Portal offering users the latest in MMO gaming news, top mmo games, closed beta events, forums, and much more.


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MMORPG Community Portal Launched by MMOCraze

MMOCraze has opened its doors to the public. It is the latest MMO Community Portal that commits itself to offering gamers what they want: game reviews, articles, events, and individual game forums.

MMOCraze is not just an MMO Portal.  It is an MMO Portal made by players for players.  Managed by seasoned MMO veterans, the site distinguishes itself from other sites by offering an "equal opportunity" system for promoting games.  No game will have the majority of the spotlight.  Each game will have its own equal chance at getting seen by the community and whether the news is big or small, it will be seen by the community.

Although it just opened, the site offers individual game forums.  If there is a game forum you want, the site will do its best to open up a f

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New Browser-Based RTS MMORPG, Caesary Launched!

Lekool (www.lekool.com), a new social Real-Time-Strategy browser-based MMORPG gaming publisher (long description, i know hehe), has launched Caesary.  They are in the midst of launching a new server tomorrow I think.

This new browser game allows you to create civilizations that the player takes command of.  Create heroes and troops and go on marauds, create workers to gather and produce resources, create buildings to expand your nation.

The best browser-based MMORPG I've played since Runescape (seriously, I ended up playing this game all day long instead of reading the Harry Potter book I got in the mail that day lol).

Check out the newly launched fansite for it at www.caesaryempire.com.

I highly recommend playing it :D

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VirtualMMO.com - New MMO Gaming Site launched!

A new MMO Gaming site, VirtualMMO.com, has been launched! VirtualMMO is a community-driven site that, unlike other MMO sites, caters to the needs of the community by allowing the community itself to drive the growth of the community through fansites. VirtualMMO strives to create fansites for MMOs that players discuss and enjoy playing. Players will enjoy being able to not only help grow the community by posting on the fansite wiki but also interact with others on the forums. VirtualMMO believes in an open relationship with the community, which is why we encourage users to send in any feedback they have regarding the site.

Go check it out at VirtualMMO.com and register on the forums!

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