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Greetings Megateners,

Shin Megami Tensei Imagine at last is available to play!

To celebrate this fantastic news, we've got some exciting Launch events lined up for both new AND migrating users from Aeria Games:

  • Welcome Migration Celebration (Launch - 5/16): Existing SMT Imagine users will receive the Item Depository Pass, which lets players to rent an Item Depository, allowing unlimited use of the Depository for 30 days. The ticket can also be used to extend the end date of an Item Depository already in use.
  • Launch Event Party (4/27 - 5/23): New SMT Imagine users will receive the Incense of Training, allowing players Level 30 and below to increase XP earned by 1.5 times for duration of 10 days. This item's effect can also be stacked with the Incense of Experience or the Ashes of the Seance. *Once used, the effects will be automatically applied to player. Duration includes time spent offline. Effect will be overridden when the same item or another Incense of Training is used. For players Level 30 or below only.

We're also hosting the MegaTen Blast Off Event (4/27 - 5/9), during which all SMT Imagine users will automatically be entered for a chance to win one of ATLUS ONLINE's greatest prizes ever:

  • 5 First Place winners will receive 42,000 Crowns ($60.00);
  • 50 Second Place winners will receive 14,000 Crowns ($20.00);
  • 100 Third Place winners will receive 3,500 Crowns ($5.00).
ATLUS ONLINE would like to thank the MegaTen community for their continued interrest, patience, support. We've worked 'round the clock to migrate successfully, crack through the critical bugs, and get the floodgates open. For all our dedicated migraters, you will receive your freebie next maintenance.


Shin Megami Tensei Official: http://megaten.atlusonline.com

ATLUS ONLINE: http://www.atlusonline.com/

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