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leveling Star Gladiator in Thors ro


First off, Let’s go over the build.

Str -> 99

Agi -> 1

Vit -> 30

Dex-> 77

Luk-> 40

**Remember this is just a base build, You can experiment if you want, and if you find a good one feel free to post it in here and I will add it.*


Now let’s go over the equips, Now I will break it down into two groups…Low cost, and High cost.(I will go over why you should use them.)

Low Cost:
Upper Headgear: Magni’s Cap

Middle Headgear: Angel or Evil ears.

Lower Headgear: Doesn’t matter.

Body: Odin’s blessing With a Pasana card in it.

Weapon: Book[3] with 2 peco egg card’s and 1 Vadon card.

Shield: Stone buckler with a Penomena Card.

Garment: Muffler with a Jakk card.

Shoes: Shoe[1] with a Firelock soldier card.

Accessories: Either, two ring[1] with a mantis in each or two glove[1] with a zerom in each.

Now, Why do I use these equips you ask? Well you don’t have to these are just some things that may help you feel free to wear as you pleas

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