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2D Action Fantasy
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MapleSEA Xmas Prizes

Every year I joined MMosite's MapleSEA event.....the first year I joined.....the rewards is 'Blessing from the Wonky Fairy' (I haven't use any of them) .....the second year was a 'Orange Mushroom Graduate Hat'...which is a cash hat....I forget how long it last....BUT!!! This year the prizes was COOOOOOL!!!! Which is 'Angelic Blessing recipe'(Shortform : ABR) that worth about 2.5b each.....and 'Starry Starry Ring' (I don't know its stat) To win 'ABR'....I must in top 20....'Starry starry Ring' is 21-40th......Currently rank 16 (88 christmas tree) but I believe I will drop soon.....they catch up quite fast  Now I keep earning gold to buy christmas item and combine to make a Christmas tree(which is the only way I earn christmas tree) Hope I can win the event T^T
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Funny picture

 lol what a serious hamster


Not Only Human Play Games!


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