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Ragnarok Online 2 - Final CBT (My Experience)

Happy New Year guys :)

Last year (on late December), Gravity was open a Final CBT - Ragnarok Online 2 with limited time

I've got the key to participate on the Final CBT, here i want to share my experince

Notes: I don't understand any Korean language, so i'm sorry if i have wrong type/term on here. I just using any term from previous RO

Create Character

There's no 'Novice' job like on RO, when we create character we must pick Job and Profession for our character.

For the Final CBT that I've played, there's 5 Job that we can pick. There is Swordman, Mage, Archer, Thief, Acolyte

And for the Profession there is Cooking, Alchemy, Blacksmith, *** (i don't know what Profession is this)

For this Final CBT i choose Thief and Cooking :)


In RO2 we can control our Character fre

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Which official region/server will you choose? When playing some Asian MMO

When you'll begin playing some new Asian MMO, which official region/server will you choose?

Beside the time zone, here's some my opinion:

- Developer server/region (usually Korea, Japan, etc.), no doubt when you choose to play in this server you will receive the fastest update, but many outside player will have language difficulties, and don't feel any social experience in game

- International (usually US, EU, etc.), some player play this server to communicate with all their friends from different countries so they can play together. And some player maybe just target the enormous population that play on this server

- South East Asia, usually only Asian player who played on this server or feel comfortable with SEA's developer

- Your Local Region, maybe the one that you can feel comfortable because same language, culture, etc. And usually you can meet many real-friends (not ingame-friends) in the game

- Other

Please share your opinion 

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